Akasha Sananda – The Pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pinecone, residing in the centre of our brains. This tiny gland which wasn’t so tiny centuries ago has in fact shrunken due to its high spiritual purpose not being utilised. That purpose being a gateway to higher dimensions of consciousness.

So what exactly is the Pineal Gland?

It is an endocrine gland that sits directly in the centre of our brain and marks the central point of our left and right brain hemispheres. It sits between the Thalamus and Cerebral aqueduct within our Midbrain section. Its primary biochemical function is to produce melatonin to regulate our daily and seasonal circadian rhythms. Melatonin is the chemical that governs our sleep cycles and the quality of our sleep, and it also stimulates the frequencies that create different brain wave states.

Is the Pineal Gland related to our Third eye?

Yes, this is the endocrine gland that energetically corresponds to the Third eye chakra or Ajna Chakra. It has been said that our ‘third eye’ was indeed our ‘first eye’ which allowed our consciousness to perceive multidimensional within the womb space.

Scientific evidence does support this notion because under microscopic inspection the pineal gland cells reveal that they have the same feature as the rods and cones found in our retinas. In fact, the pineal gland receives signals that travel down the optic nerves into our two eyes. Also, the pineal gland was created before our two eyes and held the primal function of being a sight organ before our current set of eyes.

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Another interesting aspect of the Pineal Gland is that it is known to produce a very potent psychoactive substance known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelic substance known to man and is present in a majority of plant and animal life.

This substance is released naturally through our Pineal Gland during our birth/death experience or even deep states of meditation. DMT can reveal the truth of Unity Consciousness, Higher Intelligence and brings through profound insights of who you really are beyond the illusionary ego.

Why does the Pineal Gland need to be detoxed?

Essential because many people’s pineal gland is blocked, this can be from poor diet, excess exposure to toxins, electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobiles or wifi, unbalanced emotions or even drinking water with fluoride. Many toxins that are in pesticides, preservatives and chemicals (which are all present in today non-organic food) are extremely harmful to the Pineal Gland and our spiritual progress because of their ability to shut the pineal glands function down. This is why it is very important to be aware of what you are eating, what you are using on your body or what you are exposing yourself to in certain environments.

Whatever the cause may be, the result is a calcified pineal gland that is unactivated. This calcification is known as corpora arenaceous, or brain sand, and is made up of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate and ammonium phosphate. So in order for us to reactivate our pineal glands and see through the veil of separation, we must detox this significant part of our biology.

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How to detox the Pineal Gland?

With detoxification, it is crucial to ensure you stop any and all further exposure to calcification, while at the same time purifying and clearing the calcification that has already occurred. Potentially this may require a lifestyle shack up and immediate change of some food habits. The most important aspect is to start drinking clean, purified water and limit or stop the intake of sugar, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol or recreational drugs. Then start eating in season natural organic whole foods from your local market.

To enhance the detox process you may also want to take zeolite powder, bentonite clay, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, oregano oil or even straight up water fasting. If you would like an advanced and extremely effective detox protocol, I recommend checking out the Divine Keys Foundations program.

The detox protocol available in the Divine Keys Foundations is state of the art and has proven to be exceedingly efficient in getting the physical body systems purified and realigned with 21 days.


Akasha Sananda is a Founder of the Institute of Divine Potential and has fully dedicated his life to the service of humanities self-realisation and the sovereignty of our planet’s consciousness. As a Spiritual Luminary, his purpose is to humbly serve as a vessel, in assisting the awakening of humankind’s divine potential and actualisation of unity consciousness.

Another phenomenal way to cleanse your pineal gland and reactivate it at the same time is Sun Gazing. This was a powerful way that many ancient civilisations used to enhance their spiritual abilities and awaken their third eye.

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The Great Himalayan Rishis would practise Kriya Yoga by gazing at the rising and setting sun doing particularly Kriya practices.

They would use the same rhythm and cycle of breath aligned to the sun’s magnetic field, which negatively charged the pineal gland and the positively charged pituitary gland to activate the Ajna Chakra (Third eye).

To make things easier for you here is a list of ten ways to detox and activate your Pineal Gland:

Drink clean, purified water; Without fluoride and preferably from your local Spring

Eat organic, local foods; non-GMO or chemical sprays

Meditate for at least 30mins every day; This enhances your Pineal Gland

Sun Gaze daily; This help activate the rods and cones of the retina

Sleep in absolute darkness; To balance your melatonin sleep cycles

Practice Yoga; To move energy through your body, clearing any stagnation or blocks

Practice Qi Gong; To assist in the awakening of your high sense perceptions

Spend time in nature with bare feet; To align with the Schumann resonance of Earth

Swim in the ocean; Revitalise your body and clear your energy field

Take organic supplements; To support the detox process of the Pineal Gland

I trust this has helped expand your perception of your Pineal Gland and assist you with a way to unlock the higher consciousness within your Brain.

Love and infinite blessings


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