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David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special extravaganza for you: indigenous wisdom from none other than Clifford Mahooty.

And here also with me to join in this exciting discussion is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Clifford, welcome to the show.

Clifford Mahooty: Thank you.

David: So Clifford, tell us a little bit about what tribe you represent, and why you’ve decided to come forward on the show today.

Clifford: I’m from the Zuni Pueblo Indian tribe from New Mexico.

1 Clifford Mahooty

And the reason I decided to come and talk with you folks today is because I think that we have a lot of information that has been kept within our Indian communities for a long time.

And with things that are happening in the world, I believe that there’s a lot of connections with what we have known for centuries, or at least my ancestors.

So I believe that it is time to talk about these things and to let the other people know about what we have had for many, many years.

David: So Corey, could you tell us briefly why you wanted to bring Clifford onto the show? What were some of the things about what he said that excite you the most?

Corey: It’s definitely time for a Zuni disclosure.

3 Corey Goode

There are a lot of correlations, a lot of things that I saw in the programs, that did mention the American Indians.

David: Mm.

Corey: So recently he was at a conference and the information that he was giving was very important, and it seemed to tie in with ancient aliens, secret space programs, and how the government is working with the Native Americans to keep certain things still secret.

David: So Clifford, how does this language get passed down from one generation to the next?

Clifford: Zuni has an oral history. And since the day you’re born, you’re taught the language by not only your parents, but also the extended family system.

2 Corey Clifford And David

And so the language . . . That’s the first thing that you learn is the Zuni language. And later on, you pick up the other language, in this case would be English.

And so all Indian families, if Zuni, that’s what they teach first.

David: Does every Zuni get the kind of lineage teachings that you are carrying with us today, or is this something that you have to get sort of a special insight to learn?

Clifford: A lot of information is not passed on any more.

David: Hm.

Clifford: When I did some videos and we sent that to some of the people, the young generation in there, they always have that saying of, “Oh, that’s what that’s all about.”

And I explain to them what the history is all about and where this type of application is generated so they have this thing that, “Oh, yeah, well, that’s what we have been taught, but we didn’t know where it came from.”

Corey: And as you got older, they asked you to actually record the history, did they not?

Clifford: The oral teachings teach you how to know about the history. There’s many ways of approach to this.

First of all, it’s the stories, the mythology, the teachings of mythology, sort of like Aesop’s Fables. What’s the meaning of the story?

Your mind starts looking at things in a picturesque way. And then you learn how to relate a lot of different ideas into your head, without even looking at pictures, just by word.

And as you get older, then they start introducing other historical events and also things that are sacred.

David: What would the average Zuni who’s been brought up on this feel about extraterrestrials and things like this?

Clifford: Well, there’s two things actually. One of them is that if you see orbs, or if you see things that represent like a fire in the sky, they take that as bad omens.

David: Oh!

Clifford: But if you take, for example, like an orb or a flying saucer-type things in the sky, then they say, “Well, those are the Keepers or the Guardians.”

David: Really?

Clifford: They’d always been part of our history. You look back at, for example, in the petroglyphs, any petroglyphs that you find anywhere in the United States, is that you’ll always find a reference to a flying saucer and also other activities that were related to the sky. So we knew about flying saucers.

4 Petroglyph1 UFO

We didn’t call them “flying saucers”. But it’s part of the system that you don’t learn until, again, you go through the step process.

Some were . . . When you become older, then you’re taught about different things, like for example, the Kachina people.

5 Kachina People

A Kachina is a representative of what used to be ETs when they first came to our people when we were still in the developmental phase and they were still in the teaching stage of teaching the American Indian indigenous tribes of how to take care of themselves and the Earth and other living things and also the connection.

Corey: Yeah, farming, all the different civilization . . .

Clifford: Technology.

Corey: Technology.

Clifford: Includes agriculture, farming, how to build things, and how to relate to other different god systems.

So those are our transitions that were made throughout history, simply for the reason that . . . One of the reasons was abductions by the early ETs way back in times past.

