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Anastacia-Blue Beyond – A New Inner Peace and Inner Strength of ALL of our ‘facets’ being upgraded, is being felt from within…flowing up and out which then needs time to be cleared and settled/balanced in Spirit as well – Spirit AND Soul!

A ‘vortex’ of negative energies has been released (refer previous post on New Vortex energy combing through). – so much so, that I needed to remove myself fully off facebook and ALL contact with ‘others’ for a week…which I have never done like this before and as an Ascension Pioneer and Template for humanity this is Beyond words of how in Totality huge this is!

I am slowly ‘coming back’ – gently and bit by bit..in a newer way of being that little bit more ‘detached’ from energies as previously – as it does need to ‘be this way’.

As we need to continue and carry on in all we are in this new energy space

As there is a balancing and adjusting of when one does so in Spirit AND Soul…for a stronger connection to our Higher Self.

New Strength Strength Strength coming through and within….Triple or Trinity Divine Energy


(Allowing oneself the remainder of 2017 for this to flow and filter through Spirit and Soul (from within) for oneself. As many right now are feeling the ‘negative vortex’ energies that are occurring currently…different and new from ‘before’. Entering into a New Year in 2018 of Creating and Manifesting!)

In TRULY LETTING GO OF ALL allows us to be FREE of SURRENDERING OF ALL..to allow us to then slowly ‘come back in’ so to speak and pick up WHAT WE WANT and not have the ‘whole lot’ of all energies and ‘trying’ to ‘sort out’ letting go this way…do you get what I mean here?

It’s surrendering ALL and then seeing and feeling what ‘life is like’ without ALL and then when one ‘joins back into humanity’ and in clearing ones space of all energies, then one can CHOOSE what/who – to bring back in.

Or allows ourselves to have contact with or a connection with IN A NEW WAY…it is FINDING ANOTHER WAY of connecting!

As we do need to be in the world BUT NOT of it!

To realise or to really and fully realise that we a no longer able to ‘rescue’ others.

That it IS about SELF SURVIVAL and no longer SELF SACRIFICE, even with those closest to us.

That all are going through what they are needing to, for themselves as that is between others and the Divine.

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As long as we flow and follow on with our Souls Divine Journeys of the Divine and that means to be VERY CONSCIOUS of our energy with others.

As this is being repeated over and over, yet this needs to be…as no matter how much I write and share here, when one then ‘applies’ this, it truly is a GAME CHANGER in our lives, truly it is.

It is re-learning or re-training ourselves to remain conscious and not drift off or to let go of our Inner Wisdom connection as this can be ‘lost’ along the way so-to-speak…as we all have endured just so very much with ‘life’.

And so now, we picture and bring in a New Golden Sun Energy into our Solar Plexus..and not just once! But to continue to see the energy of this Golden Sun, then flowing out through ones body, and then AROUND ones body in a Massive ‘circle’ of inner or SELF EMPOWERMENT.

And this does need to be ‘maintained’ and ‘checked on’ regularly to re strengthen this from within.

Picture a ‘campfire’ in our Solar Plexus…just like any fire that is built from twigs and sticks, and then lit…and as that flame ‘catches’ and starts to burn and ‘take hold’ stronger..we then place larger ‘sticks’ on top of this…and allow them to take hold with flames and burn stronger as well…and then we place larger logs on top of this…and allow them to burn and take hold with the strength of the ‘fire’ as well.

The ‘fire in our bellies’ so-to-speak.

Our INNER EMPOWERMENT…that we are needing to build or REBUILD within for ourselves to help us to help ourselves.

This is an amazing and very powerful visualisation that one can do instantly for oneself in commencing this and staying with this ‘visualisation’ to enhance ones inner strength and self empowerment energetically!

Part TWO
As when we choose to ‘come back in’ and have some connections from surrendering ALL…we then allow ourselves to ‘bring with us’ very new and healthier boundaries for ourselves…where we raise above a lot of the ‘older’ energies we ‘were once in’ with others.

Remembering that when we ‘do this’ others may not have shifted as you have or are not in ‘newer’ energy spaces.

So while we ‘know and feel’ we are, they will not…so it is a new time of establishing newer boundaries in a way that feels more natural for us..as a flow and follow on of all we are here and now.

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Remember also, you have done so MUCH Inner transformation, and others may ‘not have’…and this does take some adjusting to in doing this…in setting very new boundaries.

Where one needs to consciously ‘remember’ this and realise they may not realise this but YOU NEED TO FOR THEM or more like FOR YOURSELF.

It is so ‘easy’ to be in our new energy spaces yet we may be ‘surprised’ that others are not on a ‘similar wavelength’…this does take some adjusting to bit by bit…

Either way we are needing to express this verbally or in writing to LET THIS OUT..to let our energy out in speaking up for ourselves in some way, form or another.

To release this old and stagnant energy out of our cells of our bodies as well..this is paramount… as our bodies are our barometer of our souls and all ailments ultimately stem or come from emotions that are suppressed and we need to seek and search for what that is for ourselves for us to be able to understand and release these emotions that have been stored in our cells of our bodies.

For us to heal, to really really heal.

And some will make it through in this and some will not.

That is ‘just how it is’ as we are needing to let those close to us, go for them to realise what they need to – or not in this lifetime..that is up to them and their lessons and learning on their Souls Divine Journeys.

And we need to honour and accept this and just take a step back from this and ALL for us to now take responsibility for ourselves for us to keep ourselves alive basically.

This is very tough and challenging when this is with those we are very close to as these are ‘just words’ on paper in a sense but not as they are Divine truth of what I am sharing from Spirit to Soul in bringing this through to humanity. Yet to actually go through this and experience this in the human is tough in letting go of ALL.

Yet we are so needing to do so for our own survival for us to step into our own SELF EMPOWERMENT.

As when we ‘let go’ of others and all they are going through…and realise they are needing to go through what they are, as really it is ‘none of our business’ as that is up to them with the Divine and what and how they have chosen to learn from and through, then we can take ‘pressure off’ ourselves in feeling responsible for others.

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It is so out of our hands now, as the Divine has ‘got this’ and always has…if only we would ‘listen’ to our inner voices of what we know and feel is truth for ourselves’.

And to do so one needs to FEEL WITHIN.

To STOP and be conscious of our feelings within…to allow ourselves time and space to do so…as it does come from us wanting or choosing to do so..to realise this is a must for survival for us.

We are past bottom line time with this for us…old doors have been ‘closed’ now for ourselves of the past of energies of what and how we used to do to ‘cope’.

This is no longer there energetically.

We are now to ‘steer our own ships’ and not go to the forefront and ‘try’ and steer others’ ships.

We are to no longer self sacrifice ourselves in doing so.

To get back into our own silver space ships or bubbles of our own energies..as if we don’t, then we will be feeling this in the human in the physical ultimately and all others layers/levels as well.

As a ‘drain’ on our energies.

Be the Captain or the ‘Master’ of your own ship and join the ‘fleet’ of others doing so as well.

As many who are ‘still on the ground’ or not in their own spaces, will eventually fall or not be strong enough for themselves.

Please, do not be one of those souls.

The choice is yours.

As it does come from a conscious choice to do so.

And what you do from here, is ultimately up to you. This

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.

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