Morgan Lee – We are moving through the energy of The Split, The Great Divide, The Quickening, The collapsing 3D Matrix, moving from The Old world and into a New World.

No longer able to have a foot in both worlds we are observing the end times of Polarity/ Duality and noticing with new clarity the ever growing discomfort and inability to be able to function in both worlds.

Many are naturally and comfortably moving away from old relation and quite quickly finding other awakened selves to align with, creating new mirrors, so to speak.

In the game of Polarity/Duality, opposites attracted, in order to see their own dualistic patterns. With this dualistic energy, now no longer active upon this planet, like will simply attract like. Each person shall attract, simply what they are, themselves, to align with personal balance.

The dualistic nature of the mirror no longer active. The over takers , service to self, narcissistic type energies, will attract over taking, service to self, people and experiences. The over givers, service to others, empath type energies will also attract over giving, service to others type energy.

All relationships that operate at a dualistic nature will simply fall apart, either for an opportunity for reset , and perhaps begin again at some future point, or opportunity for a new way of being altogether.

Relationships that seek power over another, are not supported in The New Earth.

In the light of love and the higher frequencies now seen, first in the self, and then via external reflection, where the existence of polarity allowed for humanity, to remain hidden and stuck within the 3D matrix, which has indeed collapsed, leaving only 3D energies within the self, nowhere to hide as well as 3D type imbalances within relationships, also nowhere to hide.

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The discomfort experienced is the fear based energy crumbling away and dismantling from our own fields and lives first, and can create enhanced chaos until new choice by the human is made.

Self enquiry in regard to attachment to The Power of another, is suggested. Who’s love am I still paying for, who’s bandwagon am I attempting to sit on, who do I feel obligated to, who am I not free to speak my truth too, where am I robbing myself of my own power, who am I giving my power away to, How am I attempting to shape my life or myself in order to please another, what role am I still playing to fit it or belong .

Often the human believes this to be either Love or Power, and are often the bottom line issues, of relationships.

This attachment itself, preventing aligning with the Truth of Love and personal power which is Love of Self.

As this duality crumbles and dismantles within one’s own field, it will cause discomfort or pain and as the 3D self dismantles and the higher energy prepares to embody, the human mind, and wounded ego, may feel like it is dying and often the human him or herself, can also literally feel like he or she is dying.

Your relationship with yourself is priority at this time, which will enhance self expansion. Reverent, compassionate, kind, gentle, understanding, patient, nurturing, loyal, honest, and respectful, service to self is imperative.

Other questions to ask the self for direct self enquiry may be:

Where do I blindly slip into self sabotage
Do I have un-natural implants
What universal activations are available for me
What can I do to enhance further expansion
Where I am not present
What limits my multi-dimensional embodiement

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To be true to the self, is to let go and align with The Creator Self.

There is only One.

Are you ready to come to The New Earth ??

23rd December, 2017
Morgan Lee


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