Early November Solar Blast & All I Can Say Is Ouch

Mikey Murdock – Since about Friday Oct 27th around the evening time I started getting blasted by the energies on a physical level by the latest Solar winds, solar energy, solar everything that has been coming into or passing by our physical planet. Now over the past few days the energies have been beyond challenging, incredibly painful and I mean for about the last 4 to 5 days this has really hurt. What I’ve been feeling has really been hurting me on a physical level – this is the biggest ouch that I’ve felt since about the time in March 2014 when I was first physically activated to begin my physical Ascension Process. I’m so numb on a physical level but I’m also really feeling this absolute solar galactic light energy coursing through my veins. I can only imagine how tired, how run down all the forerunners of the forerunners are really feeling at the current moment. I’m right there with you – and all that I can really say is ouch at these early November solar energies coming in at the current moment.

Every now and again since my Physical Ascension Process began for me back in (2014) I’ve experienced (Higher Dimensional, Universal, Galactic, Photonic, and Unity Consciousness) and all of those necessary energy upgrades that were happening because of the fact that the earth and humanity was also receiving the same energies and the same uploads.  However, its never felt like this. I mean its always been a bit painful and uncomfortable in many ways. But this, its never ever felt like this for me personally before and that is something that is really sticking out to me and for a very obvious reason. I’m feeling like this, I’m feeling this badly because this magnitude of solar light frequency hasn’t been integrated into my 3D body before. Whatever the hell frequency level this energy is at – I’m not used to feeling this inside me. So, this rampant solar wind energy we’ve been experiencing for much of October that isn’t going to ease up into November is absolutely NEW light energy. There is no doubt about this in my mind. I knew October, November and December were going to uplift us – but I didn’t think I or you could actually physically feel like we were dying because it hurts like this so much. This is just more of the very NEW that we’re all going to have to get used to, that we’re going to have to adapt to because if you’ve begun your physical Ascension Process your going to be feeling every single physical aspect of this.


Physical Symptoms & The Early November Solar Blast 

Any time anything feels off, strange, different or unusual within my body I usually always go search online to see what’s going on with the sun. If it’s not a Gateway, a Portal Opening its usually solar activity. Now I already knew October was heavy with solar activity – earlier in the month I spent a week with stomach issues, bloated stomach, stomach aches and pains and we were constantly dealing with Geomagnetic storms and coronal holes opening up blasting us with Solar winds. Then towards the end of October a gateway opened – and now as we transition towards the start of November they’re saying by the 2nd solar winds from a coronal hole will hit us. However – I’m being hit right now (Because the forerunners) will usually feel anything different energy wise first. So for those that feel (Flu) symptoms right now – as we move into November we’re experiencing more solar winds.

All my Ascension symptoms have been (Flu) type symptoms over the last four days – coughing, sore throat, ears are hurting, my entire body is aching, I’m hot and cold, I’ve got chills running up and down my body. I’m sweating hot and cold, my bones ache, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty. My head aches, my face feels full and I feel a lot of energy moving up and down my entire face. My ears are sore, my entire body pulsates. My heart beats extremely fast and quick, I’m feeling an expansion of my chest area. I could go on and on with these symptoms. Throughout my tenure as a Light-Worker any time that I’ve felt (Flu) like symptoms has been when anything solar happens on the sun. Solar activity has always made me feel these (Flu) Symptoms. I wrote about this extensively in an old article a year or two ago – and I’ll leave the link at the bottom of this paragraph for those interested in reading about the common symptoms.

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Ascension Symptom(s): Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms

I usually write much more – but I need to hit the couch and wrap myself up in a blanket and pass out. Self care Light-Workers especially in these times.

16Love & Light16


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