Sunday, October 29

Our Unified Planetary Focus:
Elevating Humanity from the Shadows of Victim Consciousness
We are addressing the threat of nuclear dominance
and all harmful potentials now unfolding.
Three Synchronized Transferences:
Sydney 8 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 8 pm

We are continuing with our focus to assist humanity through a ‘global dark night of the soul’ and to bring crucial stabilization to the world.
Last month, we transmitted the rehabilitating power of Divine Will to help reform the holographic insert and belief system that entrenches human consciousness on a wheel of needless suffering.
This month we are blazing forth the light of Divine Wisdom to illuminate the masses with unwavering inspiration to rise up and out of the reflective shadows of victimization.
Our main priority is to initiate accelerated mutation of the highly polarized human blueprint, on mass scale.
This especially concerns the patterns of dominance and control at one end of the spectrum and victim mentality at the other. These two opposing and co-dependent forces have kept humanity imprisoned in a perpetual loop of polarized disempowerment since the earliest annals of our history.
We will do this by transmitting our own codes of accomplishment as a result of transmuting these patterns within ourselves.
We cordially invite all Oneness Transmitters into this activity who are thriving from sovereign unity and who take personal responsibility for all life experiences.

Added Support from our Himalaya Expedition Team

A highly activated group is trekking to the peaks of the majestic Nepali Himalayas, from which to transmit this group intention through the planetary Crystalline Grid.

They will also transmit self actualized codes as a result of their group initiation to “embody omnipresence”.

more info in this group endeavor


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