Grace – Once again, we’re seeing that bit without data ~ could be due to instrument error or malfunction, or the recording was interrupted, or it wasn’t able to detect anything. Or none of the above.

Nevertheless, we are still seeing plenty of surges. I’m more interested in that sudden cessation of high frequencies (arrow), where the frequency was off the charts, then it suddenly plummeted to much lower readings. (Click on the chart to enlarge.)

As mentioned before, my question remains ~ are the instruments reading what they are supposed to read? Are they detecting something else, something that no existing instrument can properly record? Or was the frequency so high that it knocked out the instruments? Are we even interpreting the data correctly? Okay that’s four questions, but you know what I mean 🙂

At any rate, this has been on-going throughout June. From what I know, it’s never been so intense before, for so long.


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