Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 11: Preparing for Ascension


David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and in this episode, we have questions and answers sent in by you that I’m going to be reading for Corey.

Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Let’s just hit the ground running here. First question we have is:

“Corey, what is your personal opinion of what the Ascension event will be?”

You and I have talked about this, and some of the things that you’ve been told are pretty different from what my own ideas or theories have been.

Corey: Yes. Yeah, that’s a good question. The way it’s been explained to me, what’s going to occur is that when this energy shift occurs, and we fully have the brunt of these cosmic energies interacting with our consciousness, we’re going to undergo a consciousness Ascension more than anything in the beginning, that it’s going to be a great leap in consciousness. Just the way we perceive everything is going to change.

1a Corey Goode

Now, as a result of that, we start learning more about our co-creative consciousness. We learn how to manipulate matter. We learn how to . . . We gain the ability to read each other’s minds, I guess, to communicate that way.

So a lot of wonderful changes do occur, but not in so much the twinkling of an eye, the way I’ve heard in many different religious beliefs.

David: Well, we are also talking about a solar flash, though, right?

Corey: Correct.

David: So how would that factor in?

Corey: I see the solar flash as being . . . and it’s not A solar flash. They are SOLAR FLASHES. It’s not just one, all of a sudden, boom, there’s going to be a solar flash.

There’s going to be poof, poof, poof – flash events that they SAY will lead into a full circumference mass coronal ejection.

David: Right.

Corey: Now, if they’re correct – and that’s what it looks like – then here on Earth, we’re going to be hit with this energy very quickly. And we’re already going to be bathed in this cosmic energy that Tier-Eir’s people have been buffering from us with these Blue Spheres.

So what I’m told by these beings is that this energetic flash is going to be more of a . . . it’s going to affect our consciousness more than anything else.

There are going to be physical things that occur. The fact is that that’s what Mica’s people went through as well.

Our Earth is going through the final transition into fourth density, and there are growing pains, things happening. And that’s just what we have to expect and watch for to see and know what’s happening.

Now, the energetic changes and the flash are supposedly going to affect our consciousness and cause us to go through a major consciousness boost, which will then lead to us going through a consciousness renaissance, like Mica’s people.

They’re not all rainbow people flying around on this planet. And it’s taken them a while to get to where they are after their event.

David: Right. So you’re seeing that there WILL be some very big shakeups on the surface. Would that include the failure of all electromagnetic devices that some insiders have suggested?

Corey: That would definitely occur during these solar events, these solar pulses that would happen, yes. That’s fully expected.

David: So there would be a need to be able to weather through that, the loss of electricity.

Corey: Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You need to be . . . Yeah, that’s definitely something that’s going to occur.

They expect it’s going to basically wipe out the AI influence that is REALLY still a major problem. It’s one of our biggest problems.

David: Right.

Corey: It’s going to root out any, I guess, water that that fish could swim in, you know, electronics.

So we are going to have to replace a lot of our technology, which is a good time to bring in the newer technology, which, when we’re going through this consciousness change, and then we’ll have this technology boost all of a sudden, we’re just going to start growing like gangbusters.

David: Do you think that once these flashes take place that that authorizes extraterrestrials to be more open in helping us and appearing?

Corey: I believe so. I’m told that after this event that there are going to be two beings that are part of the Sphere Being Alliance and this Confederation that are going to move in and . . .

David: Two beings or two groups?

Corey: Two different types of beings.

David: Okay.

Corey: They’re going to move in and basically become like guardians of this new cycle.

David: So losing our electromagnetic equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody dies off from starvation, rioting, etc.

Corey: No, and there are a lot of technologies . . . There are a lot of non-terrestrial groups that’ll make sure that we have help riding through that transition.

There are a lot of them here right now that are already pledging to do that.

Some of Ka’Aree’s people have set themselves aside to assist us as well as a few other groups that are associated with the Anshar.

David: Well, since we’re really getting our hands dirty, let’s talk about this as well.

The Anshar told you in the past that they would move people below ground to their Inner Earth areas sometimes to help them ride this out.

Corey: In the past, they had, yes.

David: Do you think that in certain parts of the Earth that things could be disruptive enough that part of this extraterrestrial assistance would involve bringing people to alternate housing, let’s say, like a mothership or somewhere underground if the surface of the Earth was temporarily catastrophic in some way?

Corey: From what I’m told, it’s not going to be that incredibly catastrophic.

David: Hm.

Corey: It’s not going to be . . . I mean, there are going to be strange things.

I was shown a meteor coming into the atmosphere and exploding over the Pacific Ocean, really high up and sending a blast wave that causes a bit of a tsunami. These storms would get incredibly more energetic.

