Sally Writes – No one likes to feel taken advantage of. Faking psychic powers is one of the lowest ways to manipulate another. It is taking someone’s weakness and exploiting it. These three strategies will help you take your power back and avoid the scams that are prevalent online.

  1. Don’t Give Your Power Away

Sometimes the motivation to get a quick answer can cause you to do something that you would not otherwise do. You might desperately want to know if you should quit your job, or whether a relationship will work out, so you are eager to pay a person who promises the answer.

Instead of giving your money to someone else for an answer to your question, go inside. Carl Jung has previously said, “Those that look outside dream, those that look inside Awaken”. Stop giving your power to others by seeking answers from the outside world. Look inside for answers as to whether the source you are using is accurate and helpful to you.

  1. Use Discernment

When you come across a psychic offering, one way that you can avoid a scam is to look at a sample of the content. If the psychic does not offer any content for free, they might have something to hide. Think carefully before trusting their psychic services.

You can also use discernment by looking closely at their network of peers, testimonials of their work, books they have written, or conferences and events that they have been a part of. These will give you clues about whether the psychic service is legitimate or not.

  1. Talk To Your Community
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Communicate with your online tribe to see what others have experienced. Gather facts and opinions. The evidence from an entire group will be much more encompassing than anything that you can gather on your own.

If you bring a specific psychic organization or person to the group, and no one has heard of it, ask yourself why. Dig deeper into the background of the organization or individual. When did they start having psychic abilities, and how long have they been sharing?

Often psychics offer free services to people in their communities to validate their skills. If they are charging high prices without going through this personal validation, it is a red flag. Intuitive and healers with profound gifts to offer share what they know to help others. They charge a fee once they have established a reputation, and not before.

With these three strategies, you can avoid the psychic scammers who want to take your money. Scams might be tempting because they offer quick answers and solutions to your problems. It is important to go inwards and retain your power, use discernment, and work with your community.


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