Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries ~ It is with great joy – and love – that we welcome this new energetic month of December! Not because it is new or because of its typical and human fixed meaning, and often materialistic, of giving, sharing and be the love that we already are, during just a month, but because it is within this month that some of us – the ones who time ago made this conscious choice of ascending to New Earth – will be finally anchoring our Essence within this new frequency that we have been holding. December is the month in which we finally enter an Era of Truth, Freedom and Harmony, one that took many years to uncover from all human illusion, from all the unlove and lack of compassion, for one another.

We are about to end a very intense phase of our soul’s evolutionary journey as well as a 10 year cycle, as we approach December and keep traversing the threshold, that will lead us into a new cycle.  We end December with a vision of what this New Year will mean for the ascending souls, for December is a 22 Universal month. This is a master number called: The Master Builder, for it is with this frequency that we begin to construct secure foundations within and in our physical lives. If we end a 3 Universal month – November – that was meant to help us co-create and bring something new into the world, now we are invited to secure our creations, so they grow strong and limitless.

The main essence of this master number 22 is one of being fully anchored within our earthly realm so we can be able to descend this same strength, security and strong pillars within our dense plane. For nothing is secure and can expand, if first we do not possess this same stability within ourselves. This is one of the main reasons why our creations do not last much in the physical, because we put more intention, and hence, energy to build in the ethereal, instead of balancing both planes and nurturing them as equals.

As a continuation of our self-mastery journey, the New Year in which we are about to enter also holds a master frequency. For 2018 is an 11 Universal Year, a sign of our achieved self-mastery, although it never ends, and hence the beginning of a new timeline, to master and explore in co-creation with these new frequencies and new companions that are ready to help us bring into fruition something that will assist All, from a space of wholeness and authenticity. It is a frequency that introduces us in the unseen planes, for its nature is ethereal and its essence is connected to the Illuminated Realms, where we are going, to a new space where we begin to be a little be closer Source as well as our True Divine Origin.

A year in which, we have already released what no longer serves, an old life, self and relationships that served us to master ourselves but that are no longer aligned with who we have become. During this New Year, we will keep experiencing challenges for this is what helps us bring increased unification to ourselves. This will be a Year in which for the ones who are beginning to awake or are yet “asleep” the evidence of different polarities will be strongly felt, for unification could not take place without opposite forces.

The presence of chaos versus harmony, will be emphasized in the Planet. Ours is the choice to keep choosing unity among the chaos others desire to create to keep control of Earth or to remain feeding this illusion of separation. During this Year, the ascending souls who have already mastered the fusion of both polarities, will experience the results of years of self-mastery, and even though we only master certain aspects of the self to keep discovering new ones to keep working with, we will be also experiencing the harmony, balance and Divine Love that this new frequency offers.

As always, the presence of both forces – dark and light – will always be present for you to choose with which one you desire to align. Yours is, always, the free choice of deciding with which one you will co-create with. This Year, if understood as so, will offer a unique opportunity for the souls who are still learning how to master and see as equal both opposite polarities – dark and light/feminine and masculine.

For the majority of the ascending souls, this is a Year to seed and master new horizons as we continue to also master our human relationships, to make new partnerships, to work in unison, not in a solitary way any longer, for even if we are here as an individualized aspect of Source, we are leaving behind more of our old sense of separation. Therefore, within this New Year and during the following ones, we will unite as a team to co-create our deepest soul visions, to learn that united we all win and to finally understand that it is not all about us but about All and what we do to enable unity instead of separation.

December has finally come and with it the opportunity to take the final step into this new timeline, in which we will begin to master how to act as pure light conduits, embracing all as equals instead of separating, as it used to be in the 3D matrix, in which we used to dwell for a long time. There is not a fixed time to step into a fifth dimensional timeline, the energies have been – and will keep being – with us for every soul who decides to make the choice of shifting their current timeline, into higher one.

There is no rush, or fixed day, this is not a race, this is about frequency, the one you decide to hold within, this is not about a number or about waiting for outer salvation, for there is nothing you must be saved from. This is about becoming the love we always were, about embracing all instead of judging it and about standing tall in our light, for it is by doing so that we can finally stop dwelling in the old 3D timeline and embrace a New Era of truth and co-creation.