And I was shown the Earth spinning in space, spinning, immersed in this cosmic energy. And as it was spinning, it was like a dynamo that was just building up even more energy.

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And that was contributing to the storms getting more powerful and also earthquake and volcanism activity.

David: A lot of channeling-type people are always trying to incorporate the three days of darkness from the Book of Revelations somehow. Do you have any sense as to what that prophecy might be? Is it literal? Is it a metaphor?

Corey: Yeah, it’s literal. When the Sun has that full circumference mass coronal ejection, the Sun will look like when you look at the SOHO images and you see sunspots. It’s going to look like a giant dark ball . . .

2 Sun Spots

David: Really?

Corey: . . . for just a matter of days before it completely flips its . . . I don’t know if it flips it’s polarity, but it moves back into balance, is the way it was described. And then, poof, it’ll light back up and give its light once again.

David: Very interesting. Very interesting. Well, I guess I’ll ask another question. I could go on about this all day. This is my core subject, of course.

Okay, number two:

“Corey, what happens to those who do not ascend?”

Corey: Wow! That’s a very complicated answer. There seems to be either a bifurcation of timelines or these individuals are taken to another planet to where they can go through the cycle again – the 3rd density cycle again – brought to a 3rd-density planet. Because our planet is transitioning into a 4th-density planet.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of people trying to postulate, what’s going to happen . . . is there going to be two different Earths? I really don’t know the answer to that.

David: Would you think that the time of certain people being moved to another planet would be right around the time that the flashes happen and ETs start to show up openly?

Corey: Well, if they’re going to move people, they’re going to need to do it just before, I would imagine, unless they’re wanting them to be exposed to that energy. There’s just a lot we don’t know.

David: It is interesting when we look at the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11, Verse 11, when it says that, “The righteous people who had been shunned by the many will be born into the heavens. And in that same hour, earthquakes shook the Earth.”

So the Revelations prophecy seems to suggest that there is . . . and this is, of course, where the Rapture thing comes from, but . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . seems to suggest there’s some sort of removal of people to safety who are like the service-to-others, 4th-density Ascension crowd, before some of the more disruptive catastrophes happen on the physical surface. What would your feelings be on that?

Corey: I haven’t heard anything about all of the “righteous” people being removed prior to all of these Earth changes. From what I’m told, all of the righteous people need to be here to experience this solar flash and this energy, full-on energy influx, because that is what kicks off this Ascension or this consciousness renaissance.

David: Oh, this is very personal. Ha, you don’t know what these are yet.

Corey: No.

David: “Will David ever get to go with you to see the Sphere Being Alliance in the future? And if not, why?” Wow!

Corey: You know, I don’t know.

David: You and I have talked about this a lot.

Corey: Yeah, we have.

David: And so, I guess since I’m involved in this, it’s not just me asking a question, but I’ll dialogue with you about some of the things we’ve talked about.

Corey: Right.

David: You told me that I was having some problems with not being humble enough, according to these beings, that I needed to develop more humility, and that I needed to develop more of a meditative practice . . .

Corey: That was the main thing, yes.

David: And to de-stress and get my life more sorted out, balanced in such a way.

Corey: Right. Yeah, and they prompted me to give you that remote viewing course from Gerald O’Donnell, . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . and they said that that would help you get more into the vibration that you need to be in. And all of those things you mentioned would bring you into vibrational alignment.

David: Right. So I think a real good corollary to this question is something that came in one of your most recent updates, and that is some statements that Ka’Aree had made.

Corey: Well, hang on. Speaking of Ka’Aree . . . Now, a lot of people wonder, why don’t ETs visit me? They’re visiting that person and that person. How come not me?

And she explained to me that to approach a person is not approaching you, David Wilcock’s ego or who you see yourself as.

David: Right.

Corey: They first approach you on a higher-self level. Your higher self authorizes what type of contact you will get, if any.

3 Anshar Greeting Higher Self

Your higher source authorizes that, and also they’ll give you downloads through your higher self, visions through your higher self.

And you think that it’s coming directly from an ET. But they’re having to . . . But for cosmic law reasons and their own karmic reasons, they’re having to approach you on that level.

The malevolent non-terrestrials and humans, they could care less about that.

So I found that very interesting, because I was wondering why you said that you were going to contact these people in dreams, and I didn’t hear anything.

And she just let me know that it was a little bit more involved of a process than all of us realize.

David: In short, Ka’Aree said to you that there was going to be contacts with others similar to what you have been receiving. So it’s not just about me.

Corey: Right.

David: It’s about the audience.

Corey: Right. Yeah, it’s not about me, and it’s not about you.

David: Yeah.

Corey: Right. It’s large numbers of people are going to have this type of contact, but . . .

