Juliet Carter – As we witness the acceleration of the deterioration of our environment, social, political and economic structures, it is beneficial to understand the evolutionary influences that are driving this age. By so doing we can consciously implicate ourselves within the phenomenal opportunity for transmutation that is available during this phase of culmination. It is the transitional phase of conception and deterioration in any cycle which creates the powerful frictions that open the portals for transcendence. It is during the degenerative phase that the rotting fruit falls away and the new seed is expelled. The global crisis is not a dark event but a redistribution of natural power created by an immense influx of light.

This influx is being created by the maturing influences of a solar system that is itself reaching higher and higher states of cosmic comprehension, transmitting to Earth and its inhabitants ever new spectrums of radiance data – light. Massive beams of this ‘hyper-creation code’ are emanating from the Galactic Core to sweep their influence through the solar system, activating and integrating the symbiotic evolutionary covenants that lie dormant and waiting in every cell of every living creation for this kiss of light to awaken them to a new model of existence, a new paradigm.

It will be the degree to which we are able to translate and utilize this light code that will allow us to break the barriers of illusion set by this dualistic paradigm and the genetic modifications that are in resonance with it. It is because of this light influx that we are now able to answer the three most fundamental questions that define us as conscious Human entities: “Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here?”

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In order to do so, we must have some ability to understand the implicate order of our own creation and, to some degree, the complexity of the reality in which we find ourselves. No living thing within creation exists in isolation. The interconnected, interactive, co-creative individual system of each entity is a fractal of the one holographic system that encompasses the subatomic to the multi-universal. Transcendence requires the resurrection of the dormant components within the Human hologram, to be re-embraced into the governing mechanism of the universal holography.

The planetary alignment that zeniths on this December Solstice Ahau is the portal through which the core density of the galactic photon-wave will enter our neighborhood. The magnetic cooperation of this planetary alignment is an opportunity to override the cosmic disorder within our solar system that is stabilizing the perverted spatial timing frequency of Earth’s present dualistic dimension. The alignment of the solstice Sun with the Center of the Galaxy is the eye of a magnetic storm of realignment that will restore the symbiotic evolutionary order of our original solar system. Conscious Human co-operation is essential.

As Humans, our part in this grand realignment is to resurrect our ability to translate the creation mandate of light information and to embody the energetic nature of the true cosmic order. The fundamental requirement to achieve this is the reconnection of our circuitry. Thus we express our Soul Covenant through our physical beings, becoming the template of light, love and life eternal. We must awaken to the totality of the Human predicament and the truth of what is now manifesting on our Earth. Our destiny and the future of our Mother planet depend on it.

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The Human Soul Covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension. As this code is reactivated and integrated through the acceleration of electromagnetic input, via circuitry reconnection, the Human becomes light sensitive, able to join the galactic conversation as every celestial nuance is understood within the occipital receptor at the top of the spinal column, every stellar transmission embraced as the stars and planets recalibrate their intercourse with the Galactic Core. Concentric spheres of cosmic comprehension ripple through the heavens, registering in the shifting sands upon the shores of Human consciousness a holographic celebration of celestial evolution that murmurs… then whispers… then sings, throughout the universe. The awakening has begun…and it all begins with you.

Our Sun is the ultimate form of holistic consciousness, the gateway to the heart of the cosmic hologram. As we pass through the portal into a new era, our challenge is to translate and embody the source code embedded in light and to collectively generate a manifest reality established on the frequency of love: a paradigm that reflects the true Tantra of Creation rather than the mutant matrix that generates this dualistic, fear based reality.

The need for a new paradigm is not fully recognized, accepted, and acted upon until the corruption of all aspects of the existing model are perceived, and the true nature extent and consequences of the crisis is understood.

A new paradigm cannot be actualized from the intellectual abstraction of a dualistic interpretation of a better world built on the infrastructure of the existing mutant matrix. Attempting to solve problems at the level at which they are manifesting creates a better problem rather than a solution.
As you awaken to the full extent of the crisis humanity is experiencing, you will begin to appreciate the absolute necessity to affect the fountainhead from which the matrix is generated.

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The new paradigm will be a living frequency returned to the only instrument of which we can experience the truth of creation- our bodies.


Guided by visionary transmissions and decades of empirically based investigation, Juliet and Jiva Carter received a sequence of coded ceremonies which awaken the light body matrix, restoring the integrity of the original Human blueprint through the resonance of sonic codes and the specific progressions of sacred geometric forms. The reconnection of Human bio-circuitry, instigated by the alchemical ceremonies of The Template, enables us to embrace and prepare for the journey of transcendence by resurrecting the Human ability to translate and utilize the full spectrum of the geometric signal of light – for light is the language of transcendence.

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