I will not focus in this post, as I did last year, on the importance that becoming and living, always, as the Christed beings that we all are during the year, and not just during this month, has. For I consider that most of the ascending souls, already have embodied their Christed essence and live as the Christed lovelight beings that they already were, so I will share what – I receive – is important to work with, during this final transition.

Dissolving all 3D timelines 

This is a time to enjoy the love and the many gifts that this moment brings, but it is also a moment to be more conscious of all that shall be released, before we continue our journey to our new dimensional space. For the more we purify ourselves, holding a clear vision of what we desire to create and on what we would like to expand, the more we will allow this new frequency to descend within our physical being and reality.

It is essential that we work on dissolving all the 3D timelines, for as you know, our existence is a multi-universal one, and we should clear all the possible scenarios, situations, thoughts and hence cords that still link us to past/present and parallel 3D timelines that still are active within us. For they will only impede us to fully anchor ourselves within the new one we are manifesting.

Every word, every thought that takes you into a past time, every past action remembered, word said, past deed, wound, all that you have not healed/released yet, shall be done at this moment, if this is your choice of consciously ascending and holding this new frequency. For every time you look back, you energize and feed old timelines, old worlds that are still being replayed in some remote existence in which you do not dwell anymore.

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You exist here, in this moment, not the physical aspect of you, not your flesh, what is inside, which gives birth to the physical. Every time you use who you are, your power, essence or Divine Force, call it as you please, to visit the past, you dwell there, not in this moment anymore. When you do that, only your empty body is present here. Not you. You are now feeding old scenarios that are still active within you, impeding you to move forward.

When one forgives, one liberates oneself. For one knows that what is happening in the past, for all happens now, is being experienced only from a lower aspect of himself/herself that needs this experience to evolve and soon become one with this already evolved aspect of who you are. If you keep focusing on the past, then you will be activating, with every thought, with every feeling, new 3D timelines that will keep you attached to the infinite possibilities created by all your thoughts and feelings, for each one of them creates a new reality in which you experience that which you release in the present moment.

Revisiting the depths of your being, as the Scorpion New Moon invited us to do, is essential for us to be fully anchored not just in a new frequency and timeline but in this present moment, feeling whole, in joy and in perfect peace. It is by bringing all this infinite potential/power within this present moment and individualized aspect of the many bodies we cohabit that we can act as fully integrated and authentic beings, creating a conscious next moment and obtaining the outcomes that are truly aligned with our soul – for we made our choices by being fully present and by holding the proper clarity.

However, to be able to experience this moment at its maximum potential, first we should be able to say our goodbyes with great love and gratitude to all who lived before this previous moment – old companions and old situations, not because we deny them or look into other sides, but because we have completely understood the situation, accepted and embraced it as it was, knowing it showed us what we needed at this moment to remember who we truly are, in Essence, even if to do so, first we needed to experience who we were not.

Invoking the Emerald Ray as a purifier

The Emerald Ray, as I am sure many of you already know, is the one who brings deep healing, love and compassion to All, especially to Mother Earth. Sometimes I call upon the power of this Ray as well as their Masters – Mother Mary and Raphael – to assist me in bringing balance when I stabilize, for this Ray works mainly with the elementals and Earth to bring profound transformation, and hence the proper healing required to be able to restore Earth grids, between many other things, and anchor a higher frequency within certain places that will allow it.

The main soul roles who could benefit from invoking this Ray and co-creating with it are:

  • Earth healers
  • Grid-workers
  • Gatekeepers
  • Stabilizers

As I always say, follow you own guidance and use whatever tools to assist you in your path that you consider helpful. Above all remember that your main essence – as well as Unified Self – are your main guides in all.

Biological Upgrades

This is a time when many of you, especially Starseed Souls and Sovereign Beings who simply descended here to assist from Higher Realms, will experience, if not already, as a lot of souls are awakening now, the necessary updates made by your own ET family and/or Unified Self, depending on your soul contract as well as from where you have descended, to help you understand ascension as well as the many Laws that rule the Universe.

These updates are made to assist you in remembering not just where you came from, which is not as important as where you are now, but about what you are here to do and how to enable and develop your unique mission. This occurred to me a few years ago, when I began this journey and even if not as often as I did, I still receive, at nights, all the teachings and updates necessarily required for my body to adjust to new energies, especially when I did not take care of it as I try to do now, or when I did not possess the awareness, I possess now.