So they went into what they called a Kachina society. So we take the place of those people.

But the thing about it is that they say that you become those people in spirit and in the ways that when you become a Kachina person, you become that individual. And they’re always there with you, even though you can’t see them.

David: So Clifford, in videos where you’ve come forward before, you explain that some very important things started to happen to you when you were 22 years old.

Clifford: Uh-huh.

David: Would you tell us a little about that?

Clifford: We started a program called “The Information From The Elders”. And that’s where this information started gathering in one source.

At that time, we were running a program to get all the elders of the village to give us their stories of what they knew, what is the mythology, what is their own life experiences, and basic history of what their grandfathers and their grandfathers’ grandfathers taught them.

So we started accumulating this information. And one of the things that was very interesting was that there was a lot of stories about the Sky People, about the flying saucers at that time.

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And this was probably in the mid-’60s was the heavy activities of flying saucer interventions that were occurring throughout the whole nation, but it was not really known outside. But we have had known that for centuries, thousands of years, as a matter of fact.

Corey: These were audio recordings that they were doing of the various elders?

Clifford: Yes. We had tape recorders. And I think one of the most interesting one was that one of the grandfathers talked about way back in the ’50s they had a big drought in Zuni, so he had to take his herd of sheep to this dam.

And when you got there on the dam, there was a flying saucer sitting there on the dam.

He said that he went over there and met those little people about three or four feet high, three of them. And they talked to them.

And the interviewer asked him, he said, “What language did they talk to you in?”

And then without thinking, he just said, “Well, they talked to me in Zuni.”

So that was very interesting that they can talk in any language.

David: Clifford, I’ve done a lot of research into this idea of ley lines in the global grid.

Clifford: Uh-huh.

David: There are definitely reports of Bermuda Triangle type phenomena, things appearing and disappearing in what most people call portals.

Clifford: Uh-huh.

David: I’m wondering if you have ever had any of those kind of things happen in the Zuni land?

Clifford: There has been stories about it, but we do have what we call “sacred sites”. They were created or put in place by what we call the Ra people, or in this case the Star People, and other . . .

But there are certain places that only certain people that are of that order can only participate in the activities related to those portals, those extra-dimensional doorways, if you want to call them that.

Corey: And lots of military activity around them as well.

Clifford: Oh, absolutely. Really recent . . . Within the last, I would say, within the last 20 years that I’m familiar with, that there have been . . . the Zuni has become a place where there’s a lot of military activity coming down.

And then if you see an orb or an anomaly, within 15 minutes there will be a helicopter there.

And I say, “Where do they come from?”, because the nearest Air Force base is 150 miles – Albuquerque, New Mexico.

David: Hm.

Corey: I was telling you last night, when we were driving through the Grand Canyon, we saw Chinooks flying into the heart of the Grand Canyon.

What is the U.S. Army doing in the heart of the Grand Canyon?

Clifford: Uh-huh. We have also evidence in Zuni of a lot of things that have been restricted against a lot of the people not to go certain places.

And I think I also mentioned places like Archuleta Mesa, . . .

Corey: Uh-huh.

Clifford: . . . where a lot of . . . Even those people that are there, in this case the Jicarilla Apache Indians, they’re not even allowed to even go to those places.

Corey: Well, didn’t the government come in and give casinos and that kind of a thing as a trade in order to get access to a portal to build some sort of Department of Energy . . .

Clifford: I believe that there were some type of agreements there, because the Indians really don’t talk for themselves, because they’re run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is a government agency under [The Department of the] Interior.

So those are the ones that negotiate the casinos and any activity on the land, including the resources.

So in this case, if they wanted to put in a military or some type of activity on the reservation, they have to go through that, because no Indian owns any land.

David: Well, what do you know about the Archuleta Mesa? What’s going on up there?

6 Dulce NM

Clifford: Well, there are so many stories that have been . . . Remember that one where they broke in and there was tunnels in there, and there was also some alien base that was in there.

