As soon as all Earth changes have taken place and humans have been transformed into multi-dimensional beings; humankind will start building Cities of Light and love.

The etheric blueprint of the cities of light will be in the higher ethers over certain selected cities on Earth. The blueprint is like a huge wheel, with a hub as a center, and spokes of light leading out from the hub. Great broad avenues of light leading out from the hub, with structures, such as healing temples, schools of spiritual enlightenment and buildings of commerce. Between these spokes of the wheel, will be adjoining streets, that will be for housing, parks and community recreational activities.

As the physical area of the city becomes filled with light, the physical and etheric cities will move closer to each other and finally overlap one another. The gates then will be opened to walk on to the streets in the City of Light and one can enter into the schools of learning, healing temples,relax in the park, and enjoy the many types of recreational activities and foods being offered.

MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS – Present day medical institutions will be completly restructered. In the City of Light, one will find the following new forms of healing modalities.

TEMPLES OF HEALING – Doctors will work with healers to administer the proper combination of sound vibration and color that will be needed to cure a persons physical problem and bring his physical body into balance.

ENERGY – New arms/legs, tissues and organs will be regenerated by the stimulations of energy in the cell memory (RNA) molecules.
LIGHT-Stimulated sound/light discharges will cure the following; cancer, arthritis and blindness.

ELECTRICITY – Electrical stimulation can heal bone fractures and promote bone growth. A particular shade of violet can also cause bone growth.

COLOR – Reading the colors of the human aura can determine the status of a persons health and spiritual development. Healing of wounds after surgery, and psychotherapy can have beneficial results from color therapy. Almost every disease can be cured by certain colors.

MUSIC – Music as (sound/tone) when it is played by a musician or by a symphony orchestra can have a beneficial healing effect upon humans. Every musican and every musical composition has its own fundamantal color tone.

Tone has its correspoding colors. Color and sound are aspects of vibration. God speaks in terms of tone and color and man is a god in the making. The alchemical union of two great arts, color and tone can heal.

HERBS – Allopathic medicines will be replaced by herb and flower therapies.

EDUCATION – Our young children will be taught spiritual truths and will be encourged to discover and develop their creative gifts that they were born with.

No longer will the focus be placed on educating children to enter a corporate structure for the production of unimportant material goods. The new multi-dimensional being will have very simple needs,that the new society will provide for. The needs are as follows; food, shelter, clothing and recreational items. Humans in turn will contribute their services to the new society.

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SCIENCE – New science information will be given to man in the coming civilization of light by the Great White Brotherhood. Our scientists are using a wrong science in trying to communicate with other life forms in distant galaxies. Our scientists will have to retool their electromagnetic data with new energy codes; then signals from other light species will be received.

School of Spiritual Enlightenment ★

In the Cities of Light we will find Schools of Spiritual Enlightenment. In these schools, mankind will enter and go through the Path of Initiation. This is the final stage of the path of evolution taken by man, and is divided into five stages, called the five initiations. Initiations is an expansion of consciousness.

In these schools, there will be found masters and their disciples who will instruct the initiates. At this present time there are several million people who stand on the threshold of the first initiation.

First Initiation – The initiate will have to learn control of the Ego over their physical body. The sins of the flesh must be dominated; like gluttony, drink and licentiousness.

Second Initiation – The initiate has to learn to control the astral body. When the astral elemental is controlled, the emotional body becomes pure and limpid, and the lower nature is dying. At this time the Ego gripes afresh the two lower vehicles and binds them to his will. He is now ready to serve and love his fellowman.

Third Initiation – The initiate must learn to control his lower mental vehicle. The 3rd initiation is sometimes called the Transfiguration. He developes the capacity to manipulate thought matter and learns the laws of creative thought building. He functions freely on the four lower sub-planes of the mental plane. It is at this point when the physical body is pure, the astral stable, and the mental body controlled, then the initiate can safely wield and wisely use his new opened psychic faculties for the helping of the race.

Fourth Initiation – Sometimes called the Crucifixion, it is usually one of great sacrifce and suffering. The initiate renounces friends, money,reputation character, standing in the world, and family. The initiate has to perfect the higher mental plane.(Fifth Subplane) He has the access to the library of occult books, he studies the cosmic plans and has to master the charts. He also developes fourth dimensional vision. He become adept in the significance of color and sound. He makes contact with his monad (soul).

Fifth Initiation – Very little remains to be done by the initiate. The domination of the sixth mental sub-plane goes forward. The initiate is admitted into close fellowship in the Lodge and his contacts with the devas is complete.

