Monique Mathieu  – I see three tall Beings appear who have just manifested themselves. There emanates from them a very beautiful blue crowned by gold. I recognize them; they are my brothers from the Pleiades. They are telling me:

“We will be more and more present with you and one day you will see our manifestations, our spaceships. However, do not wait, interminably, to see what we are or to see our spaceships; each being will perceive us or will see us based on what he is.

There will come a time when many, many beings will perceive us and there will come another time when all human beings will perceive us. There will, however, be some beings who will be in total denial, who will not accept; this will disturb them too much because they haven’t done the necessary work to pass into a higher dimension.

Those beings will not remain for long in this world. There will be a vibratory transition that will make it so that all those who are unable to perceive us (because our vibratory frequency will be very powerful) will just simply leave this world. They will be able to perceive us for a very brief moment, but from the moment that they are too distressed by what they see and by what they feel, they will be removed from this world. This is not bad; life is eternal and as we have said many times, life in this world only lasts the space of a breath.”

They are showing me an immense sphere extremely luminous, larger than the sun. It is as if it was our new sun.

“The current sun will not disappear; it will be transformed, as all of life. If your world changes vibratory frequency, if it goes toward the fifth dimension, all that lives in your solar system and well beyond, no matter what its vibratory frequency that is well beyond yours, will elevate itself even more.

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Your current sun will become larger and more luminous and you will be able to perceive a sun behind the sun; this will be its reflection which is a reality, but not a physical reality.

There will be enormous changes in your sky. If you could be transported into the fifth dimension, you would have a hard time recognizing the Moon, the Sun, and all the planets of your solar system. You would not even be able to recognize their placement in relation to the Sun.

All will be different. All that belongs to the old world will no longer have a reason to exist. Your Earth will be totally different; just as with human beings, it will be dressed in its marvelous robe of Light.

What you are as human beings represents all that is found around you; there is matter, there is energy, there is Light, and there is Love. You find it in all that is alive since in this world of density, matter is necessary.

Energy is differentiated matter and Light exists. Light always emanates from life and even if you don’t see it in all of life and what surrounds you, it exists; you can see the aura of plants, trees, and stones. You must recognize and feel the Love that exists in all life.

Therefore, all will transform itself to be sublimated. This will be as if everything climbed up several notches to be able to attain the harmony of Life, beauty, and joy, because the Universe is Joy, the Universe is Beauty, the Universe is Harmony and Love. We are of course speaking of all that lives in the Universe and that is visible to your eyes and also of all that is invisible.

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What do you perceive in reality of your solar system? Little points of light that shine in the sky like little lanterns agreeable to see! However, you have the impression that there is nothing between these points of light. However, a vacuum does not exist. All that seems empty to you is filled with a different life, a different energy; there is no vacuum and you will learn to perceive beyond what your eyes can show you.

Your human eyes, in fact, perceive practically nothing; they only see 10% of the reality of life. Can you imagine what this 10% of reality can represent? It is as if you were completely blind, then little by little, your vision develops, your eyes perceive what they were unable to perceive, even if it was just a few months ago.

You are going towards the discovery of life, very simply, and this will fill you with wonder. We will not say if this will happen in six months or a year because we have told you many times, time does not have the same reality for us as it does for you.

Therefore, prepare yourself to see all that is found in what is currently invisible to your eyes.

However, this change must not happen too fast because humans are fragile, they can be quickly destabilized at the emotional level, especially when they perceive things that cannot pass through the analysis of the mind or the intellect.

Therefore, all must go slowly so as not to destabilize humans.”

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