There’s a lot of alien bases that I have heard about by very reputable people, but they have been there for a long time.

But I believe in that case, according to the information that’s out there in the public is that they broke into that some time back when they were doing all those different tunnels that were going to different bases, whether it’s from Los Alamos, Area 51, places like that.

David: Have you ever heard about unusual creatures running around the Archuleta Mesa, like as if some experiments got loose?

Clifford: I’ve heard so many of them. First of all, the main guy used to be Bigfoot, which was pretty common among all the Indian tribes.

But lately, within the last 10 years, I would say, I have become aware of some of the different creatures. And I’m looking at it from two standpoints.

First of all is that there is a high activity of what they call the “Skinwalker activities”. And those are the ones that . . . The dark force people are the ones that can convert into any animal they want, whether it’s a wolf or whether it’s a coyote or whatever.

And then the other group is the one that there’s been some sort of like dinosaur-type-looking animals that have been appearing in a lot of canyons, especially around the wilderness area, like the Archuleta Mesa.

David: Huh!

Clifford: And the third group is probably something that I have heard about in many experiences that have gone mad, or at least I think that either they escaped or they permitted them to go out there.

They seem to terrorize a lot of different people out through especially places like, for example, where the Los . . . I mean, the Sandia base. There’s also a lab there that a lot of Indians know that used to work there that talk about some of the experiments that were down there.

Of course, they were like people that took care of the janitorial services-type people, but they were not allowed to go into the high-secret areas. But they heard about them.

So there’s a lot of stories that are out there.

Corey: You mentioned a dinosaur-type creature.

Clifford: Yes.

Corey: Any more descriptions on them, like do they have like little feathery things or anything like that?

Clifford: Well, most of the ones, they were about maybe about four or five feet high, but they were like two-legged. They would jump around. They had tails.

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But these are people that did not want to be . . . you know, have their names said who they were, because they were afraid. It’s just like anything else.

Corey: Yeah.

Clifford: It’s just like back in the old days when we talked about UFOs, you’d be ridiculed.

Corey: I was just thinking, your secret kind of societies within the Native American orders that have contact with these off-world beings, it’s very similar to what’s going on in the rest of the West with people or organizations that are secret societies having connections with off-world groups and then disseminating information to the people, but it being just very few people that have that access.

Clifford: A lot of those people that belong to those groups, it’s within their . . . I believe that it’s in their family. It’s within their DNA. And they were created . . . When the Earth people were first created, they were created along with the rest of the other people.

And in the Zuni teachings, they were only supposed to be the balancer of life. In other words, that their purpose was to make sure that there was no overpopulation. It was a safeguard.

However, it went out . . . They can no longer control them. And they start interconnecting with other groups throughout the planet, which probably came from different systems, star systems, because Earth, according to the Zuni history, was that this was a water planet.

And we believe that the gods were the ones that created this, but we were already here. They just upgraded the humans.

We did not come . . . According to the Zuni, we did not come from any other planet. We were already here, but they upgraded us with their technology and their methodologies to bring us up to speed on a lot of . . . especially in the intelligence, the spirituality.

David: That sounds very familiar.

Corey: Yeah. And also, were there not tie-ins between the Zuni or the Hopi and the Mayans?

Clifford: The Mayans and the Hopi and the Zunis are of one stock. And one of my lectures has been on when Lemuria sunk. And that’s where they migrated over here. And they had to separate them because there are so many of them.

Corey: So the Chaco Canyon were associated as well?

Clifford: Yes.

Corey: Because they disappeared about the same time the Mayans did, correct?

Clifford: There’s a lot of theories about those type of disappearances. Some of the diggings at Chaco, they saw that . . . they theorized that there was also cannibalism that occurred.

And the other one is that the red-haired giants came in there and also the enemies that came in to the Chaco culture and actually just took over their population and they split.

Corey: Growing up, my grandather was Cherokee. And I would hear stories about red-haired giants, and about how they once had a huge civilization that covered everywhere from the East Coast of the United States all the way down to Central America.

