Roger Bains – So, the purpose of Karma is to act as a barometer or an indicator of how balanced you are with the universe. Knowing this information allows you to make adjustments in behavior and actions that are in line with the law of one – actions that will bring peace, love and happiness into your life. Being mindful of one’s actions and behaviors is a brilliant way to keep spiritually aligned and balanced with all that is benevolent.

What then, is false Karma?  False Karma is the belief that a life of pain and perpetual suffering is perhaps a result of past life misgivings. However, it is not in the best interest of one’s soul to have experiences that do not serve the soul’s purpose. How do things like child abuse, rape, murder, torture and all manner of misfortune on a continuous basis do that? They do not. No one should buy the story (yes it is a story) that events causing dire pain and suffering are due to past life transgressions. NO ONE can prove that any such events ever occurred.

Furthermore, a human being having chosen to incarnate into this rugged existence (likely agreeing to help transform it for the better)  does not deserve hell on earth. Though life can be harsh for some, it is not a punishment for past transgressions. Acts that perpetuate suffering are likely being done to prevent the sufferer from fulfilling the true purpose for incarnating on Gaia.

Suffering is the only phenomenon that stunts the growth of consciousness and anything that does that, works against the agenda of the soul. Karma has been twisted in such a way, as to trick humanity into suffering which prevents advancement of consciousness and spiritual growth. What suffering does is place the victim into the very densest of vibrations. The lowering of vibration and frequency then allows low dimensional parasitic beings to feed on the souls of the unwitting and unaware victims.

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There is nothing balanced about suffering. Suffering damages the psyche and creates cycles and patterns of victimhood that lead to more of the same. The really sinister nature of suffering is that it allows one to be hooked into via the triggers and unhealed wounds caused by traumatic experiences; making the victim susceptible to repeated cycles of reincarnation that continue the same pattern.

We must challenge those who support this heinous and vicious cycle through their teachings and

advice. The false version of karma is a scam that keeps you as food for  parasitic beings. These Parasites view humanity as cattle to be fed upon – feeding on fear, pain and misery.

How does one solve this problem? The power of your intention is all that is needed to stop this hoax. Do not accept that you are here on earth to live in misery. Reclaim your sovereignty and take back all the power that you have given to those who now possess it, this is done with your will and intention only.

Revoke all the soul contracts that have authorized these activities, they are the saboteurs of your purpose.  It is important to reclaim the energy given to these soul contracts and agreements. Release the pain and suffering these agreements have caused you. Finally, remember that you owe pain and suffering to no thing and to no one.  Every human being is here to bring light and

love to mother Gaia.


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