Romeo Baron – As you gradually raise the frequency of your energy signature, you will experience a number of different physical, emotions, and mental symptoms. These symptoms directly relate to frequency expansion. During personal ascension, you will experience two different types of frequency changes to your body and both blend together. The first frequency change occurs after healing, balancing, and aligning each of the primary chakras, which increases the frequency of the kundalini circuit. The second frequency change is caused from the in streaming of high frequency astral energy entering the energy body via the auric field. Each time there is a frequency expansion in the energy body, you will experience a series of ascension symptoms within the biological body. Ascension symptoms are a clear sign that you are transforming and spiraling to a higher frequency.
The following is a summary to help you understand the two types of frequency expansion cycles that will change your energy signature during personal ascension:
1. Frequency expansion is similar to a domino effect. After releasing the energetic blockages in the lower chakras, the vibrational nature of the lower chakras begin to function normally, or when cosmic light has been turned on, it restores the circuitry along the chakra system to its original frequency. So the process of healing, balancing and aligning each primary chakra means each chakra is capable of holding more energy, the circuitry connection between each chakra changes and as a result, there is a frequency expansion along the primary chakra system.
2. The first frequency expansion cycle occurs after healing and balancing the three lower chakras. When kundalini energy has been activated, this will be your first indication that the energy body is beginning to expand to a higher frequency, because the properties for each of the lower chakras have changed to its original frequency. As a result, the lower chakras will begin to rotate faster and the increased spin will initiate a kind of centrifugal force, which filters out any lower vibrational frequency from the energy body.
3. Your physical body is composed of matter, which energetically interfaces with the energy body(anti-matter). The energy body consists of invisible charged matter, which produces a frequency
grid, known as the auric field. The energy body actually contains anti-matter, while the auric field consists of the “Lightbody” and “Merkabah” also known as ”crystalline bio plasma.” This crystalline-light energy is automatically projected around the energy body. Every being that is composed of matter generates this field. The aura expands when a person expands their consciousness. It should be noted that Matter, Anti-Mater and Crystalline bio plasma coexist together in the same space, but each layer has their own dimensional wavelength, frequency and density.
4. The second expansion cycle occurs when the energy body automatically changes the vibrational frequency of the auric field. When the energy body begins to operate at a higher frequency, the lower frequency auric crystalline particles of light will modulate into a higher frequency. As a result, the auric field begins to expand and become brighter. This triggers a new frequency change. When the aura undergoes this transformation, the aura can hold more of the high frequency cosmic energies it
receives from the higher dimensions. This cosmic energy is filtered through the aura and received into the energy body, thus creating an interconnected and unified human energy circuit that allows energy to feed the meridians and flow between the chakras, the energy body and the auric field. A clear and bright aura is a sign of someone who has a higher frequency, thus they can carry more cosmic light.
5. The increase of cosmic light in the auric field and the corresponding frequency expansion in the energy body is dependent on the progressive activation of each of the seven primary chakras. A healthy auric field is fully dependent on the health of the energy body. The vibrational nature of kundalini energy will gradually increase and return to natural state when the upper chakras are opened and balanced.
6. For your aura to merge with new Earth during the planetary shift, personal ascension gradually infuses the aura with a new electromagnetic circuit, which changes the vibrational frequency of the crystalline bio plasma to a higher frequency. The energy body is the apparatus that connects your physical body to the planet’s energy body, and is also directly responsible for the crystallization
frequency of the aura.
7. After the second frequency expansion cycle, to compensate and manage the increasing amount of higher frequency, the energy body states the process of regulating an unifying the electromagnetic properties of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies to energetically interact and communicate with each other. This process will be accompanied with a number of physical symptoms. Emotional changes will leave you feeling irritable. Mental changes will make you feel disorientated. Physical
symptoms will manifest in the locations of the primary chakras, but the type of physical symptoms are directly related to the health and status of those primary chakras. It depends on what chakras are opened, blocked and balanced, not everyone will experience the same symptoms.
8. After the second frequency expansion cycle commences, the auric field will receive the first wave of cosmic energy download entering the energy body. The cosmic energy enters through the crown chakra, and travels down the spinal column to the base chakra. As a result, the lower vibrational energy found in each of three lower chakras will be released. When this cosmic energy enters the crown, expect to experience intense pressure around the head, some stiffness around the neck and shoulders. You may also experience a physical reaction to the higher frequency filtering into the auric field, which can manifest as a high pitch sound vibrating in the ears.
9. Your emotions have the lowest frequency, so this dense energy will be the first energy to be released from the body. Expect to experience a variety of overwhelming mood swings.
10. The release of emotional toxins will also start changing the electrical pathways in the brain. Expect to experience exhaustion, fatigue and lack of concentration.
11. The types of physical symptoms that will manifest in the body will depend on the upper chakras being opened, blocked and balanced. There are many factors that influence a persons frequency including the health of the lower chakras or how much emotional healing has been done, level of motivation and resistance, lifestyle habits, and negative thoughts and attitudes. It will take time for your body to adjust to the new frequency before you begin to feel normal again.


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