These updates are not painful, have nothing to do with ET’s manipulating you, this is not a delusional dream or belief, this is done with great love and assistance for our human journey and this is not something we ask and simply comes, it is something already pre-planned and that is done as we need it to continue with our mission.

You do not have to be fully conscious of it, or remember it, for it could interfere with your current beliefs and/or human experience, so if you simply have a vague memory of a dream or something, let it go, and know that at the right time you will remember what you are meant to.

Sometimes people want to remember and force themselves to do so, or they think they are not doing well enough. However, what some see as a curse, is nothing but Divine Protection – in action – when you need it. For not everything is meant to be understood by your human self and most of the time, we are not meant to consciously remember, simply trust that our bodies have been updated and will remember.

Some effects of consciously integrating these new frequencies as well as the many upgrades you experience are:

  • Lack of appetite – As our bodies are embodying so much light we may feel with the need to have a more liquid diet* than when we end our integration phase. As always, do what resonates with you, for you know your body better than anyone and above all,l take good care of your body and remember that extremes, as it is orthorexia (an obsession to eat healthy) are not going to help you evolve faster.

* Note: By liquid diet or simply by eating consciously I am not telling anyone what to eat or to become vegan. This is a conscious step that one should give when one is ready. The main issue is not even with meat, for we are never judged, but with how humans manipulate meat and the toxic things they put into it. By eating lightly and conscious you should know yourself and body and realize what is best for you. Remember our bodies need lots of purification to not just be able to embody higher level of light – consciousness – but to also become crystalline, in essence, as we keep evolving, and for that, eating consciously is essential.

  • Headaches – especially a huge pressure in your crown chakra, as a result of the constant download of energy.
  • Deep sleep or lack of it. Some people sleep more because this is how their bodies integrate and others cannot sleep, as it is my case now, due to the amount of light descended and the body being unable to rest properly. As we are all unique it all depends on how our bodies deal with the integration process.
  • Re-calibration of your non-physical senses: With the result of being able to envision more than one reality, as the multi-dimensional beings that we all are, to bring the required wisdom from them to assist you in your journey.


This is another sometimes distorted or misinformed issue that has been fed or manipulated for so long. There are many types of implants, there are the ones negative ET’s put into some people trying to fulfil their role as manipulators, for the Earth control has been occurring for eons. There are other implants associated with The Greys, beings belonging to Zeta Reticulli, which is another thing that has been manipulated, for not all The Greys came with “evil” purposes and there are many types of them, some of them already evolved. However, these topics are very profound, and I will simply focus on the types of implants I was guided to share.

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There are implants put by your ET/star families, evolved beings who chose to assist us while we walk on Earth, and that are not meant to interfere with your physical experience, on the contrary, they are meant to monitor us, I know this sounds strange, but in a good sense, for it means they are receiving all the information of all we experience here as well as helping us in case we need some adjustments.

Sometimes people are not even aware they have these implants and other times they just do not know if these implants are meant to work for the highest good of their own purpose here on Earth, or not. Ask for guidance to your own Unified Self, before asking others, who will probably have their own beliefs about such a profound subject and will influence whether you want it or not, and remember that inner knowing, and feeling is essential to be able to discern about your own experience.

This is a time of profound change and many of you will be guided to change location for your soul role will be now more needed in another location or simply because you will be better in another space. A lot of people, as it was in my own case years ago, think that they are being punished, just because they live in isolation or are not so involved with the collective.

This, as I was told a few years ago, is a blessing in disguise. Once we are incarnated here, most of us, are deeply programmed, as I was, which was what helped me to break free from everything – for I always felt nothing – of what I was told – was “real”. We are not fully able to distinguish our own egoic desires from our soul ones, until our human self is ready to descend more wisdom from our I AM Presence.

When this moment comes we are finally able to realize that what has been so to say, taken from us, was never meant to punish us but to help us do our mission in the best possible conditions. In my personal experience, I live in a city, but this is more like a village, it is a very tranquil place, nothing ever seems to happen here, my neighbour and everything is also a very peaceful one, it seemed to be as if I was very isolated and I wanted to live in the USA where I felt great when I was there but in the end things always happened to bring me back here. So, when I was ready, I was finally able to understand that all the physical conditions, people in my life and the place where I live, is the perfect one in not disturbing me doing what I came here to do.