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AS the initiate progresses along the various initiations, secrets are revealed to him. The following are some of the secrets given to the initiate: 1) Secret of the Sea-astral light, Karma-2nd initiation. 2) Secret of Fohat-3rd initiation. 3) Secret of Polarity-universal sex for all Kingdoms-4th initiation. 4) Secret of Fire-3 types-5th initiation.

Initiates progress from the Hall of Ignorance to the Hall of Learning and finally to the Hall of Wisdom. After the 5 initiations man is perfected and is master on the five planes of human evolution.


There are also higher dimensional frequencies that are anchored in mother earth’s (Gaia’s) body and around your planet.. and all must either raise their frequency or perish. The way to do this is to simply shift your focus away from the dark, towards the Light, and towards higher frequency energies and Higher Consciousness and all that emanates from it: joy, peace, compassion, unconditional love, serenity, beauty, harmony, abundance, and so much more. (note from Goldenlight: turn off your tv and mainstream media!) The higher frequency energies are very strong on your planet right now, causing those of lower consciousness and service to self to temporarily abuse these energies in an attempt to gain more power. These games will not be able to continue indefinitely as there will come a time when their energetic constructs will unravel and fade away from the higher frequencies of love and light.

All is being created now with thought and intention… A beautiful, higher dimensional realm is being co-created by the Company of Heaven including Source, Archangels, Angels, higher minds of humans, higher minds of galactic brethren, ascended masters, and many beings of light are all lovingly birthing this new reality… The cities of light are coalescing their manifestationary light into being… they are love-filled, joy-filled, highly evolved spiritual worlds of light joy laughter harmony and peace.. Such sacred spaces now being formed so that all may step into these higher creationary manifestations…See these cities now in your minds eye… they are filled with a beautiful golden light .. The light and love of Source Creator sprinkled with the soft light and love of the angelic realm.. Rest your weary bodies and minds beside the healing waters and let the love of Source cradle you in the softest of love and light.. A healing balm for all souls who enter these cities of light.. Healing, love, caring and soft light pervade these beautiful spaces.. You will all be able to joyously partake in these beautiful higher dimensional Cities of Light and Love where all beings coexist harmoniously joyfully and lovingly.

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There are no weapons in this higher dimensional plane.. No violence… No wars… All beings treat each other with compassion, love and respect.. For All realize they are a part of the Whole..all have awareness of the Oneness of All and the Allness of One. The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” is followed …

Total abundance and prosperity are everywhere and enjoyed by everyone.. All beings have their needs met…This frees up much time for creating harmonious and loving interactions and relationships, or simply just time to relax and enjoy life.

Communication is done by telepathy, with respect for privacy adhered to by all.. There must be mutual consent for telepathic communications to ensue although one can “call” another to request a communication..

Free energy propels all.

Pollution is a thing of the past.

Healthy organic non-GMO, plant-based diets have replace poisonous food.

Natural well-being and good health is enjoyed by everyone… Hospitals per se dont exist but there are healing centers of light for all types of physical healing and rejuvenation.

Aging is also a thing of the past .. With higher dimensional bodies, 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA activated on everyone as well as bodies that have transitioned to a crystalline base instead of a carbon base, there is no aging or disease.

Teleportation is developed and taught in special learning centers, otherwise there are free energy transports to take travelers whatever they wish to go on a silent smooth ride.

“Work” has a whole new meaning as people begin to practice their god-given talents in Service and Love to All, rather than the former paradigm of service-to-self.

Art, music, and all creative endeavors are encouraged and begin to flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance love and spiritual nourishment.

School curriculum consists of:

– Ethics of Telepathy

– The Golden Rule

– Teleportation

– Yoga

– Organic Gardening

– Caring For Your Multidimensional Body

– Honoring Your Higher Self and Group Dimensional Oversoul

– Bathing in Source Light

– Caring For Your Temple of Light

– Intergalactic History

– Interacting With Star Nations

– Communicating Telepathically with Pets and Children

– Holographic Art and Music

– The Connection of All to Source

– Crystal Geomancy

– Preparing for Intergalactic Travel

– Sacred Symbols, Music, Art and Dance

– Sacred Earth Journeys

– Earth Council Service and Equanimity

– Training to Become an Earth Representative on Intergalactic Councils

– Higher Dimensional Exploration

– Levitation

– The Essence of the Angelic Realms

– The Ascended Masters

– The 12 Dimensions of Creation

– Shapeshifting

– Keys to Sacred Partnership and Parenting

These are just a few of the courses that are now taught in schools.


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