Sanna Tarnstrom Birming – Ever sense the Lion’s Gate and Solar Eclipse in August, the influx of the new golden energy has soaked our planet and everything on it. That was when many starting to feel the changes and the shiftings more clear. Everything is alive and that is something we can feel inside of ourselves more and more. With the intense empowering energies, that open up our heart and clear the channel to our divine and higher souls, bringing the love and blessings of clarity, inner truth and compassion for all life.

This is also of-course the case for this coming Full Moon in November 2017. It will be strong during this weekend of the 3 – 5 of November and will bring out more inner truth and clarity for all. It is that classical veil that gets thinner for every step we take towards our own complete soul-embodiment and personal heart-truth.

I am working with the new element that has been coming in/online stronger and stronger these last couple of months. They are also transmuting, mutating and transforming with this new golden energy. That is why the weather, earth changes, fires all around the world, floods in some areas and water disappearing in others are so intense. The elements are much stronger and different now then just a year ago. As for us humans and other living beings on earth, we are made of all the elements, so we are changing and mutating with them. We are one and the same, just manufactured a little different, but with the same material. 😉

For this particular Full Moon, a very sacred and significant event/happening is taking place. This is something that came to me very strongly yesterday and I’ve been guided from within, as my knowing, to share it with the world.

Many things are happenings with our world and planet right now, as you know. It is not just earth that is shifting and changing…so does our moon. In Spring and the summer of this year (2017) I was working with the balancing nodes of the moon with the earth poles. Connected to this is also our grid and magnetic field witch has completely shifted. With this shift and the lifting of the old artificial high-jacked constructed/exsistence, the planet and the moon is no longer bound and stuck in an unnatural way.

In a slow and steady phase, the planet with the moon is now returning to it’s natural organic stage. The nodes of the moon, with the poles of earth is being naturally balanced out. This is something that hasn’t been the case for a very, very long time. Now it is being restored but in a new and brighter way…as everything can never be exactly as it was.It is a never-ending infinite eternal journey.

Being a water planet, the importance of the stability and natural balance of all the water element is being tasted, strengthened and healed now. The structure of the water is changing, just like all the other elements. The fire element completed a very important stage in the beginning of October of this year. It was part of the first stages of the collective purification of energies and old earthly karma. It was/is mostly purified and cleared through fire and wind. I was working with balancing of the sacred waters in September, where I was putting the last pieces in on the northern part of the planet, for the water to stabilize, harmonize and balance out with the new organic nodes of the moon together with the earthly poles.

During this coming Full Moon, a very magical and loving event is taking place. It has already started and I was feeling it last night when it came to me.

The completeness of the water element harmonization has to come full circle with the divine feminine and the divine masculine of the water element coming together in divine sacred love making union. The water goddess has risen and has called in her beloved.

Certain steps had to take place before this divine moment of sacred union could take place. I was part of transmuting the dark side of the divine feminine in September. We finalized and completed that and that activated the dark side of the divine masculine to be fully healed and cleansed. The male energies is what is beings healed and cleansed right now. The elements are doing all of this in stages and are working through us, as we clear, purge and heal ourselves. It is truly a beautiful thing for me to feel and be part of, even though it is not by far an easy and joyful process to be in. But my inner truth and my sight/view of creation is stretched beyond our world and horizon. Being like the eagle, seeing life from above, taking in all understanding, insights, wisdom and angles to things.

The divine feminine water goddess has called in her divine counterpart in blessed love making union. And during this very sacred and blessed Full Moon union gateway, they come together as one, to fulfill the completeness of the water element and the activation of the sacred water all over our amazing planet.

In the love making of Heros Gamos, the “twin flames” of the water are being restored and harmonized on earth. The beloved of the water is returning to its spender and sacredness. This will effect everyone and everything, as everything on earth has water in it. The crystals in the water has shifted, both in salt and fresh water. This has been in the works for some time and this union is completing the shift. We will see changes coming, as many things are happening on higher levels and will filter through/in, into our reality and collective creation as time goes by.

