Jelelle Awen – Beyond personality, beyond ego, beyond conditioning, beyond what you have learned and been taught is the YOU that just IS. Your essence is this arising you have within. This YOU is your soul essence in expression through your human body, your sacred human we can call it. Your higher self consciousness in embodied form. This YOU is without filters or barriers or limitations. Beyond reactivity of emotional woundings, this YOU is free form energy blending and merging and responding and serving. Beyond the mind’s ideas and boxes and concepts, this YOU is beyond the mind yet in dance with the mental gifts you have and can offer to others. Using the mind rather than the mind using you.

Beyond the roles, beyond the duties, beyond the obligations, beyond the routines, beyond the usual, beyond the ordinary, beyond the boredom…there lives a YOU that is unknown to boredom and lives instead in the magical possibilities of every moment.

SO MUCH can quell or dampen or squash or limit this magical expression, this magical experience, this magical relationship to life. What is quelling this YOU? What have you created on your outside from your inside that is creating a shrink in this YOU? To move beyond the shrinking and quelling is to feel and identify what is causing it and what needs to be felt inside to create a new reality outside. Going inside out rather than outside in.

Beyond what you are experiencing as ‘outside’ of you is what is actually inside of you and starts THERE. Everything starts from THERE, inside first. Beyond the conditioning that outside is what matters (this is 3D conditioning) is the actual experience that ONLY inside matters because only from the inside can anything actually change on the outside. Inside is where your essence IS and the rest is formed on the outside of you.

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Beyond the outside version of you is the inside, the essence, the core of who you ARE which is NOT a you at all but energy in different frequencies responding to other frequencies. Beyond the you version of fitting in is the YOU that cannot fit in because you only just fit inside of you and you ARE limitless without boxes or barriers….

This YOU is eager to be born, is ‘spring-loaded’ to express as it IS expression and yet beyond expression to you. This YOU just IS and as it is embodied more and more, it is SO much more natural than the conditioned you. It is SO much more natural to be this rather than what you have form fitted to be. This YOU arises rather can conforms. This YOU responds rather than reacts. This YOU connects rather than is triggered.

Welcome this YOU into your world, let this YOU create a new world for you made for love by love and with love.


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