Anrita Melchizedek – Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of June, as you experience the Solstice energies, and move deeper into the merging timelines of Unity Consciousness. What is further being experienced sweet ones, through the higher dimensional fields of consciousness is the collapsing and speeding up of time and space, as you deepen into the every present Continuum or Zero Point. These “future” time-space fields of Light are assisting you to access and anchor the higher dimensional templatings and dimensional octaves, as you merge with your “future” selves, your multidimensional selves and your Beloved I Am Presence, as well as experiencing a deeper sense of the collective I AM Avatar Consciousness along with Light Body And DNA activations and recalibrations. You have experienced this too sweet ones, through the Schumann Resonance field of Mother Earth accelerating, “the heartbeat of Mother Earth”, recently peaking to frequencies of 36 plus, way above its usual 7.83 Hz frequency, reflecting the Cosmic Consciousness of awakened Souls upon this sacred earth.

As you move up in octave or frequency sweet ones, this recalibration and integration is experienced on all levels of your beingness. Within the lower dimensional octaves, merging timelines require you to work with frozen miasms, karmic imprintings, artificial encodings, and the like. And as you do this work for yourself and others sweet ones, walking the path of Divine Love, you move into the next dimensional frequencies or octaves of Unity Consciousness. As you draw upon the New Earth Templatings within the Unity Grid and Solar Grid, as you move beyond, or rather, integrate the planes of polarity through loving all that arises, this brings with it greater levels of manifestation, knowing and alignment to the Divine as you recalibrate the multidimensional aspects of yourselves into this Now moment.
However, through these frequency shifts, solar flares and magnetic changes, sweet ones, you are further experiencing a re-patterning of the physical brain, as well as a deeper activation of the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus and thalamus glands. As the wounded Soul aspects are embraced within your Christed Heart, judgment of self and others is released as higher perspectives come into being, along with a deeper sense of No Time or the Now moment; although exhaustion, heart palpitations and anxiousness may increase, along with nervous system recalibrations affecting diet and sensitivity. For those of you on this sacred earth experiencing and understanding these energies ~ you can come to a place of stillness through your Christed hearts. And for those on this sacred earth working from the personality or wounded soul aspects, coherency of linear thought dismantles, creating more erratic behavior as they tap into the collective unconsciousness upon the planet.

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What many of you have experienced in this last month, sweet ones, are increased levels of compassion for self and others, a deeper sense of your own divinity and a knowing of your worthiness, although perhaps still within the entanglement of shifting relationships, coupled with miscommunication, which has been a common theme.

And now, as you experience the energies of June, you enter into the Temple of Higher Perspectives through the Overlighting of the Order of Melchizedek and Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. You can think of this too sweet ones, as the “Path of the Sun and the Path of the Moon”. An alchemical marriage of the inner Divine Masculine and inner Divine Feminine Spirits taking you into Cosmic Christ Consciousness, into greater levels of appreciation of each Now Moment, into renewed balance and perspective on Life, with greater levels of Love and wisdom and Knowing being experienced and embraced, as well as the creation of the I Am Avatar Body of Light.




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