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Romeo Baron – At the moment what we call humans here on earth, a lot of them have no angelic soul, but a fallen soul, incarnated for spiritual healing in order to integrate their soul matrix, and it has created a lot of problems.

How Did This Happened?

A while back after instigating the Atlantian Great Flood, intruding ET races of the Luciferian(fallen angelics) undertaking invaded and assumed control over the Angelic Human territories of the ancient Mesopotamian/ Sumerian kingdom – today known as Iraq/Iran.

The image below is a sand ruins in Iran. One of the Tower gates are situated there. The sand arena circle is actually where the Tower is located. This is the gate to Earth Tara and the reason it has been under constant attack. Under the surface, the first layer is where the guardians of this gate are situated most of what happens goes on underground. Today the linking to Earth Tara frequency has been connected.

The name Tara has been used to describe the future earth in its 5D form in the Soul Matrix Universe. Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix.

3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different E.T. Races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.

When the invasion took place, the Reptilians consciousness came in seeking the angelic human as a Host in order to integrate their 9th dimensional soul matrix. The Annunaki consciousness has been using the angelic human as a Host in order to integrate their 11th dimensional soul matrix. The population on earth today only 1/3 are hosting a human angelic soul origin and the other 2/3 of humans are hosting other soul races, mostly fallen angelics. We have human bodies hosting/co-sharing with Reptilian, Annunaki consciousness as well as a variety of other various ‘ET’ races, and hybrid blood lines. Each fallen race has a specific distorted energy signature and it is layered within our DNA codes as well. So here on this planet we have numerous ET races using the Human Body to integrate their Soul Matrix. For example when the fallen angelic attempts to take over dominion of the human body it can create occasional or chronic extremes of mental and emotional polarity, such as legitimate cases of “Clinical Schizophrenia” or “Split Personality Syndrome”.


It’s not about creating an enemy, it’s about creating awareness. These fallen angelics have forgotten they are a part of the god consciousness.

The arrival, and settlement of these off-world invader factions was portrayed in the artwork and cuneiform clay tablet recordings of the day – tablets that were later to be translated by pioneering scholars, such as Zecharia Sitchin, revealing staggering information about the sophisticated advanced civilization that subsequently arose in Mesopotamia (“the land between two rivers”) following the invasion.

In 2003, US and British military forces embarked upon the illegal invasion of the Ancient Sumerian Kingdom. In April 2003 American Troops were reported as having set explosives and blasted the doors of the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad – thousands of objects were taken, most of which were dated to the Assyrian/Bablyonian and Sumerian Kingdoms of ancient Iraq including great numbers of the tablets.

The American Military had been exposed as having willingly allowed and encouraged civilian looters to ransack the Baghdad Museum during their illegal invasion of the region in 2003.

How And Why US Encouraged Looting In Iraq

The widespread looting in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Kirkuk and other Iraqi cities, following the collapse of the Ba’athist regime of President Saddam Hussein, was not merely an incidental byproduct of the US military conquest of Iraq. It was deliberately encouraged and fostered by the Bush administration and the Pentagon for definite political and economic reasons.


Dan Cruickshank, Presenter of BBC Television Show ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ to his great surprise found himself stone-walled by the authorities that were controlling the Baghdad Museum following his filmed visit in the wake of the military invasion in 2003.

Many of the Sumerian tablets were accompanied by pictures of various giant Anu beings, some human-like, some humanoid – often depicted with wings, some with other animal features.

So why might they have received orders to allow the destruction and theft of these fascinating artifacts?..

Were the US covering their tracks by allowing looters to pillage the rest of the contents of the museum?


Well, this all begins to make a lot of sense when we realize that the U.S government is today strongly under the influence of Reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines which are covertly progressing the Luciferian agenda of the Anunnaki who have been attempting planetary takeover and do not wish to be exposed.

Indigo DNA Activation/Soul Co-Sharing the Body

Every being on this earth has some kind of distortions running via their personal field. Angelic Humans and Indigo Starseeds are here right now to offer healing and the way we heal is by healing their energy distortions within us. When we heal these distortions within our own DNA pattern, we are healing a fallen race.

And thankfully now with the Ascension the really dark entities are being removed for rehabilitation, our planetary memory, organic frequency and energy is starting to come back and it cannot stopped. 

There are a few agendas that are being pushed on at this time, with One being the Divine Plan for planet Earth. There is the Annunaki and Draconian negative agendas(which are now collapsing as the positive timeline is emerging), and there is the angelic Human/Indigo race agenda that exists and it is in full bloom. Human/Indigo races are connected to earth and work directly with earth. Races like draconians and annunaki are incarnated in to the body of humans except their DNA is running mostly distorted(reversed light, dead light) energy currents, it is all due to the soul origin.

ADD-ADHD False Disease

There are many Lyran-Sirian Angelic Human souls who are assisting in the evolution of the less evolved fallen(Anunnaki-Elohim Pleiadian-Nibiruian, Nephilim)angelics with whom they share the body. Many of the Indigo children born since the the 1980’s and present have been targeted by the Illuminati false “disease” “ADD-ADHD Campaigns” (Attention Deficit Disorder-Attention Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder”). In this campaign, a false set of disease criteria that represent symptoms of difficulty in 6th-DNA Strand Template activation (common to these Indigo Types) were established by certain drug companies on behalf of Illuminati organizations. The “ADD Railroad” Illuminati Conspiracy moves silently through medical, psychiatric and educational systems, as children displaying the “symptoms” are shepherded into drug therapy. The drug therapy suppresses natural DNA Strand Template activation and allows the fallen aggressive soul race to take over dominion of the human body.

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There are chemicals in the medication that are designed by the Illuminati to suppress natural DNA strand activation. That’s why many have not been able to wake up or fully activate. “Attention Deficit Disorder-Attention Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder” are merely symptoms of the body having difficulty integrating the 6th-DNA Strand Template activation because of Earth’s distorted frequency grids, due to negative alien manipulation.

Due to the emergence of the positive timeline, the Angelic Human/Indigo races in this time matrix will have the ability to activate 12 strands DNA, and yes human/indigo soul origin will have distortions within (healing other races, hosting/co-sharing a human body) yet has the highest potential to heal and activate at least 12 strands or more.

Humans are here to heal and activate their whole multidimensional self; the “process of integrating the whole soul” in the body. And it must all be done within, through your higher self. With a 12 strand DNA potential, humans can heal (reverse distrotions) the distorted energy signatures. Each fallen race has a specific distorted energy signature and it is layered within our DNA codes as well. When we heal these distortions within our own DNA pattern, we are healing a fallen race.

The human body’s highest expression and function is the Cosmic Christ. The fallen angelics have taken advantage of our planet and human bodies especially for this reason. The human genetic instruction set has been manipulated, stolen, replicated, abused and exploited in vain by those who seek to play “God” or have complete power over others. These actions are a part of the inorganic and damaged structures, the artificial attempts to replicate the organic creation process of God Source. Over the dark ages these organic creation tools were stolen from the monasteries, temples, pyramids and sacred places while those beings that held ancient knowledge were hunted down and destroyed. This was not a human agenda, it was a negative alien agenda. We have been filled with shame and guilt from painful distortions promoted from the fallen angelics control and domination.

However, with the current Planetary Ascension 2012-2022 we will finally be able to overcome our emotional pain and our memory of inner spirit crucifixion to be resurrected into the Light of Truth.


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