Building Our Sacred Temples Of Light


Lauren C. Gorgo – I’m pretty positive that not one of you reading this thought April would be an “easy” month, but I am not entirely sure any of us were truly prepared for what that would really amount to. And while it’s not over yet…despite my many pleas…it seems as though we might be thru the hairiest parts. ⬇︎

There is good news to report tho….all of the really challenging energy we have been navigating recently is also thoroughly reinforcing our preparedness to align with the final phase of embodiment.

To open to this next, pivotal phase in our lives we all had our asses handed to us have been moving thru a major internal reset that is not quite complete…ie, we will continue to spend the next couple of weeks getting our bearings before we can really rock ourselves out of the ruts we created for our resurrection.

Yes, believe it or not we are STILL having to clear out the old in order to bring thru our new (galactic) blueprints/imprints and next we will be called to make space in our physical lives which means May will likely be a very productive month of decluttering, organizing, eliminating any excess/external chaos…anything that holds the energy of the past will now seem very expired, very out of place.

Everything in our lives that we have successfully been able to shake loose since the equinox will soon be ready for removal. We will have a lot to do, but we all desperately need this clean slate to start anew…much of which is due to our now-expired contracts and changing missions of service.

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As you deepen into Grace, so too will you meet your confidence to soar in ways unfamiliar.

The reclamation and integration of all our soul fragments is starting to evoke a genuine feeling of inner completion…this completion has initiated an important rewiring that is completely reorienting those prepared for new expressions of higher level purpose.

This will amount to the very necessary rerouting of life force reserves so that much of the energy that was directed inward for alchemy/transmutation all those years, can now turn outward in preparation for greater service. This is an intricate, very restorative process that is going to bring a lot of very welcome change.

That said, we are currently still in a giant inbreath, emptying ourcellves out, a process that has been pulling us deeply inward in order to retune and recalibrate our energy…ultimately so we can be more reSourceful with our energy output. The more we embody our galactic level Self, the greater assistance we provide to the physical level of life, so this refining has been our sole focus for weeks.

As we embody more and more, we anchor deeper and deeper into the earth realm, building our sacred temples of light to stabilize our multidimensional Selves in the world of form. Since 2012 those on the path of mastery have been dedicated to slowly synthesizing life with light…not just being in or of the light…but channeling that light thru our souls and our body vehicle, blending our divine frequency with our physical cellf and life experience.

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This leg of the journey (post 2012) has been THE most difficult by far…as it turns out NOTHING is more challenging than being in our own body…and so, to prepare for the inevitable changes coming our way, we have had to really step up and let go all at the same time.

New choices have been presenting left and right that challenge us to change and entirely repattern our thinking based on our new trajectory…choices that require us to let go of eons of distorted be-lie-fs based in separation so that we can call forth this new experience of life based in the remembrance of ourSelves as GOD.

There is a feeling of urgency to this because these stifling illusions must be consciously eliminated, demanifested if you will, so that our life force can be properly rerouted to those areas of our bodies and lives that were limited or that confined our expansion/growth.

As we make these final choices to let go of these old ways of be-lie-ving ourselves to be less than, we simultaneously explode in our power and potential to become not more than, but ALL of…all of everything that we are here to express in form, without limits.

Letting go of this major impediment opens up the pathway and flow of energy to create from the truth of who we authentically are and not the ill-usion of who we thought ourselves to be.

It’s time to bring this transformation Home.


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