If I was living in another larger city – probably I would not be able to feel the peace I feel here, or stabilize – for the frequency would be totally different. At some point, an aspect of our mission ends or shifts and then we will be guided in when it is the time to leave.

As I was told, now many souls are experiencing a physical shift in their lives. There is a lot of shifting as we continue our transition into a new dimensional space, so Earth frequencies will also be shifting as well as your mission, being relocated where you are required. Accept all with love and respect to a Higher Will, always remembering that you will be always placed where you will be most protected and assisted.

Expansion of consciousness & non-linearity 

The new timelines in which we are consciously beginning to navigate are not so exposed as the old ones to such a deep sense of linearity and hence time and space. For many of us time has been only important regarding our encounters with others or if our work or personal mission requires it to enable co-creating something together. Apart from this, time has no longer a meaning in my reality, it is perceived totally differently depending on the joy that the moment holds, between many other things.

Time and the fixed linear events that had to occur within this limited frame if not already, will soon begin to fade in your reality, for now you will feel totally free to create as needed and to simply do as you feel guided, independently of what “time” it is or what you were told you should do at this moment in which you are now.

As we keep expanding our consciousness, time will become not only irrelevant but unable to measure our current reality. Have you noticed how the physical human time we constructed seems to be shorter than it used to be? Well, as one expands consciousness one realizes that what used to be a long day is just a tiny moment within eternity and so forth.

Certainly, our human sense of time will not be lost, for we are humans and it is what we decided to experience, but the effects of where we are heading can be clearly felt already.

Planetary events 

I have been asked if I will continue to share about astrology, in my unique way, as I always did. As I shared before, I was deeply guided to shift and share in a different way now – a new perspective of what is happening – at a deeper level – than just the fixed planetary events. I will share about the ones I am guided to because they are relevant and/or connected with what is occurring in the macro.

I know many of you would like to hear about Mercury retrograde and then turning direct on December 22. However, I expressed, many times, in the past, my view about these events. Now, I have decided to no longer look back and as I am sure there are amazing people sharing about this. I will simply follow the new path that I am now experiencing. For me, Mercury -whether direct or not – has not affected me – at all – for more than a year.

This is because I consciously released this old belief, one that has been collectively created and hence has power, and the only one who can take away this power from your reality is you. Other planets, outer forces are doing nothing to you, but yourself and what you create of their fixed meaning and own essences. You are where you need to be, as I am too. All serves, and all is equal and shows us what we need – at every moment.

The most significant planetary events during December are:

The Full Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini On December 3 which will oppose the Sun which is also at 11 degrees of Sagittarius and introduces us to the joy that this 11 Universal New Year will bring. This is a Super Moon for us to enjoy where we are, for we are about to change our entire reality from a limited one to a boundless one.

It is with this Full Moon that not only do we end an old cycle but Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, on December 19, also ends a cycle and changes residence from Sagittarius into Capricorn – joining with the Sun on December 21. We are invited to work within our mental plane, for Mercury is Geminis ruler, releasing conflicts and confusion, so we can allow the proper clarity required to begin planning a new life. It is a time to release all expectations, and simply work on where we are, doing the best we can with this moment, for we only must know where we are now, not necessarily where we are going, as it will create anxiety.

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This Moon conjunct Saturn, which is still at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, and is also influenced by Jupiter and Neptune, together with Mercury turning “retrograde” in the same day. It will be a wonderful time for us to move inward and begin to operate from within, remembering that communication, ideas, all the visions about our new life and everything we would like to see in the outer, is first created and nurtured in the silence of our being.

From a collective perspective, this Moon will bring the need to break free from old chains. For the following years, we will see the effects that Saturn in Capricorn has, for structures will break, and even if it seems to be chaotic, it will be the required reorganization all must have in order to create big transformation and hence the proper balance. We are already indeed already seeing evidences of it all around the world. From the macro, as for example in some states, as it is Cataluña in Spain, wanting to break free from their countries, to the micro where a lot of souls will also feel this urge to liberate themselves from what they consider is no longer align with their new reality.

