Jelelle Awen – I keep getting this picture of a column, like a tree’s trunk, that feels like the framing of the 5D sacred human. With roots extending down deep into Mother Gaia….a primordial connection, a grounded foundation, an anchoring of comforting solidity. And then with branches extending, reaching out, into the stars, into the cosmos, into the Infinite possibilities of galaxies, wormholes, stargates, so many star BEings, angelic realms. In this column, we feel the VASTness of our BEing AND how we are part of this vast network of liveforms in so many interesting forms.

The torso or main ‘trunk’ of our sacred human tree is the bridge between these two and where we are living out day to day life, moving through this invitation to expand and stretch from roots to wings in every moment, moment by moment. The torso is our chakras vibrating higher and higher, merging together eventually into vortexes that can’t be differentiated from each other. The root, the sacral, the naval, the heart, the throat, and the crown blending together in a swirl of crystalline frequencies of love and light. Anchoring it ALL is the cosmic heart, the Christ Consciousness heart, the beating pulse of connection to ONE and ALL with pulsing compassion for self and others.

In our group call yesterday, as I was leading the guided meditation, I could feel this circle forming between all of us….linking us within the circle was the activation of our sacred human column in which we all ‘looked’ like pure white shining, glistening trees with our cosmic hearts pulsing pink and green energies. Rays of light were coming from this pulsing energy and they joined together between us, creating a ring moving in a clockwise direction. It was beautiful!! Each of us an individual soul spark of consciousness while connecting in a ring of Oneness through the higher heart center……a sense experience of sacred humanity!

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This opportunity to experience sacred humanity, this becoming of this column, is an inner process foremost, yes. A going within process to feel the aspects created and formed in the pain body, 3D aspects, conditioning and programming and templating that we have outgrown. A going within process to connect with soul aspects, playing out in ‘eras’ of time, playing out in other dimensions and on other planets, playing out in angelic realms.

This opportunity to experience sacred humanity is ALSO an experience that arises within sacred human community. It is not enough just to be conscious within community…it is also about the inner work too that allows for leading with integrity, authenticity, humility, gratitude as an arising 4D and 5D self. The sacred human community allows for connection, for reflection of higher self embodiment, for the beautiful GOOD edges of conscious duality to express and play out. We offer a bridge, process, and way of life within community through SoulFullHeart.

Embracing it ALL feels so important. It doesn’t feel like it is about discarding our human or making our humanity ‘the issue’ with our ascension. The grand experiment feels like it is about arising into the SACRED HUMAN – the merging of the frequencies of our humanness WITH our galactic aspects to create something brand NEW. Something that it doesn’t feel like anyone can really KNOW about. I don’t get that Archangel Metatron KNOWS what will be created out of this experiment of sacred humanity. It doesn’t feel like Divine Source knows either….and why would It want to know? It is the curiosity and the unknown the arising that is SO interesting.

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In the process of becoming this sacred human, there is sorting this from that, feeling what is from lower dimensional conditioning of 3D life and what is from and of your most authentic, higher self and SOUL. Sorting out relationships that reflect your soul and those that do NOT. Sorting out, feeling the aspects that have very tender and REAL feelings in reaction to this, and holding space for the whole process. The galactic frequencies and higher frequencies can hold space for this process yet can’t help you bypass it as it IS an important aspect of the arising into sacred humanity experience.

Holding space for it ALL with influxes and infusions of higher frequencies to create the container….this process provides a bridge for the roots and the wings and the opening of the cosmic heart and the healing of the heart pains and soul wounds. Divine Source is holding space for this arisement of the sacred human and as we feel this vibration of support in so many forms available to us, so do we then arise into our Newness of Infinite Love in human form…..

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc


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