And that after a great cataclysm, their society or civilization fell, and they never recovered. And at the end, they were resorting to eating human beings to a point to where natives were hunting down the red-haired giants.

Clifford: Uh-huh.

Corey: And we talked about one story about how they would chase the red-haired giants into caves and then light a fire at the mouth of the cave to suffocate them.

Clifford: Well, if you go to any petroglyph, you can always see a giant there.

7 Petroglyph 2 Giant

But the giant, the red-haired giants, for example, they were very prevalent, especially around Utah and Colorado, because right after the Ice Age is when they start appearing, according to the legends.

And there’s even some burial sites in Nevada that a lot of friends have told me about that there are actually red-haired giants that are still in there, because they didn’t want to let the other people know, because all they’ll do is take them and that’s it. So they just left them there.

If you look at it from the Anunnaki connection, especially around the Eastern Seaboard and in the middle of America, there’s a lot of those legends that is among ALL Indian tribes.

But the red-haired giants disappeared, like you said, I think either because of the climate change or they just were . . . the Indians took care of them, because . . . even clear down to Arizona.

Corey: Even the Spaniards reported seeing them when they first came.

Clifford: Yeah. I think that . . . There’s a lot of history. And I think what they did was they went somewhere. Maybe they went underground. [Corey points down.]

Corey: Maybe they did.

Clifford: Or somewhere that they had to find a refuge.

David: So Clifford, you also have some really interesting information about the Los Alamos military base [Los Alamos National Laboratory] as regards to the Zuni. Could you tell us about that?

8 Los Alamos Nat L Laboratory

Clifford: Well, what I understand about Los Alamos is that that’s one of the portals very important for all Indian Pueblo tribes.

And that is where a lot of your society’s systems were generated from, especially the medicine groups and other organizational groups that are in existence still to this day.

And they came from . . . For example, like in Zuni, they talk about the Milky Way galaxy that . . . the portal that goes out of Los Alamos and distributed the different types of societies throughout the Pueblo people.

So my theory, or at least just based on upon the teachings and the songs and the prayers, is that when they came through the portal, there’s a lot of sacred places. The nearest one would be Mesa Verde in Colorado and Chaco culture.

9 Mesa Verde Nat L Park
10 Chaco Culture

Corey: You were talking about how not only the government are interested in sacred lands because of the portals, but also the Catholic Church for years has moved in to try to find sneaky ways to grab sacred lands.

Clifford: Well, the good example is the one over at Mount Graham, right next to the San Carlos Apache Reservation is by Globe, Arizona.

11 Mount Graham

And Mount Graham, I did not know at that time, when I was working as a government person, is that the San Carlos Apache medicine man – and his wife was also a medicine woman – they were protesting that that is a sacred mountain. And I didn’t know why they were protesting that.

But later on, after I left, they built – the Catholic Church – built that big telescope.


Corey: So you think they’re using those portals somehow?

Clifford: There’s a portal there. It’s one of the biggest ones, according to that group down there.

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And there was actually a portal that used to . . . and they set it right there on that sacred mountain. And when they opened it up, there’s a lot of people that – scientists and engineer types – that went over there to inspect it before they put it into use.

That’s when I learned that it was financed by the Catholic Church.

David: It appears that the science of these portals is you could have sacred land, but unless you know when the portal opens, nothing that magical is going to happen.

Clifford: Uh-huh.

David: So I’m wondering if your people were involved in the timing of when these things . . . Did they track time and did they understand when these portals would open?

Clifford: What I have learned, which I . . . not directly, but indirectly, is that these people that are versed in those activities, there’s many, many different societies. And they call them priesthoods.

The priesthoods are the only ones that can go in there. And they go through whatever procedure that they go through to go into or talk to those people that are coming through those portals, or that they’re there.

And that’s the one that that I have never got any information on, because I don’t belong to those groups.

