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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Everybody is talking about Antarctica, and your information is that there is a very interesting new finding or series of findings down there, and the more that this goes on, the more you’ve learned.

So tell us what’s new in this whole Antarctica story that we haven’t already been covering?

Corey: Well, some of the newest information that I received is information that’s going to make some of the military-industrial complex a little nervous.

1 Corey Goode

It turns out that during the 1950s, there was a project called Project Ice Worm, and they were basically in icecaps building launch silos.

This particular one that we have video of occurred in Greenland. Now what’s significant about this is that they’ve used this method of creating under-ice bases all through Antarctica.

2 Greenland Under Ice Base

They’ve created mini-bases, but much larger, that have become R&D bases. And these research and development bases are where companies like Lockheed Martin are doing reverse engineering of a lot of the technology they have found under the ice.

This is also how they built some of the early Moon bases and Mars bases – very similar – in a very similar fashion.

David: So you’re saying that Lockheed Martin and other groups have bases in Antarctica that are more extensive than what we were led to believe or what you were led to believe in earlier briefings?

Corey: Correct, but what’s significant about talking about this publicly is that, I believe in 1959, an Antarctic Treaty was signed.

3 Antarctic Treaty Signing
4 The Antarctic Treaty

And in that treaty it was stated that no weapons of war would be developed or used on that continent.

5 Article 1

It would be used for peaceful purposes only.

David: Yeah, there actually was something called International Geophysical Year 1959, IGY 1959, and that was when all these things were codified.

Corey: Correct.

David: And that’s also when they mapped out what Antarctica looked like under the ice, and you found out that there is a continent with land down there.

Corey: Right, twice the size of the continental United States.

David: Right. So if they are developing weapons systems that contravene an international treaty that’s been in place for over 50 years, how does that affect people’s perceptions of these defense contractors once this comes out?

Corey: That aside, the scariest thing is that some of the Alliance groups . . . If this information gets out in the public, they will have full reason to set up a blockade – it would be similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis – to set up a blockade of a certain area of Antarctica, and they would try to force these groups to show what’s going on inside these R&D bases.

Now, some other interesting information is that they have what they . . . They’re referring to this as a part of an Antarctic Area 51.

There is also a very large former Nazi base that was turned over to the military-industrial complex, if you want to say that, more like the shadow government.

And this former German base was used as a secret space program port. It is now a major port – spaceport – for this shadow government.

They use it to fly in and out of the atmosphere all the time. And a lot of these craft will service some of these space stations or fly beyond.

David: We did cover this in another episode, but I’d like to ask you again for this one. What would be the tactical or strategic significance of having a big spaceport in Antarctica? It seems like it’s an inconvenient place to travel to.

Corey: Well, it is, but the electromagnetics you have to deal with from the atmosphere and the gravitational field is more conducive, even though they’re using antigravity craft.

A lot of the times, when they fire rockets, they try to fire them close to the equator . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . for certain purposes. And also, if you’re flying a bunch of classified craft in and out of the atmosphere on a regular basis, you know, Area 51, or out in Nevada or Arizona, those places aren’t going to cut it. You’re going to want a place where you have complete control, and it’s very hard for prying eyes to see what’s going on.

David: When you mentioned the Earth’s electromagnetic field, what is it about the South Pole that makes that more conducive to a launch?

Corey: I guess there’s less of the Van Allen Belt effect going on.

David: Okay. There was a very interesting episode of Ancient Aliens, and in this episode they had Linda Moulton Howe, who has a show on Gaia, giving a very interesting insider testimony about a man who was a pilot and who flew in a restricted area and saw a gigantic hole in the ice over Antarctica, and said that craft were coming and going from it.

What does that have to do, if anything, with what you’re hearing about what’s going on in Antarctica?

Corey: I’m told this area was very close to the spaceport. So, yeah, that is VERY significant, but what also is significant is that he was flying . . . the reason he saw this hole . . . it was in a restricted airspace. He flew over it because it was an emergency, and they were picking up – I can’t remember how many – scientists that had disappeared for about two weeks.

And you don’t disappear for two weeks in Antarctica and survive unless you have cover and supplies. So these scientists that he picked up were petrified. They’d obviously been told not to talk to anyone. They wouldn’t say a word the whole time they flew back to where they were being cared for.

