Rick Jewers – I am told that the Dark Night will have a duration between 2 weeks and 40 days. We are currently 5 days into this period. There is not a certain timeframe put upon this period because of how certain things play out and the amount of good influence/intent that is put into this period. As many of You Know by Now, there is no “bad”, You come to Know there is no “bad”, when Your inner work has erased the restrictive fear aspects. So, the “Dark Night” is not a “bad” thing, nor a fear perpetration. If the term “Dark Night” scares any of You or creates an uncertainty, it means that You have a little more inner work to do, and actually, this term just assisted by bringing that to the surface for You to identify, and take control of.

Readers, please keep in mind that I deliver information for ALL Ascendees, however, most of what I deliver is for what You may call, the “first wavers”. And, there is a gap in resonation between the “waves”, meaning that some stuff will resonate, some posts will resonate, while other stuff and posts may not, at certain times. Nevertheless, this does not negate the fact, that all of what I deliver, may indeed, be full Truth. I am an Overseer of the Ascension, I have disclosed and shared that previously to the extent required, to assist in fulfilling my own purpose/mission/role here at this time. Although this does not matter to You, what resonates with You in the messages, does, and that is what is important.

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Satan, Lucifer or whatever label anyone wishes to use to describe the once dominant and powerful energy source upon this planet/ in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions, was taken out in 2011, prior to the major 2012 Shift. And, to get right down to it, the 2012 Shift would not have occurred if that Devil energy was still in power. Source removed the leader of evil, leaving the aspects here of which we, the Angelics, have been cleaning up since then. The public Truths and disclosures Now being shared worldwide, which reveals the corrupt/enslavement systems, is evidence that the Dark energy is being cleaned up. The Satanic rituals, the pedophiles, the preying churches, the thieves, are being publicly revealed to the masses, the rest not Awakened, this is the cleanup, its happening, the transition to 5D.

Any demons still left here are here by several sources of support, which some are;

1) They are falsely Created by You during Your course of Divine training, for training experience. During this type of contact with this false energy created by You, Your Soul perpetrates a fear event with a false entity, so that You may learn how to take out the real thing. You are fully protected through the course of Your Divine training, whether the entity be real or self-created.

2) They are here as remnants (in 4D only), of their Creator, Satan, which has been destroyed. They are without a leader and continue to operate on a programmed basis, of doing what they used to do, Create negativity and fear, so they can control, and yes, of course, attempt to feed and grow.

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3) The general belief that they exist. If many believe they exist, then that energy from that belief, empowers them. To go to the extreme, if no one believed they existed, then there would be none.

4) They still have food, that is why they are still here. Their food consists of all fear aspects, such as greed, anger and anything non-virtuous. The Ascension and You take away their support, their existence.

NOTE, The above is not inclusive, but for the intents and purpose of this post, that is as far as I need to go with these sources of demonic support.

This current Dark Night has several important Divine aspects connected to it. First off, it will be an even denser period for those that need to be Awakened Now. This means, expect to see further intense revelations in exposing and revealing the underlying dynamics of the enslavement society. More intense Truths about the suppression of Humanity by the Cabal, Dark Ones, etc, will publicly be revealed during the course of this Dark Night. This is where and when You All come in that have been given the Divine gifts and instructions of how to use the Divine gifts, to neutralize and send back to Light, disassembled, the dark energy that surfaces. More intensely, some of You more powerful Ones will be partisan to destroying these dark assemblages of energy from this 4D Timeline, so that we may lift higher into 5D. For every dark assemblage captured and neutralized, the timeline vibration raises. This Dark Night is the ultimate opportunity to raise the vibration significantly, therefore, the “Dark Night”, is actually, a “Godsend’.

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It varies how You will encounter the dark assemblages being shaken loose of their safe havens. You may see, feel, hear them, etc, but the main thing is to eradicate them by any Divine means You have. One form of these are known as “knockers”, invite them into Your trap and eradicate them, You have the power and protection Now. I suggest for All to take advantage of this great opportunity, the duration of the night depends partially upon You, You have been Divinely trained for this.



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