David: What’s the sequence? What was she expecting?

Corey: The way she explained [it] is that at first, they approach people – this is before I knew about the higher self stuff –

David: Okay.

Corey: – that they approach people through dreams and to also give them downloads.

Now, during the eclipse, people that were doing the meditations . . . I have a huge report of these people getting all these ideas and downloads and information. So that did occur.

David: Right.

Corey: I’m still waiting to hear for these real interesting dreams to start occurring, which was really how they told me it would first begin.

And then it would move from dream contact, more and more realistic dream contact, to actual physical face-to-face contact in small groups. It won’t be on TV.

You might see people with their iPhone video of these beings or something. But they’re going to appear to one, two, three people at a time. They’re not going to appear in stadiums.

David: And just so we can reiterate this again, if someone were prone to think of themselves as a messiah, or special, or a savior, or enlightened, after having had this happen, it wouldn’t be a good thing, would it?

Corey: No. They will not even attempt to do contact with those people.

Like in the ’50s, they started contacting people, these different non-terrestrial groups, and the people started developing these Christ complexes.

And that’s very difficult even for the most humble person not to develop with all the programming we’ve had. So they had to withdraw from that quite a bit.

So that’s another good reason why they don’t just appear to people.

David: So if the advice that was given to me might in some way be generalizable for more people, I thought that I was doing fairly well with humility. I mean, I don’t feel like I’m out there projecting a huge ego.

How might the average person still be needing to develop this quality of humility? What would that involve?

Corey: Well, the average person has so much programming, so many personality distortions that they haven’t focused on and dealt with.

It all goes back to the Blue Avian message for us to focus inwardly instead of outwardly. All of us are . . . We’re looking up. “Show me. Show me.” But we should be looking in.

Inward is where all the answers are going to come from – developing your connection to your higher self, developing a quiet mind, these meditative practices. These are all things that are going to get you in alignment.

When you’re focused on the outward, the ego, the outward, your vibration is completely different, and your outlook is completely different.

David: There is a really interesting “Law of One” quote about humility that I think we could bring up now, which is that, “It is lacking in humility,” they say, “to see yourself as separate from others and separate from the Creator.”

Corey: Uh-huh. That’s ego. That’s where ego comes in, how you’re distinguishing yourself from everyone else.

David: Right. So it’s much greater humility to realize that you are one with all.

Corey: Right.

David: And then they say that means that you consciously recognize yourself as a servant of all.

5 Corey And David

Corey: Right, and that also . . . Most people . . . When I mentioned ego to you, you immediately – you know, you live in L.A. – you’re immediately like, “Oh, you’re thinking big head, you know, walking around with your collar popped up kind of thing, you know.”

But you just described what ego is. It’s how we see ourselves. It’s how we differentiate ourselves from everyone else, who we are, being all wrapped up in that ego and in the physical things in life, are really what they’re talking about.

David: Sort of identifying with your body more than your soul, you could say.

Corey: Right. Right.

David: Okay, next question:

“How many people . . . “ – I don’t know if you can answer this or not; we’ll try it – “How many people are you aware of who have been in certified contact with the Blue Avians?

Corey: Hm. A lot. That number has been growing and growing.

For some reason, most of the people that have been in contact with the Blue Avians and having Blue Avian contacts, many have written me in emails. And they’re very legitimate contacts. But they do not want to talk about it. They do not . . . Or they’ve been told to keep it quiet for now. So I am not the only person out there meeting with the Blue Avians.

They meet mostly in dreams with people, and they can look slightly different. They show their selves slightly differently to people.

David: Right.

Corey: And sometimes the people’s psyche will interpret it differently. They’ll come back and say, “Well, I saw a white bird being, and this being does all of the things that the Blue Avians do.

So I don’t know if it’s them not being able to interpret what they’re being given correctly, or maybe the Blue Avians are appearing differently to different people.

David: So to quantify, then, how many people, what would you say?

Corey: I have no idea.

David: Maybe hundreds? Maybe thousands?

Corey: I’m sure it’s in the thousands.

David: Yeah. Okay, next question:

“Does Ka’Aree know that she is becoming well-known here on the surface? If so, is she comfortable with you sharing your encounters with us?”

Corey: Yeah, she is very aware. The Anshar are very aware.

One of the things that’s been occurring is that since we’ve reported her existence and the existence of the Anshar, many, many people from the surface of the Earth have been reaching out to the Anshar psychically. And it’s something that they weren’t quite accustomed to.

They’re accustomed to reaching out to the surface population.

David: Right.

Corey: And many times, as I had explained, in the past, they had used deception and told us, “We come from the stars,” when really they were from below their feet. It was just an operational security thing.