David: You had mentioned in updates that you recently put out that there was something about the gases having to do with why this hole is there. So could you talk about why is there a hole in the ice, and how does that factor in with the excavations that are going on now?

Corey: Right. There are more than one of these holes, and they’re natural. They occurred mostly natural. They’re geothermal vents.

It appears that what’s occurring is that the continent is heating up under the ice. There’s a lot of geothermal activity going on that’s causing the under-ice lakes to significantly heat up and it’s heating up the ice shelf itself.

Now what this is doing is it’s causing the ice to start to melt at a quicker rate. So these . . . It’s a geothermal ice vent, and they have widened it for their purposes of flying in and out, and also using it as a way to vent out all of the heat that they’re creating with their excavations.

David: Could they be using that heated air to potentially channel it, much like you would steer a river with irrigation projects?

Corey: No. They’re trying to vent out as much of the heat as they can, because it is destabilizing these ice caverns that they’ve created.

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You have to understand that the ice is moving at about a foot a day. And they’re at a stationary point under the ice.

So not only are they excavating in this direction [Corey moves his hand in one direction outward] to uncover new artifacts, but they have to constantly excavate in this direction [Corey moves his hand to the opposite side] as the ice flow occurs.

This is compounding the thermal issues that are going on, because we’re using different types of steam pressure to excavate, and when that melts the snow, it causes under-ice rivers, and that’s further lubricating the ice shelf. So there are some significant issues that it can cause.

If they continue what they’re doing and this ice shelf were to break off and fall into the water, it could cause tsunamis and other obvious problems.

David: It was interesting that in January, all of a sudden, there were news items in the mainstream media in which all these people were being evacuated from some of the main bases in Antarctica, and the story was that there was a big crack, and they were fearing that it could break off into the sea.

6 Antarctic Evacuations
7 Huge Crack In Ice Shelf
8 Crack In Ice Shelf
9 Deep Crack In Ice Shelf

Corey: Yeah, the entire ice shelf is going slushy under their feet. The temperature is raised like one degree in . . . I can’t remember the time period that it’s raised one degree, but one degree is significant in the ocean and on a ice shelf. One degree can make a major difference in the rate of melt.

David: It does sound familiar to me because we have other data that supports this: one of them being all the volcanic activity in the world from 1875 to 1993 was mapped out, and there was a 500% increase in global volcanic activity during that time.

So is that what’s causing this?

Corey: Yes, and according to the information I have, these energetic changes that are occurring in our Solar System are causing this heating up process on our planet and other planets as well.

David: We have this idea that we talked about before, that Pete Peterson said there was one mothership that he estimated, based on his intel, as being 30 miles across and having a kind of elongated oval shape.

You then said that there were three.

Corey: Yes, but . . .

David: So what’s the latest data on that?

Corey: The information I got was that they wanted me to give clarity that there was one miles-long craft that was up to three miles and oval shaped, and then there were two smaller, I guess, support-type craft that would be in a fleet that survived the attack and trip down from the Moon to here.

David: So this was something they felt was important for you to clarify for everybody – that it’s not 30 miles wide. It’s only more like three miles wide?

Corey: Right. Yeah, they thought that a little bit of clarity on that was in order.

David: Okay. But that is still an absolutely spectacularly large object.

Corey: Absolutely. And in the largest craft, there have indeed been located a bunch of beings in stasis, and they are the original beings from, I guess, Mars, that had come here – the original pre-Adamites.

Most of the ones that we’ve been dealing with since this great catastrophe are some sort of hybridized type of pre-Adamite that survived.

It’s obvious that the pre-Adamite group, before they had to move here, had already been taking part in these genetic experiments, according to whatever agreements that were made with these other groups.
There are up to 22 different genetic programs going on.

David: Oh, so the pre-Adamites were part of the genetic farmer initiative?

Corey: Right. They were taking part, but they seemed to have a problem getting along with other groups. They were warlike. They tended to strike first and ask questions later.

David: When we’re dealing with this subject of Antarctica, something comes up for me, very interesting, which is that one of my other insiders, Daniel, said that there was one natural ancient stargate on Earth.

