Jona Bryndis – As pointed out since the beginning of the year PHYSICAL INTEGRATION is and will continue to be the main theme for this year. In two-three week cycles we will be hit with physical issues, no matter whether we understand the connection with our surrounding energies or not. Those of us familiar with the occurrence of this energetic sensitivity or empathetic way of seeing world are no exception! The only difference in our perception of what is going on ‘out there’ is that we are slightly better able to contextualize politics, environmental, emotional, energetic and physical phenomena – that is if we have chosen to CONSCIOUSLY USE and TRAIN OUR ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY.

You don’t need angel-spirit guides, gurus, presidents or astrologers to tell you how you feel – retrogrades, fighting dark forces, galactic mentors – those may be helping for some time or at a certain stage of your journey, but ultimately you will realize that you are a FULLY EQUIPPED ENERGETIC BEING AS IS! You already capable of deciding which energetic reality you are living in while incarnated in this plane – because you are simply a higher dimensional SOUL WITH A BODY – and not a body with a soul attached to it.

These assumed ‘higher beings’ may be energies of left over karmic ties, loved ones or simply souls that dedicated themselves to assist you, but let’s be honest – they cannot help you with getting out of negatively charged environments, relationships or inner child traumas. This is YOUR CHOICE – AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

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The reason why I am bringing this up is the increasing EXTERNALIZATION I am observing amongst ‘spiritual people’. By giving up our responsibility we are also giving up our inner powers to DISCERN, FEEL AND CORRECT energetic dissonances within ourselves. Sure, there are collective trends and outer energies, such as media events, geopolitics, geomagnetic fluctuations, celestial events and constellations, climate, and even multidimensional events, if you will – but these have always been there. They are nothing but overall weather conditions…

This is the reason why I report about them. I don’t ‘channel’ them or get this info from ‘higher beings’ – I work with you guys every day, facilitate multiple energy sessions daily and receive feedback from highly trained energy workers from all over the world. So, this info is for you to better trust in your own inner signals and sensations, and not to distract you from your own stuff! You either accept your energetic sensitivity and learn how to self-responsibly deal with it or you make sacrifices to the ‘gods of lala’ and pray that you will get through this.

As you can feel in the tone of my words, there is a distinct difference between facing your energetic reality or trying to cope. If wanted to make you feel good about yourself I would write about the higher dimensional shifts and how close we are to everything ‘getter better’. But I chose not to. In my reality this wouldn’t be truthful. There are lots of challenges ahead, so in my world the best advice I can give you is to TRUELY WAKE UP.

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Knowing that this is not the popular spiritual approach, I rather have you unsubscribe from this list and forget about my rambling. But for those of you who are truly interested in dealing with our physical reality, I will continue riding this sore spot, until there is no misunderstanding of where I am coming from: Handing over your inner power to beliefs that exchange one for another dogma will not help you getting through this TIME OF CHANGING PARADIGMS!

I’m aware that I am exaggerating and generalizing here, but this ego-trapping SPIRITUAL SPECIALNESS will lead to cementing and repeating your inner suffering.

If you want to feel more in charge of your life you have to TAKE CHARGE and HOLD THE SPACE FOR YOUR CHOSEN REALITY!


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