Katie IndiCrow – Feeling it these last few days, angels? I know I am.

So about a week ago I got a mission complete, which I write about in this article:

Securing dimensions, providing passage, and anchoring upgrades

Since that time, there have been multiple timeline collapses and convergences. We also experienced the lunar eclipse/portal openings which have provided extra ‘thump’ to our efforts. Now that we did what we needed to do, we are able to progress into the timeline transitions we are experiencing today.

Feeling energy deeply has become a pretty regular day to day experience. There are daily upgrades and recallibrations. These last 2 days, though. Woah – again! Yesterday about halfway through the day, I felt like I got hit with an energy wave that keeps pulsing over and over. Been experiencing etheric surgery from my team, rewiring of my energy system/brain and heart connections, and as I write this the waves continue in through my crown. These waves continue and appear to be measured:

WATCH: Strange Pulses Detected Across The US On February 14, 2017 – Disclose.tv

📺 – Environment – Seismograms across the US detects strange traveling pulses. What is their origin The pulses are traveling 3 times faster than seismic P waves. …


These last few days have been uncomfortable. Why? For me, leading into the eclipse last week I prepared to release everything that wasn’t in line with my life of service/highest expression of my souls’ journey. I rededicated during the eclipse, and now WOOSH. These waves seem to be helping me pulse everything away, thus creating space for the new connections to form.

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As I laid in bed this morning surrendering to the process, I received visions of things to come; flashes of faces I’d collaborate with, connections forming to my new timelines, and now they are beginning to flow through my body with ever more efficiency. I was given the chance to secure my highest possible timelines into my energy system and to anchor in to the life I’ve worked hard to create.

I share these details now, dear ones, because I know that many are FEELING IT big time right now. The waves that are pulsing through coupled with the transitions of our collective (and personal) timelines do create some discomfort and it is ok to say so. Allow yourself to be and do what you need to do to feel some comfort. Yoga, walking (nature is SO GREAT for these moments), eating grounding food, crafting, baths -whatever you need to do to cradle yourself, do it. And if you feel so inclined, use these moments to secure the lines of love, light, and highest possible outcome into yourself. There’s a video linked in my article for tips on how to callibrate your energy for those wanting to know <3


Much love,

Katie IndiCrow


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