He told me this years ago, and I put it on the Internet, . . .

Corey: I was about to lead into that.

David: . . . and that it was in Antarctica.

Corey: Yes.

David: So something that you said recently, not on our camera yet, just blew my mind, because it’s a perfect one-to-one correlation. So could you talk about that?

Corey: One of the most important aspects of this Ancient Builder Race technology that they were trying to control was that there was a very powerful Supergate that is in Antarctica. And it was built by the Ancient Builder Race.

David: I’m sorry. Let me hold you right there. What is the difference between a Supergate and a stargate? Because you never said ‘Supergate’ before.

Corey: A Supergate has the ability to travel from one end to the other through the cosmic web, no matter how far it is – anywhere within our galaxy or to local galaxies.

David: Right. That’s exactly how Daniel described it.

Corey: Right. Now, these other nodes that we have on the planet, you have to jump a few times to get to your location if it’s very far.

David: So it would be like getting a transfer? You have to stop in one place, get out of a gate, to go another location, and then another one?

Corey: You have to wait for the electromagnetics to line up properly between different planets . . .

David: Oh!

Corey: . . . as they are spinning and turning within their local star system in relation to their star with those electromagnetic connections between their planet and their star, and then their star and our star have an electromagnetic connection through this cosmic web.

And those present electromagnetic, I guess, tubes for matter to go from point A to point B through.

David: Do they have the ability, when they make these stopovers, to fast forward time? Do they have time acceleration capability, or do they have to build little resorts that they would stay in in order to wait for the next gate to open and kill some time?

Corey: No, they do have to wait and kill time.

David: How long might they be waiting?

Corey: It just depends on where they’re traveling and how long it’s going to take this – it’s like a big clock – wait for all the mechanisms to be lined up just properly.

David: Are you saying that some of these waits might be years in duration for our time?

Corey: I’m sure they plan it out much better than that. Yeah, they have all the mathematics for predicting all of these locations that they want to go to down very well.

David: So you’re saying that the Supergate isn’t like that. The Supergate will take you wherever you want to go, . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . whenever you want to go.

Corey: Right, and it’s a part of a . . . very much like Stargate Atlantis or SG1. An Ancient Builder Race built a network of stargates that are very powerful and very reliable. They can be turned on and used at any time. You don’t have to wait for calculations. Now, . . .

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David: What about the ring shape that we see in Stargate? How does that compare with what it looks like?

Corey: It doesn’t look anything like what they show.

David: Oh!

Corey: No. Usually, you have . . . You’re in the middle of the room. The middle of the room is open.

David: What’s ‘the room’, first of all? So it’s an indoor structure?

Corey: Well, just gates in general.

David: Okay.

Corey: There’s not some sort of orifice that you walk through.

David: Okay.

Corey: Usually, there is at least three different points that are opening, that are out in the periphery of the room, opening in a empty part of the room, a vortex that is a three-dimensional ball that looks like a mirage.

David: Okay.

Corey: And as people walk into it from all directions, it looks like they’re shrinking as they . . . almost like they’re walking downhill. They’re going down into it.

And it’s pretty much the same in this Supergate.

One of the things that I haven’t mentioned is that they can, by the amount of energy they feed and the type of energy they feed in, and at what oscillations, they can use these gates for traveling in time as well.

David: So the room, then, you’re saying, is like an Ancient Builder Race underground facility that you would go into?

Corey: Yes.

David: Could you paint for us a picture of how big that room is? Is it primarily just the three emitters in the room, and you walk into the center, or might that be part of a bigger facility?

Corey: I haven’t actually seen it with my own eyes.

David: Oh, okay.

Corey: But most of the Ancient Builder Race technology are built in very large rooms with very large hallways and doorways, so these were not small beings.

David: So this idea of the Supergate and the Ancient Builder Race, it seems to me like it couldn’t just be one Ancient Builder Race if it’s outside of our own galaxy, that there might have been some ancient effort to do this on a widespread scale. Do you have any specifics on that?

Corey: Most of the information I’ve had is that they created this stargate system in this local star cluster of 50, 52 stars.