So they’re very aware of how much we are focusing on them.

They want us to, again, like the Blue Avians do, focus inwardly. But she does tell me certain things that I should not share.

David: So you would say, then, that she is aware that speaking to you is having you be her messenger. And she wants people to be aware of what she’s saying.

Corey: Yes, the Anshar are very concerned right now. The temporal anomalies have been occurring that are very similar to the Mandela Effect with them.

Again, they’ve been having things that have been showing that they’re not quite on the right . . . they’re getting off the right timeline, and they’re freaking out about it.

And they’ve taken some pretty strong measures recently that I’ve reported in my update.

David: Okay, here’s the next question:

“You mentioned that Ka’Aree said the Anshar have masqueraded as gods in our history. Has she ever said or implied in which region or timeframes these appearances have occurred?”

Corey: When I did the mind-meld with her, I was . . . She’s only – only, ha – she’s 130-ish years old. So in that time period, she wouldn’t have gone back to ancient times.

It wasn’t shared with me which of the gods were her people or some of the other non-human groups that were visiting them.

So as I was mind-melding with her, I saw her visiting with, it looks like, ’40s, ’50s era uniformed personnel from, it looked like, England. It looked European. I think it was England and the United States.

So they were presenting themselves as being from a certain star system when they were meeting with these military officials.

David: Okay, this next question . . . I think you can clear this up, but it’s an interesting one, and it’ll help to be cleared up by what you say.

“When the Anshar people landed on this planet 20 million years ago, were they considered third or fourth dimensional beings?”

Corey: Yeah, it was around 17 million years ago. Yes, they were fourth-density beings that came from our future.

So when they traveled back in the past, they did not get demoted in the density scale.

So for approximately 17 million years, we’ve had fourth-density human beings – I guess we would call them “human” – the new iteration of humans – living below our feet.

David: Would you say that they were more advanced by that point than where Mica’s people are now?

Corey: Oh, absolutely.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah, this was far into the future after they became fourth-density that they started noticing these temporal anomalies and then went back into time to try to preserve their timeline.

David: Are you aware of whether this time travel was a technological process? Or is it something they could actually achieve with consciousness and a knowledge of portals?

Corey: Their technologies . . . All they do is magnify their consciousness. Their craft, everything . . . They are consciously interfacing and powering the devices with their consciousness.

David: Hm.

Corey: If they were to give us one of their ships, it would just be kind of like a shell with . . . We wouldn’t really fully understand it, because a critical component is missing, the pilot. And the pilot is the power system, the flight controls. All of that is done through consciousness. That’s why they use crystals a lot.

But they are so far beyond us, us trying to understand . . . We understand things in a nuts and bolts technological way. They are just so far beyond that that we really can’t even comprehend it. We can just kind of comprehend it.

David: I would imagine that people like Ka’Aree would be able to do telekinesis. Did you ever see anyone there moving things with their mind?

Corey: No. No. No telekinesis, but they definitely have the ability to interface with people in a very powerful way. But I have not seen them using any telekinesis.

Now, I’ve seen other beings walking onto a craft with crates, tight crates, like floating above the ground. But they’re not using telekinesis. They’re using this consciousness technology that to us would look like magic telekinesis.

David: Do you know if . . . When you saw the Anshar sitting in those pod-like chairs telepathically interfacing with us, do the chairs levitate on their own, or are the people levitating the chairs?

4 Anshar Construct Chairs

Corey: Well, the chairs . . . the empty chairs were levitated also.

David: Oh!

Corey: Now, a lot of the things that operate down where the Anshar were in their city, it was kind of like each person down there was contributing a certain amount of voltage and consciousness wirelessly to all of this technology.

I don’t’ have the capacity to fully understand. And you take the most brilliant person here right now on the planet, and they’re not going to be able to follow it either.

Our minds cannot wrap around these concepts.

David: “What do you know about the identify or intention of any ancient gods, based on anything you did hear or learn from the smart pads?”

Corey: I think the intentions can be relayed in the stories about the gods that we look at. A lot of those are based in truth.

Who those gods are a lot of the time, it’s really down to our own personal belief systems. A lot of people are like, the Anunnaki or the Reptilians – and only!

And yeah, they were, but it also encompassed other groups that were interacting with human beings, and they received that name.

David: Wouldn’t you say that the people in the Cabal, to some degree, still feel as if they are the sort of vilified gods, and that they want to restore their godhood over the planet?

Corey: Yes. That’s exactly what they believe. They believe that their lineage comes from off this planet. Their lineage created the genetic stock or the cattle that they are here to manage. And they feel entitled.

David: All right. Well, thank you for answering our questions. I’m sure we’re going to have more of this. And thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, answering your questions with Corey Goode.


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