Pleiadian Starseed Place of Origin – The pleiadian aliens are from the pleiades star cluster.

What do pleiadians look like ? – They look like humans, in fact you probably won’t notice them. However they do have perfect bodies and symmetrical features which reflects their higher dimensional frequency.

Pleiadian Starseed Evolution – They have evolved millions of years ago, they are the early races of human kind. This look and form has been made throughout the universe. This DNA has been used to develop many human beings in the universe which includes our solar system, Mars, Venus, Maldeck and Earth. There are new 3d planets forming in the pleiades, but the pleiadians who are in contact with us are mostly 6d and 9d. Within these dimensions they are able to contact other worlds. These beings have light bodies like the other higher dimensional ET’s, the pleiadians can appear in form reflecting their human bodies. They had more time to evolve than we have, their natural ways have been refined, they seem to be intensely spiritual and giving beings.

Qualities – The pleiadian starseed are healers, understand creativity, mystical, nurturing, soothing, empathic, communicative, radiant, imaginative, sensitive, intuitive and in tune with natural worlds.

Abilities – The pleiadian starseed are great healers, they soothe pains with their sensitive transfer of light and communication. The way they communicate which is means of light transfer. These beings seems to have a natural glow which comes from their knowledge of connecting with source light

Specialties – The role of the pleiadian starseed were to seed new worlds with the heart and soul of evolved human form, and also to communicate with the planets consciousness and its current life, so they can introduce new beings and suggestions in a natural way. They do incorporate the divine feminine and most often will show their selves in female form to emit this polished quality.

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Basic Needs – The pleiadians are about peace and sharing. They blossom in areas with the status of peace and harmony. They feel the very best when they are expressing their refined heart and soul.

Pleiadian Starseeds Focus – They like to transfer their talents of happiness all through the universe by seeding and connecting their healing vibrations and mystical understanding.

Pleiadian Starseed Involvement With Earth

Pleiadians were the ones who provided the genetic model for the early humans on earth. So they are the absent link in our development to our current form. They guided the lemurians and atlantians, they nurtured many life forms on earth which began somewhere else such as dolphins and whales.pleiadian starseed 1

The pleiadians are responsible for infusing consciousness into countless methods of energy healing which were discovered by humans over the many years. These beings are performing an significant role in reinvigorating our thinking in the mystical elements of our understanding and they are helping to open ethereal contact in a non intimidating way. The pleiadians emit light and tranquil energy, which we are able to feel because of our genetic link.

Starseeds On Earth – There are many pleiadian starseeds incarnating on earth, this has been happening since Lemuria. These pleiadian souls are here to tell of our divinity and of course our connection to Source Consciousness. They are here as healers and are here to inspire us to nourish our spirits. They are very intuitive and sensitive souls. They have good confidence and light up the room when they walk in and they are healing to others around them. Pleiadians are very empathic and listen well with great communication skills. They leave with everyone feeling joy and gratitude.

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