Rick Jewers- You are once again at a pinnacle on the long-term upward trend of the Ascension. This pinnacle You are fast approaching and building, will last for a few days. The energy has been built sufficiently to allow for New Higher developments in this Ascension, which involves raising the overall Consciousness Globally. You have been endowed with much New evidence as well as knowledge, to redistribute among the awakened/unwakened masses. There is a separation of sorts, a gap, that is required to be closed somewhat at this time. This is achieved by the sharing process, the sharing of knowledge with follow-ups to assure that confirmations were created for those with uncertainty as for the validity of what they are being shown.

We have enhanced and set in motion, more of Your manifestation abilities to appease this current motion. You will receive kickbacks of confirmations for Yourselves, showing You that this is so, that Your manifestation abilities are Now in a higher gear and much more readily accessible to You. Do not become distracted by the awe of Your abilities, note it of course and in some cases share, but the utmost importance is to continue forward, manifesting the things You wish to see that steps in the building of the New 5D, Your New Gaia.

You feel in Your hearts and instinctively/intuitively Know what is wrong and right, and what needs to be corrected/rectified for the 5D, continue more so Now in projecting from Your Heart and thought, the intent of goodwill. This will add the required energy TO SET IN MOTION, a quicker response time for Your manifestations of goodwill for All. This intent Now, because of the ample Light Quotient achieved by You, IS VERY POWERFUL, AND NOTHING LESS THAN DIVINITY ITSELF may alter or correct its force. None of the dying/imploding ill intent rule, can touch it or You, You are above that primitive influence. Put Your Divine wheels in motion, and watch them work. All things moral and ethical to be endorsed and powered up in these manifestations, which direct an energy course Now affecting Gaia in very good ways.

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As You Know, the Dark, what is left of it, continue desperately to control by its primitive methods, which are outdated to You, and no longer work for them. They are bewildered and even perplexed as to why their antics are not as effective on the whole any longer, and why they are losing/lost control. They, the minions and remnants of Dark are unable to be in a higher conscious state because of their ill intent, this SEPARATES them from You, on many levels, because they are unable to surpass the 4D Construct, while You, can dimensionalize much Higher. For the Dark remnants, that have actually judged themselves, separated and culled themselves out, their only course of redemption would be, but VERY IMPORTANTLY IF DIVINELY APPROVED, to change their way immediately and do what is right. You see, their mentality and energy polarity would have to change before they would even be at liberty to Know some of the Higher Truths. To them, the remnants of Dark, they do not believe in Source, so they desperately continue from an egotistical frame, which is definitely not 5D compatible, nor Divine. Nevertheless, they have judged themselves, most importantly, however, upon the planet, as well as beyond.

Your Loving state is Your most Powerful to be in, remember that always, especially when Newly Awakening Ones of You are bombarded by negative events which are put before You for Your quick training, as well as the release of influence the fear-based energies have/had upon You. You are the strongest when You Love everything Unconditionally, You become UNDISTRACTED then, and are able to put more focus and intent into Your Divine Purpose/Mission. Let everything slide off You that is fear based, like a greased mountain, that nothing can Ascend nor land upon, You are invincible. Really, All are invincible, even the Ones just Awakening, they just have to empower themselves and believe, for some very important Ones that are needed promptly,they will receive higher forms of confirmations, high enough that they surrender unto Divinity immediately, and begin their missions, with NO DOUBT LEFT within their Consciousness.

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You will leave a legacy of sorts behind on the 4D Timelines, which will differ from what You Know to some degrees. This happens because some Higher Truths must not stay on those destructive timelines, for it would alter the experiences there as well as unsynchronize the theme to play out.

Our ships are cloaked by frequency, meaning that only those on Gaia able to perceive interdimensionally/multidimensionally, can actually see and/or get glimpses of these Lightships. And there are of course, very important reasons for that, to mention in the least, assurance, while You continue Your groundwork. The confidence was needed in some, so this revelation to You was/is invaluable .

The two New Generations, the Children, and Young Adults are in place. Within an age group specifically from 29 years old down to the 1 day old, are MANY INCARNATIONS. These are the Ones to continue the 5D onward and to continue to build the 5D experiences. Within these Generations is the full ability and Divine support, to build and secure, “HEAVEN ON EARTH”. And no, You do not separate from them, they come along with You, based on Your Soul Contract, as some of You continue Ascending to Higher levels.

Love and Light


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