Now, they do branch out and go to other locations, but this race could have . . . They had plenty of time to map out the galaxy and put stargate locations where they wanted.

They could very well have collaborated with other races in ancient times.

David: Daniel’s testimony, also, I just want to get this in, was that you couldn’t bring metal or any type of weapons or anything that was non-organic through these original Ancient Builder gates.

I’m curious if you ever heard about that one way or the other.

Corey: No, they had some issues. They had some calibration issues that took them a while to figure out. The gates had to be calibrated, somehow. They were in time-space and in some sort of a network communicating with each other, and they figured out how to do it.

They ended up getting the gate to where they could bring anything from point A to point B. Now, the biggest problem they had were when they were creating their own stargates with our technology. In the beginning, we could only send supplies from one place to another, and then we would take a craft there, because organics would not make it from point A to point B intact.

David: When you say ‘they’ were making stargates, which ‘they’ are we talking about now?

Corey: The precursor to all of these Secret Space Programs, back in the ’50s and ’60s when they were figuring out how to do portal travel . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . with the technology they had back-engineered from non-terrestrials.

David: One of the things that Daniel said about the Supergate was that the early, early 1970s’ analysis of it led to the development of the IP address protocol for the Internet, because apparently every gate location has a numerical address similar to what we use for the Internet.

I’m curious about your thoughts on that.

Corey: Yes. I don’t know if ARPANET developed TCP/IP communication protocols to mimic what was occurring in the Supergate, or if they even knew about it, but they work very much the same.

You even have subnet masks to mask certain gate systems so you don’t end up going there.

Yeah, it works in a very similar way.

David: Okay, let’s get back to these pre-Adamites, and you say that they were shot and burning. They crash land in this continent that was not, obviously, a glacier back then.

What was the strategic significance for them having access to the Supergate? Did they have a surviving part of their civilization that they could still visit with it, or were they trying to visit other civilizations? What was their goal?

Corey: You know, I really don’t know what they were do . . . They wanted control of the gate, but not all of their species were trapped with them.

Originally, when they had escaped from the exploding planet, and then later on, when Mars became uninhabitable because of further warfare, . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . a large group of them went towards the outer Solar System and out and away, and then another group of them went towards the Moon and Earth.

David: Ah! So they were able to reach out to some of their lost refugees once they gained control of this gate?

Corey: That would . . . That would make sense.

David: It does make sense.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So who’s in control of the Supergate right now?

Corey: This same shadow government group that has control over the spaceport and this Antarctic Area 51 area. It’s the same group.

They have control over it, and they’re trying to figure out what to do with a lot of this. They’re finding so much.

Obviously, they’re learning to back-engineer and cannibalize that technology to add to our existing space fleet technology.

David: Now, in our previous update, you mentioned Ka’Aree and others bringing you to some kind of library in Antarctica.

10 Anshar Egg Craft
11 Antarctic Library

And you witnessed the extraction of scrolls from this library, but at the time, you did not know what they were or what the purpose of this was.

Do you have any further information on that now?

Corey: Well, you know according to Sigmund, what they were looking for down there were files, basically, that had, I guess, a multigenerational bloodline list that traced way, way back – back . . . It was a historical document even before their planet exploded.

Now, what’s interesting is that everything in their society depends on bloodline – where you are in the hierarchy. The way they apply their laws had to do with where you were in this bloodline hierarchy.

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So these are very, very important scrolls for them for a number of reasons.

They also wanted to be able to genetically tie themselves to this pre-Adamite race and then set up this pre-Adamite race as being basically gods, and they would be demi-gods.

David: ‘They’ meaning the Cabal?

Corey: The Cabal.

David: So this would have given them, using a legal term, this would have given them the imprimatur to claim this divine right of kings . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . and an extraterrestrial bloodline.

Corey: Right. And then internally, the documents were important because it’s how they jockey for position and apply laws. It’s a very . . . It’s a cultural thing as well. It’s very important.

David: So why do you think the Anshar felt it was of such strategic significance to remove this, and why, also, would they want you to have witnessed it?

Corey: I don’t know why they want me to witness certain things, but sometimes they have me witness things and it just doesn’t really make sense to me.

But they obviously were removing these documents to disrupt future plans by the Cabal and some of these non-terrestrial groups working with them.

