Deep Cellular Cleansings are Taking Place

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Tiffany Stiles – Deep cellular cleansings are taking place as crystalline frequencies are received. These frequencies are requiring more sleep over the past couple of days, as these downloads are taking place during REM (Gamma) sleep. These diamond crystalline frequencies are boosting your immune system and repairing damage from toxic overload. These can be from; environmental toxins, emotional toxins or food toxins.

You feel feel this in your body as heat. Your body heats up with cellular renewal, and much sweating can be experienced as well. The Third Eye and Crown are very active now.

This shift is beckoning alone time, introspection, and a deep cleansing of emotional toxicity from past and current relationships. This is encouraging one to take a step back, and view through the higher self, all that has occurred through each relationship in order to break toxic, and destructive patterns. A dissection of sorts to see every angle to break patterns that have kept one spinning on the relationship wheel of karma.

As the veil lifts and illusions are realized through the constructs one has placed, clarity is gained.

These most often stem from dysfunctional parental relationships that play out through adulthood to replay the situation to heal it. This calls for work with the inner child with love and care.

There are a lot of Empaths who have cut relations with narcissistic parents, and for good cause. But this leaves the healing to one person… the Empath, to dissect, understand, remove the illusions, clear the karma, heal and move forward with healthy relationships in their lives going forward. This deep cellular cleansing that is taking place is making this much easier to digest, and quicker to “see” all and heal it from a deep, emotional level. This will ultimately allow more Empaths to stand in their own Power and Divinity, understanding this gift to heal is no longer a curse.

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Past lifetimes of karmic density tied to these souls are healed through cellular cleansing. It becomes no longer a daily thought, but an afterthought which seems long ago. As one increases in vibrational frequency, it is simple to not engage in lower density timelines anymore. But to allow the timelines to converge to encourage a different outcome. Through this collapsing and converging of timelines, healing is obtained instantaneously.

Crystalline frequencies are high vibrational, but at the same time, allow for deep rest for these integrations and cellular healings to take place ; physically and emotionally. They can cause gravity to go during waking state, so remain grounded with Earth.

As these deep cleansings take place the heart chakra automatically connects to the higher soul star chakra. The heart’s electromagnetic field expands, and the energy to heal through this vessel comes out through the hands. The hands tingle, and feel like sparks of energy is coming off the fingertips and through the palm.
Now you are a clear vessel to which you can TRANSMUTE and no longer absorb toxic energy.

During sleeping state astral travel is easier, but be sure to shield your soul field before journeying out and about.

Through the high vibrational frequencies of crystalline energy, it is very easy to connect with your Angels and Guides if your frequency is a match. Always use your keen discernment to not engage with “tricksters.”

As we approach the Full Capricorn Moon on the 9th, the need for more alone time and introspection will call to you. This moon will move any relationship out of your field that is no longer a vibrational match to you. This can be swift, but a sense of relief and lightness will follow.

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The past three moons have encouraged change at lightening speed. Change in any area you were no longer in alignment with. This included; residential, career, relationships. All fell away that was no longer in your new alignment and vibrational space. Trust that all has occurred for your highest good to bring you into your proper alignment now. The Universe always supports us in the most Divine ways when we go with the flow.

Stay grounded, hydrated, eat what your body craves and get the rest your body needs to allow the cellular upgrades to occur. Being out in nature as much as possible will increase the speed in which the cellular upgrades happen.

Sending much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey,
~Tiffany ❣️❇️❣️


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