Monique Mathieu – “Light Workers, if you could understand to what point this period is important! If you could understand to what point your role is important, we are certain that you would try to double your efforts, to invest yourselves even more!

The most beautiful investment is to be aware of what you are, to remain centered in your heart as much as possible because it is the only way that you will really have to serve the Light and not destabilize yourself.

Right now, many things are happening at the level of what is hidden from man! In a certain way, it is better that human beings not know everything because it would destabilize them deeply! However, you are arriving at a critical, and at the same time, marvelous period, that of the realization of the plan, where all is going to be accomplished.

Everything is moving right now in a considerable way around you and within you! You only have a tiny perception of all that is moving around you, and you only have a tiny perception of what is moving within you!

You feel tired, disconnected, and many things within you are happening that you do not analyze. As you cannot understand them you try to ignore them, which is totally human. We are not asking you to ignore them or not to ignore them; we are simply asking you to listen to what you are and to listen to your world.

We are going to need Light Workers more and more because the Light will become brighter and brighter in order to light up all that remains obscure in your world. You who are right now in this world have your role to play.

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For this, we are asking you to do all that you can to love yourself, to love what you are beyond the human and also as humans, because you are also humans working for the Light with a human consciousness, with a human body and with human investments.

Therefore, you must be aware of the importance of your vehicle of manifestation in the battle which leads to the Light in order to transcend the shadow. This battle is also yours and it is also more personal than exterior. (The word “battle” is not well adapted but it allows you to understand what we wish to express).

During all the important years that we have been near you, we have tried to lead you a little farther on the path of Light each day. We know that you have integrated many things and that these will re-surface at the right moment, the moment that you will really need it. For the moment, they are stored in your soul, in your human consciousness, but do not necessarily come to your daily human consciousness.

Do not open the gaps because they will weaken you. Globally, you risk nothing, but you would weaken yourself.

Now, avoid spending time with persons with whom you are not in resonance. You will say: “it is necessary to love and to try to help everyone” and we will answer you: “now, do not waste your energy anymore on helping those who do not wish to be helped.” This no longer concerns you. You must get ready in fraternity, in Love, in order to be really effective as Light Workers.

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We do not see where there would be an interest in spending time with persons who destabilize you. Besides, you could not make them understand the Love that is in them or that they must go to the deepest part of themselves to find and that they need to manifest. They are simply in another energy and on another vibratory frequency, a frequency that does not belong to you anymore.

Now, you must advance! “

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