David: Would you argue that they wanted you to witness this so that everyone following this story would know about it?

Corey: I think since I’m reporting the information, they wanted me to witness it firsthand.

David: Have their been further Anshar meetings since the last updates that we did on this show, and if so, what have they told you?

Corey: Yes, I have met mainly with Ka’Aree in The Construct. And I asked her if what Sigmund told me was true, and she confirmed that, yes, that’s the reason that they took the documents was to disrupt operations by the Cabal group, and also prevent them from being able to do a divine right of kings kind of thing.

David: One of the most remarkable plot twists for me was that after you and I had already exchanged a great deal of information on this, I called up Pete Peterson, and he starts telling me almost exactly the same stuff, but one of the differences was that he said in one of these ships that had been converted into a very advanced base, that there were groups of people who survived the Atlantean catastrophe but had gotten locked in there.

And then, apparently, our people finally dug them out. And this is only something that happened, apparently, recently.

So what are you thoughts on all that?

Corey: It’s a little different than the information I received. I received information that they found very small pockets of a lot of these basically genetic experiments and humans from this pre-Adamite group.

David: Living, you’re saying.

Corey: Living. That had been living basically in cavernous areas under the ice that were discovered.

I had no information about people surviving inside the ship. The information I had was that – and it would match if there were people in – was that up until the last couple of decades, it was completely ice-locked.

And when they went inside, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of technology left inside this cannibalized ship to sustain anyone for any amount of time.

David: Right.

Corey: They took all of this technology out and put it into this new city that they built. So it’s a little big of a divergence.

David: So these people could take light sources that they build, remove them from the ship, go into these caverns, grow food and have water that they can melt and make available to themselves, so they basically can have a sustainable society.

Corey: Yes, and there’s also less, I guess, advanced ways of getting protein and vitamins and minerals, other than using technology. There is an ecosystem underground that they could probably use as well.

David: You said that some of these people were chimeras, these animal-human hybrids?

Corey: Yes.

David: What types have survived?

Corey: I haven’t heard the specifics, other than there were humans, and then some of these strange sort of experiments that were being created by the Pre-Adamites.

David: So let’s talk a little bit about these stasis beings. They trace all the way back, you’re saying, to this Super Earth before it blew up 500,000 years ago.

How many of these beings are there, and is there any way to wake them?

Corey: Well, I don’t know the exact number. There are a number of them that are in stasis.

David: Tens, hundreds, thousands?

Corey: Nowhere near that many. I think it’s maybe a handful, a dozen.

David: Okay.

Corey: And this group has put themselves in stasis at some ancient point, and they’ve been in this ship for a long time. And it was very important for the people that were guarding them to also get them down to Earth and hook up to the power source that the Ancient Builder Race was using to help them keep this stasis chamber and the ship working.

It is piped right into the Ancient Builder Race power source.

And they have figured a way to awaken them. They are unable to awaken one at a time. They have to awaken them all at the same time.

And there are a lot of security concerns about what’s going to happen after they wake them.

I mean, everyone who has seen the movie Prometheus will see where the concerns are.

David: So you’re saying that this would be a being that has literally edited out the last half million years of history, and wakes up knowing only that it went down when its planet either had been destroyed or was about to be destroyed.

Corey: Right.

David: How are they addressing the problem of these beings potentially being very dangerous when they wake up?

Corey: Well, there’s pretty much a committee trying to figure out whether they’re going to wake them or not. But in case they decide to wake them, they have these little mini-nukes, like these fifth-generation type nuke weapons that they have sitting right in the middle of all these beings in stasis.

And when they awaken these . . . if they awaken these beings, they’re going to have the people there with, basically, dead man triggers.

If the pre-Adamites become violent or hostile, then they can be eradicated very quickly with a large nuclear explosion.

David: Well, this is really fascinating, and I thank you for continuing to be on the front lines and having these experiences to share with us. It’s very, very interesting.

And again, even if you don’t believe this, necessarily, it’s a very fascinating story, far deeper and more complex, with threads to so many things that I’ve been researching over the years. I find it very believable in light of all the data that surrounds this.

I’m David Wilcock. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”, and I thank you for watching.


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