This Moon is also very connected to the New Moon at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, on December 18. For what we first created inside with the Gemini Moon, is now ready to expand from the depths of our being into the outer. A Moon that will conjunct the Galactic Centre, bringing great expansion, and a deepening into the embodiment of our galactic essence. This will be a Moon that will propitiate cosmic interchange between many civilizations, for the transition that we, as well as our Planet, is experiencing, is being supported by many other beings who are not just watching the process but actively assisting it.

Another important event, occurring the day after the New Moon, like I said before, is Saturn, leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn. The time for you to give your farewells to the familiar has finally come. It is time to explain to your 3D self that where you are going is – and will always be – safe and that no one has ever gone for real from your life, for every encounter, remains always within, and as One, we never say goodbye, for we all are made of the same Divine Spark that created All.

A few days later, on December 21, the Sun will also enter in the sign of Capricorn, celebrating the Winter/Summer Solstice, depending upon where you live. The Sun represents our Higher Self, our Essence, so when the Sun shines its light into a sign of the zodiac and hence into a specific aspect of ourselves, it means we are invited to develop and work on this concrete side of ourselves.

With the Sun in Capricorn, we are called to nourish the aspect of us who brings things into fruition, making them tangible, and paying attention not only to the ethereal part of us, but also with the aspect of us that needs to be nurtured – in the material – since they sustain our physical vehicles and lives. After all, the new frequency we hold is meant to be anchor within our dense realm. Capricorn gives us equilibrium, so we do not fall into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations as we live too much in the ethereal world.

Personal Integrity & authenticity

During this month our personal integrity could be tested, especially for the ones who celebrate with their families this season, who go out more or simply have more contact with people who have not chosen this path.

Integrity – to act as one thinks and feels –  is essential if we desire to hold our current frequency and continue to dwell in the timeline we have consciously chosen. When we choose to please others, compromising who we are, above our own soul desires and personal mission, we are giving away our power as well as an opportunity to stand tall in who we are and show others that they can accept and love us simply for who we are.

It is a time to be with your loved ones, yes, but also a time to show that even though we are all different we can peacefully coexist within Divine Love and authenticity. For the more we keep separating, telling ourselves or others that we simply do not fit or that we are not understood, the more we will be shown that we are not yet unified from within, for we keep separating ourselves from others or simply dwelling in the egoic belief we know more or are more than they are.

A truly compassionate being knows how to stand firm in his/her power and truth and how to authentically interact and be with others who simply have chosen to experience a different way of being. For we are the ones who should understand where others are, for most of us have been there and know how it feels to simply be in another state of consciousness.

Letting all go is not easy, for we have been programmed and accustomed to live under the same circumstances, with the same people no matter what, for we have been told that remaining together, under all circumstances, is true love. In truth, it was egoic love, for pure and Divine Love is always in a constant dance between embracing and letting go. Divine Love never retains anything or anyone for it knows all belongs together anyway.

The companions, the new experiences that are coming, were not just re-planned by you, or at least some of them, but all the new souls you still think you do not know, are old companions as well. You lose nothing, you are constantly gaining, you just have to remember the essence of all things and understand that the nature of your incarnated experience is one of constantly experiencing endless expansion. Our human existence was never meant to be fixed, which is what in truth, creates limitation and unhappiness.

This is a phase, for these energies began at the beginning of the summer, to bring conclusion to a micro cycle, to bring deep releasement as well as purification to ourselves and lives, for where we are heading is a space, in which have consciously chosen authenticity and conscious co-creation, not a place where we continue to experience the deep sense of separation and illusion, experienced within the 3D matrix.

Therefore, it is pivotal that we begin to transform the ashes of the old into new opportunities, into the expansion that, as eternal beings, we are here to undergo instead of the limitations we created for ourselves for so long. Now, it is a time to rediscover ourselves and our true potential, to expand into unknown horizons, knowing all our experiences will be equally Divine and authentic.

A time to give our final farewell to all that we consider fixed in our life and embrace our true essence, one that always dwells in freedom, in constant change and joy to experience new adventures and above all, in love and gratitude, always, with All.

Beloved Companions, I wish you another blessed month filled with wonderful revelations, surprises and above all a month in which you choose to finally release your old self and shine the precious being you truly are – that has been hidden for so long.

Happy CHRISTmas, and happy everything, for every moment shall be appreciated, honoured and celebrated as unique, precious and equally Divine!

In love, light and service to Unity Consciousness ∞


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