Amanda Lorence – Everything fundamentality being vibration, is an energetic signal carrying a frequency of Hz. All vibrations carry their own frequency. As human beings, we speak via vibration using what we term ‘language’, and each word (combined with the human beings current vibration) creates a newly combined energetic frequency signal. That signal is emitted from the human being speaking that word. Birds communicate to each other whilst also emitting energetic vibration through their vocabulary where each tweet has unique energetic vibration (Hz). Vibration is energy within a wide variable frequency range measured in Hz. Bees vibrate. Bats vibrate. The sound of a beating drum emits vibration. Leaves on trees vary in their vibration based on atmospheric and inner conditions. Solid heavy rocks all vibrate. Weather carries vibrations. The four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire all vibrate. There is nothing, that does not vibrate because the universe is made of Sound waves and rhythms and mathematical numbers. Seen and unseen by the naked physical human, rhythm it is the music of life, our Universe and beyond. Each note containing it’s own frequency of energy (Hz).

The human being speaks, and that produces a vibration of energy. The human feels emotion via it’s thoughts. And those thoughts carry vibrational energy of a specific frequency. Thought FREQUENCY as energy is emitted inside the body and OUT of it. The act of ‘doing’ carries energetic frequency. It is how and WHY we do something that denotes the frequency of Hz emitted from the ‘human’. As an example: if a person made two cups of tea: one made in a frantic, stressful, hurried manner, and the other made in a relaxed, peaceful, happy manner. Both acts emit entirely different energetic waves of energy from the same human being. The former a lower Hz to the latter Higher Hz emission. That energetic emission enters their physical body as well as being emitted outside of the physical vessel.

All vibrations produced by sentient forms are initially emitted out from the centre point of their BEing. The centre point being the God Spark. These energetic creations, created via speech, thought, feelings, emotions and deeds emit out from the centre God Spark into a metaphysical field that is present around each life form. The field in and immediately surrounding any life form (in 3rd density) is an individual Flower of Life field. It is both a receiver and transporter of the life form’s energetic signals.

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The immediate, metaphysical field of the Flower of Life is a 3D shape. The circles are 3D spheres that link to more spheres that in turn link out to further spheres. The spheres rotate, each conjoining to another sphere through energetic values at energetic points, thus forming the immediate shape of the Flower of Life: an individual 3D Multi-rotating Flower of Life field around each life form. Thus far in an evolving conscious of a human being, it is currently of a white light. Yet the colour of this field will change upon enlightenment to the colour of gold.

The immediate spherical field of the Flower of Life around a life form carries magnetism. In the Law of One, like attracts like. Energy (Hz) emitted from a life form into their immediate rotating Flower of Life filed ATTRACTS LIKE energy into the same field via magnetics. Energy of certain frequency attracts like energy of same frequency. Like therefore attracts like. It ALWAYS has. The Third Dimensional ‘blueprint’ perceives that opposite’s attract. That has intentionally been the idea of 3rd dimensional physics within the ‘construct’ they explored within (as we raise human frequency quantum physics supersedes traditionally accepted physics). At Higher dimensional experience, the KNOWING that ‘like attracts like’ is plainly accepted. Within the third dimension, like has ALWAYS attracted like, it is just that this idea has never been openly accepted until more recently.

So the emitted magnetic frequency of each life form attracts like energy to it. Based on a thought forms, words and deeds as an accumulative energetic frequency, a like frequency is attracted to their own Flower of Life field. Outside of their individualised FOL field, is an INFINITE field…that which holds ALL potential AS ENERGY. From this infinite field of ALL metaphysical existence, like energy enters the individual’s FOL field via MAGNETISM. The energy held in energetic form, initially BECOMES a liquified state followed by a solid state. At the point we perceive the solid via sight, touch, smell, hear, taste, the physical brain is able to perceive and understand it to be matter. It, now as a solid arrives into our CURRENT state of AWARENESS. In other words, energy is converted into solid form for this conscious experience within a heavier frequency bandwidth of the Third dimension; A Sacred geometric alchemy of numbers and rhythm into solid form.

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Through this knowledge it can be thought that every life of a human being can attract to itself all that it desires. And this is true to a certain point. An unawakened human being is susceptible to unbalanced energy: being emotions, thoughts, words and actions. The unawakened is imbalanced in energy but WILL and CAN produce their desires on a LINEAR scale (of frequency). This lack of energetic balance keeps the human being on a linear CYCLE. Until they decide to question life in it’s perceived entirety. The unawakened are able to manifest within the frequency range (field) of the THIRD and LOWER FOURTH dimensions. It is only through the intent to AWAKEN, and the path that intention takes/opens up; further through the opening and restructure of the mind and the fully open state of their heart that repeated BALANCE of thought, feeling, expression, word and deed within the human being occurs. It is the raising of the human beings energetic frequency as a CONTINUOUS momentum that raises the OVERALL energetic frequency of the human being. And thus allows for a rise in vertical frequency (Ascension). The vertical Ascension IS the increase of energetic frequency (Hz) for the life form. This higher frequency allows that life form to experience a higher state/s of conscious awareness and higher frequency phenomena not considered ‘normal’ to an unawakened human. The vertical energetic route I have previously written about is the ‘Labyrinth’.

There are some humans on the planet who see the white spheres of THEIR Flower of Life rotating in front of them, eyes open or closed. A sight seen whilst physically awake (not in sleep state), and seen whilst encountering a calm and balanced state of mind. Those that see these spheres must realise they are seeing them in order to interact with them to evolve further. Whether seen or unseen, this immediate field surrounding your life form is available to interact with…through clear, Love based intention to do so (like attracts like), in relaxed state be it momentary or lengthy.

Every phenomena that the awakening person experiences is initially a ‘teaser’ to ignite enquiry. A taster of what you are capable of and what you are here to Birth. It’s shown to you in advance, a small piece of what is gifted to you if you choose to utilise it. There comes that point in your individual Ascension when that same phenomena becomes highlighted to you in a more defined manner. And if you choose to explore it, at that point in your own energetic Ascension, that subject matter opens up more EASILY. Because it’s what you came here to accomplish. But one has to interact with it, want it, choose it, live it, which makes one’s intentions clear in energy terms. This gift presented to explore, being only the very start of a very magical journey where you live in a solid form, able to tap into liquidity, and able to raise your consciousness into energetic form. This is the magic of being human. At higher levels of dimensional existence, energetic frequency is higher and therefore not a solid. Higher dimensional energies do not experience solidity.

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We have come to Earth, being given the opportunity to be a solid state of existence. We came from energy state, transcended into liquid, and transcended further into solid form, knowing we would lose our higher energetic frequency in order to experience solidity. Through the veil, into the third dimensional blueprint, living in a Matrix system we had little ability to remember. Temporarily most did not know there was more. Infinitely more. And the magic of NOW, is that the solid form of the human being is now becoming initially capable of merging and transforming solid into liquified states. Further, dissolving liquified states into pure energetic states…including the reverse process. We are capable NOW of switching our consciousness STATE with ease; choosing between: an awakened conscious mind state with a human personality, or residing in the consciousness state of our Higher Self (that of unlimited wisdom and infinite love), or in residing in the consciousness of All Awareness. All Awareness…yet in the solid form of a human being conscious of itself. This is remarkable and why all ‘eyes’ are upon the magical human race. We are remembering and engaging in our true essence.

AL 19/05/17


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