Lisa Brown – The Quantum Field bending, stretching, expanding as high frequency wavelengths “warp” space-time for other dimensions to open up/become visible/be felt….. These are powerful. I had to stop any physical activity to honor the process that my body needs to go through too right now. These increasing re-balancing of magnetics and redistribution due to the new inner grids are wow. The Galactic Grid within the Earth now is like nothing I’ve seen before. Our Earthly bodies upgrading Galactically are just as wow too. Now we have radioactive gas that has again begun to kill off/obliterate old programs, which will trigger plasma in the bones/teeth/jaw for expansion to occur. The heart/chest being hit hard with these today too, for anyone noticing this (breathing can be affected as well).

The Quantum Field is stretching, thinning and contorting like crazy, which creates “bizarre” to amplify with different dimensions. The highly charged particles and waves are beyond…… The re-calibration process for re-structuring/dropping density continues to increase and we continue to go through gravitational shifts huge.

There’s always more. Best I can describe. Wow power. Love. ♥

Happy dance (from the laying down position) inside. lol Physical happy dance when the process is complete. Like tomorrow morning after sleep, jumping timelines and clearing anything that is ready to go while I sleep. ♫

The more substantial the physical body upgrades the more substantial the physical is after. All kinds of portals/gateways opening up! Increasing substantially all day and even more now. ♦

I love you. Honor you/your process. Play, laugh, cleanse cellular programs, sleep, whatever your body/energy says for you! ♥

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Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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