Judi Lynch – This Earth is filled with places of mystical charm, which also can heal the body and spirit. These places vibrate at higher frequencies of knowing, being, and existing. Thus, the energy is kind, generous, and healing. Just by gazing out at it, we also begin to sense this natural healing power. We can see the vibrations moving along the horizon–upon water, the tops of mountains, even through the fog with peeks of sunshine.

Healing Power and Higher Vibrations

If we take part in the incredible gifts offered to heal us in the forests, rocks, and plants which surround us every day, we feel a shift in our being. We begin to remember we are also a part of the life cycle in which the consciousness provides nourishment, hope, and future if we listen. To heal what this Earth is made of, what grows and will survive here, we must see the Universe in a new light.


Our Home Supports Us – Do We Reciprocate?

This is our home. A new one isn’t ready yet (or hasn’t been discovered yet) out there for humans to be able to live the way we do. While we work towards that, we have a responsibility to take care of what sustains us. We owe it to ourselves now and our loved ones in the future. The water, the land, the forests, and the oceans provide us with miraculous medicines, food, fresh air, exercise, and make life here itself possible.

We now witness a growing movement to get out and support going green, to donate to national parks and utilizing their services to hike, camp, fish, and swim. As we discover ways to preserve, respect, and save the life that grows around us on this planet, it is evident that our very existence depends on it. Every tree, animal, insect, plant, and all living things are miraculous. If we can learn to honor these incredible resources by sharing and sustaining these life-giving forces, we win.

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Enjoying Our Natural National Treasures

In the United States alone there many fantastic places of wonder and beauty. Ancient forests, giant trees, trails that stretch on for miles just waiting to be walked upon. Hot springs and mountain lakes where healthy fish still exist. Many places and species are in great danger of extinction if you read the latest reports and observations from many different agencies and organizations around the globe. NASA has been studying and reporting on climate change with scientific evidence and photos of the Earth from space that are both stunning and sobering.

We need forests to survive, yet those who do not care about the future destroy them. Oil spills taint our water, and with polar ice melting, polar bears have no place to live. So much beauty taken for granted! In turn, this hubris will eventually take the lives of everyone on the planet unless we join to change it.


The Healing Power of Nature Renews All

Instead of poisoning the planet out of greed, we must collectively decide to do just the opposite. This takes courage, time and hard work still to come. There is no time to argue the reality our planet is warming up. There is no more time to fight over land when people are suffering. Lives are at stake, and our purposes feel lost out of fear and the need to survive. This is a time on Earth for action in words and deeds. We need manifestations of a better, healthier, safer place for everyone.

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The healing power of the nature around us is also what will save humanity and bring in a new Earth. Those who understand the magnitude of this phenomenon are coming together, making their voices, their actions and their purpose known. Thus, it is time for those who have closed their hearts and minds to evolve, and listen up! Once a heart and soul awaken, there is no going back.


About the Author

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and featured columnist for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see psychicmediumjudilynch.com or email [email protected] judilynch.com


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