Romeo Baron – If you are interested in raising your vibration this is done through focus, intention, and focus. The energy that you hold in your vibrational field resonates out not only to the others around you but the plants and animals and all the other dimensions and planes of existence. When your frequency is clear and bright, higher frequency beings will connect with you more often and the connection will be much clearer. The higher frequency in which you vibrate, the higher consciousness you will have. This will enable you to connect with your higher self and your angelic guidance team. The higher vibrations will also open up your clairvoyance and healing abilities, clear your chakras and activate your higher strands of DNA. When you raise your vibration, your intuition, telepathy and increased psychic abilities will be available to you. Your guidance from the higher dimensions will become more direct and much clearer as your vibration rises.

In raising your consciousness and vibration your perceptions of the world will change your experiences change. You’ll see yourself attracting more abundance, experiencing deeper relationships and connections with others. If you send out conflicting vibrations, your life will feel stuck. There will be a sense of non-movement and confusion over your next step in life. You will feel like you are struggling and not in the flow.

Ways to raise your vibration

Everyone has a potential within themselves to rise to a higher vibration than what they are currently resonating at. That potential can be realized or ignored depending on how much fear or self-sabotage one experience on a regular basis. Since that potential is available to us it would be wonderful to help raise that potential through working on the things that trigger or upset us. If one is triggered by an issue or seems to have the same issue or pattern it is best to work on it. This will not only raise their vibration but keep it at a heightened state.

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Watch your thoughts and what you say as well as being aware of how you behave. All of these things will either raise or lower our vibration. Our wording and the words that we use will have a direct correlation to our vibrational frequency and the experiences that we have. Other ways of raising our vibration would be meditation and chanting, singing, and listening to uplifting music. Meditate every day for at least 20 minutes and you will notice the energy frequency around you shifting and changing. Eating higher frequency foods will definitely have an impact on the energy around you. Pranic breath work is another technique that will help raise our vibration. Cleaning our chakras and auraic field at least once a day will positively help our energy field and raise our frequency.

Increasing your vibrational frequency takes dedication and focus. Focus on joy, happiness, love, compassion and all other high vibrational energies. Show yourself how much you love yourself by focusing on higher vibrational thoughts and feelings and raise your vibrational frequency.

In addition, allow someone that holds up the highest frequency to assist in this process. It can be the most profound way of raising your frequency. We know for a fact that we are here for us to assist one another… we are here for each other, there is a potent reason for this. Some are in a higher frequency than others for various reasons and are aware that you come for assistance when the perfect timeline is attainable.


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