Meg Benedicte – Since the extraordinary Solar Eclipse in August, quantum consciousness has been streaming into the physical cellular structure, transforming us from the inside out. The incoming plasma light is activating hidden Resurrection Codes dormant in the energetic body…igniting a new level of sub-atomic activity not seen before. Multi-dimensional DNA is coming alive!

This may be felt as an explosion of newly awakened levels of energy seeping into the core your being…with a new sense of purpose, passion and inner strength. The Resurrection Codes unlock certain frequency bundles in the DNA that open to higher realms of light. With the decomposition of fragmented, corrupted code, the physical self is undergoing a tremendous amount of transformation.

The key to this transition is to allow the conversion to occur with ease and grace. Out with the old, in with the new! You have the opportunity to transfigure the cellular biosystem to metabolize and live on light. During the conversion, the body will purge lower, denser frequencies and environmental/dietary toxins. It may feel like going through a death, as you shed the prior self so you can embody the divine Self.

The Solar Eclipse has activated your Resurrection Codes to enter the biosphere and launch the next phase of the Ascension plan. Up until this stage, much of the Ascension Process involved dealing with physical density, ego resistance, past-life karma, embedded trauma, and breaking free of the time matrix. Not only did you need to confront your own inner demons, but secure your sacred energy field from external demonic attack and interference. It has been an exhausting journey to say the least!

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Now the time for the Wayshowers, Forerunners, Systems Busters and Gatekeepers to transcend the physical lockdown of density and duality has arrived. The Solar Eclipse ushered in a new 19 cycle of transformation and transcendence. Everything is quickening beyond the lower human mind’s capacity to comprehend. We are moving at warp speed into the next phase of transfiguration…the conversion into becoming a multi-dimensional Light Body.

No longer do the same things interest us. Our hearts call us into new endeavors, new lifestyles, and new expansive realities! Assisting the transition to a New Earth is the New Moon on October 19th at 26º Libra. New Moons initiate fresh starts and new beginnings in life – the perfect time to create new utopias, visions and intentions for the new world to come alive.

Libra is the sign of the peacekeeper, emphasizing the need for relationship with others. The Libra New Moon encourages developing deeper, emotionally-mature connections with others in greater harmony and balance. We will be broadcasting the Utopia New Moon Global Activations on Saturday, October 21st to optimize the transition into becoming divine humans. Join other Lightworkers around the world in creating the New Earth paradigm, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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