Aug Tellez – Everybody who is in the ‘system’ literally is only capable of merely repeating what they are told, grown, conditioned to believe. People who have not been “awakened” to the deception are literally incapable of seeing reality for what it is or to speak while thinking critically and not just repeating thoughts that were put into their head.

This is why there is a situation regarding those who are self-aware and capable of comprehending reality and those who are literally just very actively sleepwalking.

The main brainwashing methods are related to how this realm works, how consciousness functions, the origins of nature, reality, the universe, humanity and consciousness. Basically, the origins of everything are a program that people are given rather than something people achieve through critical thinking. If people question the program, they are then ridiculed and sometimes they ridicule themselves! Of course, the program is the only thing one can believe in and actually be wrong. Thus, the controllers have built a mind cage that keeps one repeating the same reality loop over and over in a system that was meant to grow into higher awareness. Thus, the mind cage, the matrix, is within and created without through that programming which is literally the reason for all the secrecy. That the programming is what is keeping this realm the way it is!

Thus, when the programming fails, this realm begins to break down because this is all a feedback cycle with a cosmic level quantum computer reality generation system! One mind to the universe and the collective mind to one mind, we’re all a part of that system and this is what the “hive” attempts to mimic but can’t be replicated only falsified.

Thus there are layers of the amount of brainwashing, a set of 9 ‘veils’ that are frequency layers placed over one’s consciousness whereby one’s awareness must permeate these resistance fields in order to actualize their own self awareness and to ‘open their eyes’ as if for the first time actually seeing reality.

This is all happening now and forever as thing intensify and public events change and alter the spectrum of awareness and people are given more and more opportunities to awaken and see the truth of this reality.

Time is not forever in the same format and so each civilization is supposed to advance, however this one’s been on repeat and delayed. So, we are nearing the time where there is a great opportunity to advanced. People are asleep, they’re near braindead, there’s a mind-virus parasite infestation that steals souls? Yea, that’s the whole point, all of that is used to delay the system so as soon as there is some traction in the advancement then it’s going to slingshot people forward as if through a time machine however this is just a series of events moving through the levels of awareness.

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If the aware people, now, stay asleep longer? It’s out of free-will choice. If they wait for sleeping people to join them in the activities? Then shame on them for expecting sleeping people to do things while they’re asleep. They might trip and fall or something. If they stop waiting for others and begin to take action to liberate the human mind? Then the collective mind has begun to awaken and self-awareness on a mass scale will accelerate which is more horrifying the faster the event occurs.

However, if it is delayed, then the horror would be too great to live through, thus, there is a window and the window is open now, everything is intensified, everything one’s actions relate to.

Thus, the previous that has been said is said again here.

As well, this season is supposed to be something important. Potentially a turning point for the species, if not the event. And paradoxically 2020, but these might be different temporal layers (occurring simultaneously). I was told that in 2020 the “temporal operations” disclosure would be more reasonable, that I should be nearly silent on those operations in the meantime.

There is a device that was shut down earlier in the past couple years.

Apparently fall 2017 is an important event. There is a temporal viewing apparatus called looking glass which was disabled because apparently there is a very high cosmic energy index and this disrupts the feed and has been causing what people know as the mandela effect. Which is the mandala effect or consciousness system effect.

The higher ups shut the system down to all use because that could’ve destroyed the entire universe.This is an opening.The shut down ends in the fall and if this is reactivated then everything they are looking at will be solidified, meaning no one will be able to change the system. Something has to happen.

What event? Something like a mass influencing of the collective field from the human side. The higher-ups can’t interact to save without also permitting people to almost be destroyed. If they are stopping destruction, then they must also allow the parasites to have their chance. That’s to keep equality, without that, it would just be a free-for all with all sides jumping in. Which it basically is, simply because the humans have no idea of what’s being used against their minds to influence reality.

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This might not harm the pure of heart. However this would be like sacrificing all those who are not at the limit.

If you’re present here from the original soul-level then you literally have memory of an entire universe of experience but have been separated from it.

Everyone who desires the truth is sent here to help. Without making that sound “mundane” or anything, it’s not because there is no mundane!

Somewhere, for someone, every so many thousand years, the “title” to Earth changes.

I know something like this is happening and the dark faction wanted to get a jump on who it was changing hands into by mind washing everyone they could to make them like “them”. However, if a person is ‘like them”, then they don’t get the title because the whole point is about purity and their whole religion is impurity and depravity.

It’s out of fear, because they didn’t want to transform into another race which is what was seen in the research projects. Thus they set up a big mind maze regarding the information around how people shift and move from consciousness level to level.

And the games and ‘rigged versions’ of the natural system that has been created to try and hold off the changes or profit off of them through deception, misery, materialism, wars and so on. Basically, their heavy hearts got them sent back at the gates so they hatched a plan to slow down time and infect every single living being and try to sabotage the ‘test’ so that their failure doesn’t seem so bad.

Every civilization MUST move forward that is how consciousness works. There is a core origin and then there are layers of civilization, consciousness or experience that flow outward like a ray of light or a cascading emanation of information. these seem to be like dreams emanating out from a central core of mind and body that exists both before and after all of the others. In this one, however, the mind may be the body. A separation between the two may mark a proximity or distance away from that originating and completing central core of oneness.

Thus if people continue one way in strife and another in peace then this could be like the dreaded “bifurcation” event where two societies are formed. There is a limit to each dependent on the acceptance of free-will, compassion, truth, harmony, self-awareness and knowledge or subjugation, anger, deception, chaos, automation, and ignorance. This is a limit of selfishness or intent to assist in liberation, basically high awareness or low. Heavy heart or light heart.

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Which may be strange, because some groups were entirely devoted to figuring out how to keep their personal desires going and their pleasures while still convincing themselves that it’s for the good of the universe and that they’re being light-hearted and enjoying themselves. The theory is that if those doing this can convince themselves to have a light heart, then they might pass and move on to the higher civilization. So there is a common insanity factor.

This has to do with breakaway civilizations who are not longer within the same timeline, to some degree, because they’re all breakaway civilizations that occurred in a similar manner of reaching higher tech than the masses and branching off in their own self-sustainable format.

The basis is that this main society is still required even for them to pull events from and exist in time. In another way, if the main society didn’t exist then one breakaway could not branch from one timeline and bridge with another because there would be no main timeline to join with, just those disjointed breakaways without tether in hyperspace.

Thus this society is like the farm, or the main stock that all the experiments and powers are pulled from. And so if something happens to this society then everything is basically shut down. Meanwhile, the situation being harsh to the point where if people join them, feeling there is no point to be ‘light hearted’ and that there are no benevolent watchers or a healing society, then they’ll go down with them.

Meaning that there could be an overturning where people stronger than the ‘elite’ show up and assist in protecting the civilization. Yet they couldn’t do anything big because this would disrupt the causality of the timeline. That is why anything telling us that other beings are going to change anything is an illusion as that is literally how you assimilate a species. Which results in an eventual return, AS those beings. Anything that takes power from the people has this affect and that is how the people have been used, through their beliefs, to power 4th dimensional realms and civilizations who literally live within the collective imagination being guided through subliminals and mind-control systems.


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