Maureen Moss – After several tough months of feeling out of step with one world or the other, we are finally beginning to pulse to the subtle ebb and flow of emerging new life. The notable difference is employing a new Self-confidence regarding possibility, regardless of outer world occurrence and earth activity, prompting us to look beyond what appears to be. Like us, Earth is being reformed.

Sitting inside our newly lit bodies and minds and realizing the enormity of our life changing from the inside out evokes a sense of the spectacular (gut-wrenching as it has been,)…and a fascination as to what is to come.

Many are feeling, sensing and experiencing new workings of their Divine/Human Template in an actual way…rather than a conceptual one. For so long the conversation has been about the exchange from one template to another, though in truth it’s the interfacing of one with the other.

One awareness of our new workings is that the pressure behind seeking who we are is disappearing. We are beginning to realize and integrate who we are beyond concepts, beyond mind and belief and beyond pushing and processing.

Another is the awareness that our Higher Self-Consciousness is guiding us through new gateways and higher dimensions of ourselves, not other Cosmic Beings.

And another still… we can feel the Life force of our Higher Self- Consciousness embedding itself within our bodies, our hearts and minds…urging us to engage with it, bring it in deeper and create the beginnings of a (your) new human story without hesitation.

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That will be the theme for the rest of this year and next.
The human heart will learn to sing again, is what Jeshua told me.

Heading In And Out of the 11:11 Doorway

A new spiral of evolution begins.

Heading into the 11:11 Doorway you may have noticed, through compression or expansion (both serving the same purpose,)… your Higher Self-Consciousness beginning a new phase of interfacing with your physical body by initiating a new in-body frequency unable to resonate with what is beneath it. This is a vital component for finding your footing in One Reality, and beginning to create from Oneness.

This will be greatly activated on the 11:11.

Note: The last pivotal activating event, the Total Solar Eclipse, at first gave us a deep sense of connection and peace before heightened external activities quickly gave way to deep internal unrest.

However, on the heels of the successive deep unrest, we began leveling out. Many began realizing an even deeper sense of connection and peace with themselves without the need to be impulsed by external energies.

It was done from the inside out…from the frequencies of one’s newly heightened Higher Self-Consciousness to the lower self- consciousness and from newly activated DNA circuits switched on which together began a more cohesive system of internal communication.

This had (has) to be accomplished prior to the 11:11 in preparation for the next octaves of Light to initiate grander stages of our embodied enlightenment… to pulse enhanced Life Force into our bodies, (which will take the most time to adapt to,) and activate additional strands of DNA to further embody what I have long called the physicalized Heart and Mind of God.

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Once the doorway of the 11:11 is opened a new phase of assimilation will ensue which may well include, once again, a surge of unrest within or without…though a greater Reality will have settled more deeply into our bodies, enabling us to move more peacefully with what is ahead.

On the 11:11 there will be a significant heightening of Original consciousness. Those prepared will receive activated God Codes to release the Higher aspects of their creative natures, creative original thoughts and singular feelings to accommodate the fulfillment of their (your) Original Blueprint here on earth.

The relationship between God/Human will begin a new peak experience…through your hearts desire.

In Closing

There is a crucial sequencing to our Ascension, from the breaking down to flying to the rhythm of God… to Life. The next sequence begins on the 11:11 and evolves by the renewed steps you take afterward.

I invite you to join me and others from around the world on the 11:11 for a World Transmission and Activation where you will be led into the space between worlds…or as Jesus/Jeshua refers to it as, the zone of perfection, wherein lies the bond between God and Human.

Your abilities will be enhanced to anchor yourself into the Greater Reality bringing the Invisible to the Visible unto yourself, to Earth, and affecting all upon Her.


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I wish you peace, love, joy, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

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