Anrita Melchizedek – As we deepen into this Year of Wisdom and the pathway of Divine Love, the Trinity Lords come forward with their Shield of Light as a spinning disc to activate and open the Seals of Magnetic Resonance through the chakras and energy bodies, as we travel in soul consciousness into the Temple of Magnetic Resonance. Once activated, the magnetic resonance of these seals acts as Light waves of Crystalline Consciousness, as we transmit and receive as conduits of Divine Light through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, amplifying and increasing the field of magnetism for ourselves and all Life upon this sacred Earth. Additionally entrainment of lower frequency vibrations occurs as we transmute all misaligned energies and imbalances back to Love, harmony and the perfect frequency for our own unique energy and the collective consciousness of Mother Earth.

These Seven Seals can be further understood as pre-destined awakening codes within the Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint in the Creation of the I Am Avatar Body of Light. As each Seal is opened and activated through our chakras, energy bodies and Divine Body of Light, all aspects of our wounded Soul energy are aligned deeper into the embrace of the Divine Light of Mother/Father God. The first Seal is Divine Will and connects into the Physical Body. The second Seal is Omniscience and connects into the Emotional Body. The third Seal is Universal Love, and connects into the Mental Body. The fourth Seal is Epiphany and connects into the Causal Body. The fifth Seal is Forgiveness and connects into the Buddhic Body. The sixth Seal is Truth and connects into the Atmic Body. The seventh Seal is Divine Grace, and connects into the Monadic Body.

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With the new geometric and numerological templatings being experienced through the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the creative impulsings of our hearts’ dreaming in service to Mother Earth, we are deepening into the I AM Avatar consciousness while drawing upon the New Earth templates in complete trust and surrender to life. As we experience the I AM Avatar Consciousness, the collective Higher Light of all awakened souls upon this sacred Earth, we draw to us in magnetic resonance all that we are needing for the next level of our service work. Through our own gifts and the gifts of others we come together in community and like vibration as one Unified Cosmic Field of Divine Love, with a deepening sense of synchronicity, and a new flow of grace and ease.

Elders Transmission ~ April 2017

The Temple of Equilibrium ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus Elders April Transmission through Anrita Melchizedek Mp3 download You Tube Welcome sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in the month of April as you deepen into your Christed Hearts supported by the realms of Illumined Truth walking the Path of Divine Love.



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