Our oceans, streams, seas, rivers and lakes has been very unbalanced in many ways and in many places on our planet energetically “dead”, not activated. I have being part of this energy work for some time…maybe even longer then I realize… In many parts of the world, we have forgotten that our planet and everything on it is alive and part of us and we of them. We have lost the connection to the sacredness of the land, where we live. We all know about the environmental contamination and humanities lack of respect for nature and it’s resources. That is all good and we are working on that, but if you don’t have the soul and spirit in it, you can never get to the bottom of anything. So it is time to listen to the spirit of the land, the whispers in the wind telling you the story of a the long forgotten earthly paradise. The warmth of the fire inside our heart calling us home. The sacred land and water being a living being, just like you and I. In this coming years, that is the most important thing to start remembering…

When the love making union of the masculine and feminine of the water element is completely activated, so will the oceans, lakes, river and streams… Everything is connected in the ebb and flow of divine sacred communion. The goddess of the water will finally fully have her beloved back and this full moon is helping that divine ceremony to take place energetically.

There is so much more taking place now. But for now, this is what I am guided to share.

We are all part of this shift and change, but if you are aware on a conscious level, what is going on with the water and the other elements, you can also do your part to assist and tune into the energies. To just feel into the water when you drink it or sending a thought to the air/wind element etc. The 5th element is here to assist us with this new golden energy that is part of our golden era that is here now. More new elements are coming in with this new energy as well. We are coming into Grace Consciousness. This golden energy that is here now was here a very long time ago, when we decided to “fall from Grace” and experience another way of matrix and living. I will write about that very soon.

Another thing that comes through is that, the ones that is not awake and aware will not feel this change. Only the ones that understands, feels and see will be “in the flow” of this magnificent moment in our earthly history. The things you can’t see/understand is the things you won’t experience. But we are all part of it, weather we are aware of it or not. And, as I have written before; “no-one is left behind”. So, if you don’t feel and experience anything different right now…you absolutely will down the road, in your divine timing. That is the one and only natural organic process and will of all life.

This full moon completion is the entrance and starting point to prepare us and the world for the powerful 11/11-2017 Universal gateway and another big step in the collective shift. Certain things has to be finalized and balanced out before that and this is beloved union of the water element is a big part of that. The dark side of the divine masculine will be completely transmuted and healed before the 11/11 gateway as well. That is what I feel. More to come on that.

I will be doing my Full Moon ritual/connection in the bathtub this time, hehe… If you are in a location where you can swim, take a bath in a river, a lake or the ocean..that would be awesome and to assist with the energies, for sure… 🙂

I am here to assist and guide you through any sacred moments you may have in your life. I am also doing soul and sound healing, working together with the over-soul elements. I would love to work with you.

I wish you all a wonderful magical Full Moon and beginning of November. Take care, listen to your heart and the rest will follow!!!

Much love & blessings,


I am here to teach, guide, assist, sing my heart out and to be the way-shower in Grace Consciousness.

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With my personal connections to Mother & Father Earth, the Multidimensional roams and the Universal energies, I work on all levels of the spectrum.

​As I’m transforming, shifting and changing and the expansion of energies are bringing new light and creation to the table, I have been guided to start doing consultations again.

A little differently then before. More powerful and to the point, but always in Grace Consciousness.

My sessions with be 45 minutes long for a divine energy exchange and in that moment we will get a lot done. Always in sacred space. I’m also doing distance healing that is very strong and heart-opening.

It is my intention that your path be cleared, blessed, empowered and inspired from now on. May you move through the world with ease and grace, knowing your own worth and power, finding joy in each day, and using your innate genius to enhance our world.

If you have any question, please do contact me and I will assist you. ​You can also read more about me Here and How I work Here. A nice thing to do before scheduling with me.

Looking forward to co-create and work with you!

Remember…everything is going to be just fine. Follow your spark.✨

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