Athena – I channel my guides for protection, close my eyes, and manifest a warm white light beaming throughout the entire length of my body. As I travel through a steep hallway adorned with gold, the walls liquefy at my touch. Vignetted vines grow as my vision simultaneously evolves into an abandoned forest, and isolated wooden posts hold a hallucinatory roof which rapidly sprouts more exotic vines in every color imaginable. In a split, swift and sudden motion, all movement comes to a halt in front of a dark, wooden door surrounded by its uncompromised chaotic creation. It sits, still… floating in the middle of a grand maze. My hand turns the knob and I am met with a dragon escaping the darkness, morphing into a dizzying snake as I fall further into the abyss. And as quickly as my sight returns, the unassuming serpent vanishes as the bright blue ocean rises underneath the boat I am now standing upon. A man rows behind me, heavily, and hundreds of other ships follow. As I look ahead and see ruined buildings, mysterious caves, and worried crowds awaiting our arrival, my gaze falls to my bare feet where my long white dress kisses my ankles. Just as a sense of familiarity consumes me, my eyes are forced open and I unwillingly leave that world behind.

The following day, I feel a sense of urgency to go back as I’ve become recklessly addicted to my unfinished disappointment. I clear my mind, tuning Rachmaninoff softly in my ears to ease my nerves, and fall back to the same hallway.  I am running barefoot on a wet, cobblestone floor as the wooden door swings open, inhaling me in its vortex. I land in this familiarized world, crashing in a careless manner with pebbles of black sand painfully imprinting the palms of my hands and knees. My skin and dress are torn, broken planks of wood surround the ocean, and the tall, harrowing caves are hiding an old woman rocking a baby close to her chest. As I approach her, she silently reaches out to me with her quivering hands, placing her infant in my arms. Her sunken eyes dig deep into mine as she peacefully, with tethering eyes, falls slowly into a deep, everlasting sleep. The wind was cold and desolate and I continued on, escaping through the remnants of war and destruction when I was once again forced out of my vision, with just the sound of the door closing loudly behind me. When I returned back to my body, the pain and sorrow of thousands was still present, and the agony of my experience cut so deep, that I feared more would wound me forever.

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And so I never went back.

Einstein believed that the mysterious was a source of magic, because it was also a source of true science and art. We are not limited in time and space, because time is not linear. Our thoughts, emotions, and our whole self, is not limited to one body, but is an ineffable fragment of the Universe. Once we believe that we are all whole, a mere piece of the cosmic puzzle, that is when we can become free. This realization is the true source of magic, and only then are you capable of transcending into other realms of consciousness.

Meditate. Think of everything you love, everything you fear, everything that inspires you, and anything you feel a magnetic pull to. Ask yourself. “Why?”

There’s a good chance that you have experienced those memories in a past lifetime. Feel those objects, people, and places intensely, as you close your eyes. There is no true formal state to regress into your past life if you’re able to confidently feel and embrace your fears and desires, and truly contemplate on them. Imagine the strongest emotion you’ve ever felt. Hold it in your body, and let it guide you into your portal. When you have arrived there, look down at your feet. What shoes are you wearing? What colors do you see? Even if you see nothing, follow your thoughts. Practice. Concentrate on the enigmatic mystery. Then imagine a long hallway and pay attention to your senses – what does it look like? Do you hear anything? What strikes you?

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Then, imagine a door, and go through.

Unless you have a strong sense of self, or have had some premonition of your past lives, I advise protecting yourself from accessing these visions as they will only cause you harm if you’re not ready for them.  Practicing past life regression sounds like a parlor trick or a carnival game. It sounds like something fun, and mysterious, and magical. And it is. But keep in mind that if we are in this world, it’s because of karmic imbalances. That means that there are things in our past lives that have prevented us from excelling and moving forward. Because of this, what you see may not always be favorable, and it could leave you with scars that will never heal. To be brave does not mean being reckless. It means assessing the risk and making a calculated and wise decision so that your journey is that much more fulfilling. It means not putting yourself in danger so you may enjoy exploring your boundaries and breaking down your barriers. You wouldn’t go to war armed with swords when the enemy has guns, would you?

There are a few cases where your guardian angel or an outside force will protect you from seeing your past life because it may too painful or traumatic. Whatever the case may be, you must always remember to listen to the spirits around you, as they will never steer you wrong. You will know when the right moment to transcend will be.

Embrace this magic, know yourself, and use it as a growing experience to access the spirit world – to become your Higher Self. Accessing your past life is deeply personal, but I recommend above all else, to proceed with caution as this journey is never smooth.

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But the rewards for your bravery are beyond description.


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