Daniel Shellnut – The shift of the ages is happening by the day, and by the every now moment.. I know I post this at least once every couple weeks and I’m sorry if it gets annoying. But something has changed BIG TIME for the past 3 months… While the mainstream media is distracting the population with Trump and other crap, SOMETHING HAS CHANGED ON THIS PLANET! SOMETHING HAS CHANGED IN THE CELESTIAL, ASTRAL, AND ETHERIC REALMS!… THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS HAS CHANGED!… EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!….
It is only a matter of weeks or months before we finally see the world change in the most shocking ways.. The news media and all governments won’t be able to hide it anymore…. It could very well be 2018, but the old paradigm CANNOT hold its illusory bubble any longer… It is about to pop, BIG TIME!.. No fear, just the constant realizations of the reality we are experiencing, and the even BIGGER realizations of what the sleeping people are about to wake up to very soon… I have to try and remain positive about it and just rides the waves of global ascension without going overboard or paranoid about it.. Hard to stay calm when I’m an empath and I feel everything so deeply..

Everyday feels like the removal of the veil will happen or some big event, yet everyday passes as just another day on Earth. For the past 3 years, I have felt like something big will happen and it never actually happens. But that is the catch, it is “happening” everyday, all around us.. Quite frankly, I’m very tired of waiting for it to happen, but The Event and Full Disclosure will happen when it is meant to. Until then, we have to be patient.. I pray that we don’t see the “shit hit the fan” and all hell breaking loose. That possibility scares me. But I believe if it does get bad, that I, my family, and all of you will be safe and protected from it. What will exactly happen is not a certainty, but however and whatever happens is what is meant to happen in the Divine Plan.. All is as it should be. Everything is in perfect divine order.. May Prime Source Creator Be With Us ALL.. May the Archangels and the entire Galactic Federation of Light Be With Us ALL, as they already are, In Divine Guidance, Protection, and Love Light.

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Love and Light My Dear Spirit Family. I Love You.



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