Meg Bendicte – For most Way Showers, we’ve been moving through our personal Ascension process for many years, if not decades since the Harmonic Convergence. My awakening was activated when I entered the earth plane during the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles. At that time the planet was in lockdown, wrapped in a global astral field of enslavement. The only way to bypass the matrix simulation and enforced reincarnation of trapped souls, was to enter as a Walk-In into an existing incarnated vessel.

Much has changed since then! On 12/21/12 the controlling archons/dracos lost control of the global matrix. It has been decomposing since that momentous day. We’re in the final stage of the global mind-control experiment collapsing. More and more souls are breaking free of the simulation as the ‘veils of amnesia’ dissolve away. There are huge sections of the artificial astral field missing now, allowing souls to enter and leave freely within the multiverse.

Growing numbers of Light Warriors are anchoring divine crystalized Light into Earth’s etheric grid overlays. The increasing solar waves from the Great Central Sun are raising the frequencies of higher consciousness into the collective field. Everything is shifting and changing at a rapid rate now. What seemed sane once ago, is now experienced as repellent, intolerable and insane to an increasing number of citizens. There is a growing swell of conscious beings demanding a different world reality.

As you navigate between the old, dying regime into a newly birthing 5D Earth paradigm, you may feel like you need a roadmap to guide you. There has never been this level of Ascension occurring on Earth before. We are entering new territory here. There has been throughout history famous master teachers who have ascended from their physical vessel to return to the divine realms. The Way Showers are here to ascend their entire being, including the dense body of matter, into Light.

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Your roadmap for Ascension resides in your Soul blueprint, embedded in the dormant ‘junk’ DNA. When your mind breaks free of the controlling matrix simulation, you start to listen and follow your intuition and sensory empath system. You cannot trust the mind while the artificial programming is still looping in it, like malware. The roapmap will communicate to you thru your inner Soul connection. It is imperative that you deepen your Soul presence within your heart center and brain center to accelerate your personal Ascension.

With high-functioning awareness, you begin to extricate from the 4D astral plane where the battle is going on. We are currently witnessing the breakdown of society as we knew it, the dismantling of the corrupt patriarchal authoritarian regime of the controllers. After centuries of mind manipulation and corrupt hybrid engineering, humanity is slowly awakening from the ‘dark ages’.

It requires active rehabilitation of the fractured mind, like merging together puzzle pieces of mental cognition. The simulation inserted separation programming that severed neural transmissions between the left and right brain. One hand did not know what the other hand was doing. We were splintered into opposing aspects of self. The goal is to heal, mend and reunite all aspects into one, whole, complete being.

There are still many who have not awakened yet, operating within the debilitating astral bubble of illusion. We are currently witnessing signs of collective insanity, the result of rampant mind-control. It is still demonstrated in many chosen regime leaders and their minions…clear cases of Dissociation, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Paranoia, etc.

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The cure is connection. We need to connect to our fragmented self, to our Soul essence, to our Higher Self, to our ego shadow and to our wounded psyche. All needs love, acceptance, transmutation and unity consciousness. All can be nurtured and regenerated back to health and wellbeing. It requires dedication to your Ascension journey. We are in this together! Team up, join support groups, participate in mass meditations….whatever you need to progress into wholeness.

When you witness others in mental dis-ease, disconnection, and abhorrent behavior, remember they are still controlled by the matrix simulation. It is impossible to reason with them or expect anything other than insanity. Those who are dangerous in leadership positions will need to be removed. As the growing majority break free of mind-control and return to sanity, the global collective will shift into compassion, love and harmony. This is rising on the horizon! Persevere!

When we gather in mass meditation, we form a united ‘Group Mind’ of intent and purpose. This is the power of a sane mind. On May 24th there begins a new cycle in the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar of Ascension. Shamans will be leading group meditations to open the Universal Heart for all to embrace and embody. You can read more about it here:

On Saturday, May 20th I will be joining my co-host Manette Mays as we guide Light Warriors into the sacred portal of Source – to accelerate the rebirthing of our galactic essence…our divine human self. We will celebrate the global Universal Heart activation and contribute our intentions to ‘Ignite the One Heart Fire’ within.


Join other Light Warriors from around the world and seed your intentions in birthing alive the New Earth on Saturday, May 20th at 12pm PT. Register at: New Earth Central

Lovingly, Meg


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