So there’s actually people that have been in those orders that can go over there and talk to the . . . whether it be the upper world or the inner world people. And, of course, they’re all termed as gods.

So when you take a place . . . When you become those individuals, you’re trained to go over there, and you can talk to them.

And I have been told by many people that have authorities that they can actually open those places.

You know, it’s be just like big rocks in there. They do the chants, and they do the prayers and whatever, and it opens up.

Corey: So you’ve heard of seeing a rock face, and it opens up into a walkway?

Clifford: That’s what they have . . .

Corey: So that’s what they see the portals do.

Clifford: Yeah.

Corey: It’s not necessarily an energetic thing, but the actual rock opens up?

Clifford: Mm-hum.

Corey: Oh, interesting.

Clifford: Yeah. And there’s a lot of places, especially in the Grand Canyon. There’s places inside the Grand Canyon that I’m aware of by . . .

Corey: We’ve heard of hikers that have seen that, that have seen openings open and close.

Clifford: Yeah.

Corey: Yeah.

Clifford: And then they go in there. And then even one person dropped a rock to see if it will hit bottom. It never hit bottom.

David: Ha, ha.

Clifford: I mean, these guys would not . . . These are very high spiritual leaders.

David: Clifford, you’ve talked about a Zuni prophecy of how the Earth is going to go through a healing. Could you explain to us what that prophecy is, and what might we be seeing?

Clifford: Well, according to my teachings by my grandmothers, grandfathers and elders, we always have that leeway to go back and try and fix things. And it has to be done in a full effort. It’s just like any other conscious awareness.

But if we start practicing it today, there’s always forgiveness by the gods. But it has to be done totally.

It’s just like when we used to do a rain dance. Out of 100 people that are participating in a rain dance, if one of them doesn’t have their heart in it, it’s not going to rain. So it has to be a total effort. And that will be the hardest thing, to get everybody on the same page. But it can be done.

I have no doubt at all, because if you put in your . . . and we’ve done it. I have been involved with those type of activities, where it can happen.

But we have to get rid of the other influences, especially the dark energy forces people. You have to get them to convince them that we’re also doing it for your own good too, because you’re part of this whole system. So that has to be happening.

Corey: Well, it’s encouraging that you keep saying “we” instead of “they”, because that puts it back in our hands as a people . . .

Clifford: Yeah.

Corey: . . . that we are the ones that can fix this.

Clifford: Absolutely.

Corey: We don’t have to wait on someone to come and save us.

Clifford: We have always said that. And we have always talked to our enemies in a way, when we were first encountered. This is the way it’s supposed to be, but they never listened, because their agenda was different.

But there’s many winning ways to do this. And I think this next generation that’s coming on will be that group. I totally believe in that, because they’re now . . . they got rid of the old stuff and they’re looking for the new way to do this, still with the DNA in them, with all the teachings within them.

And I go through this example of when we had the Indigos, and then the Indigos followed them. And now we’re at the Crystal Childrens, and then now we’re at the Rainbow. And I think the next group will be the one that will carry forth that effort, because they’re now more advanced. And they’re not . . . they’re not set in the ways that we were set, you know, by different sources, whether it’s been the federal government, established religion, because they distorted our way of thinking.

So these new wave would be the one that’s already got the information. They’ve been downloaded, including the Indian Pueblo side of it.

Corey: And now the Zuni are, I guess, taking the first step and coming forward to share some of these correct prophecies and more about your culture. That’ll bring people together in that way.

Clifford: My generation, you know, we’ve already passed that stage of . . . we were indoctrinated too much. So I think that the next generation will be carrying on. They have to dig out this information. That’s why I’m doing my part to at least put that seed in their thinking so that they say, “Oh, at least we have a resource. We’ve got the technology.”

David: All right. Well, that’s a great line for us to end the show on. Thank you, Clifford, for being here.

Thanks, Corey, for bringing this amazing elder to our attention. And thank you for watching. This is Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock, with our special guest Clifford Mahooty and Corey Goode.


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