Inga Nielsen – What is the difference between our soul-level being, and the being of our personality, our current, this-life self? Where does our energetic makeup fall — is it a part of our soul or a part of our personality? And is there really a gap between soul-level and personality-level truths?

Working in the Akashic Records, I have had to ponder these questions quite often, the answers often quite different depending on the person I worked with. Some of us are acutely aware of our souls and feel uncomfortable in our bodies and even our emotions, while others struggle to get even a tiny glimpse of the Divine and the spiritual realm.

I believe that ultimately, we are at our happiest and most fulfilled when we live from our souls, when we are aware of our souls’ connection with the Divinity, and when the power of our Divine soul permeates all the layers of our personality.

For many people, however, there is a disconnect between the soul and the personality. The things we are consciously aware of, the things we know and believe, the reasons behind our actions — none of these come from our soul-level truth, but instead from our personalities, which are more often than not wounded, socially conditioned and imprinted with layer upon layer of “baggage” that we carry from our ancestors.

In addition, our soul memory stores the traumatic experiences we had once lived through — such as being betrayed, killed, burned at the stake, or seemingly abandoned by the Creator. This is then expressed through the soul literally “not wanting to be here”. Our parents did not practice conscious conception, perhaps our birth was unwanted or traumatic, our souls experienced this world as a harsh and unwelcoming place, and are unwilling to connect to our earthly experience fully. For some people this means being spaced out or ungrounded, for others — refusing to have anything to do with spirituality or the matters of the soul, preferring to be consumed by the daily chores instead.

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We are born with a soul “amnesia” and, in most places, our culture does not encourage living from the soul, but rather teaches us to focus on the very ego-driven goals of safety, stability and security, predictability and control, using material possessions and outward appearances to assert ourselves or to lull ourselves into a false sense of safety.

The journey of awakening is exactly this, bringing our soul into our personality, bridging them, awakening to what lies beyond the conditioning and the surface layer of what others think we should be. It is indeed a lifelong process, shedding what is not really us. The personality for many people is just their socially conditioned self, with all the should‘s and should not‘s that have been instilled into them by their parents or peers who were equally wounded and conditioned. In truth, this is not really a personality, because it does not reflect their true person.

In a perfect world, there would have been no disconnect between the personality and the soul. Our this-life personalities would have reflected the essence of our souls, shining through the aspects that we had wanted to embody and the lessons our souls had chosen to learn, while acknowledging the life lessons of others. In our current situation, such disconnect exists and perpetuates itself. Disconnect between the soul and personality also means disconnect from the Divinity within and outside ourselves, and very often from our soulmates and life partners, especially those who have been with us throughout lifetimes.

Paradoxically, it is also in this disconnect that we find our hope and our mission. While our world is not perfect, the fact that the disconnect exists, and more and more of us are gradually becoming aware of it, actually means that just this very awareness is already the beginning of the work of perfecting the world, of initiating the quantum shift that will bring us back into Union — with our true selves, and thus with he whole Universe…

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I believe to experience this, in our own lifetimes, for ourselves, is perfectly possible!


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