Amanda Lorence – The stable now being the readiness after the split/divide that has now occurred within humanity.

For those of you that have not seen, I place below the vision I received in 2014, that played out in front of me, eyes open. Referencing this drawing, we are at the point now where the division has occurred. The human and planetary setting is NOW in readiness for the second stage, the birth of MASS Christ Consciousness. As many are aware themselves, yet many not, their are humans already at the Christ Consciousness level of energetic frequency; a necessary step based on their path, humanities path, the animal kingdom’s path and Gaia’s.

It is worth noting, the animal kingdom NOW awaits humanity’s recognition of their true state. This is already (Now) in place. When the human is able to SEE or ACKNOWLEDGE an animal’s, higher essence and energetic presence IN TRUTH, each said animal can be communicated with telepathically. So a communication between human and animal. This will become an en mass ability between animal species and human as this storyline evolves further. But for now, it’s early stage for humans with regard their ability to recognise an animal’s true energy and essence. This ability to communicate telepathically develops as a human raises it’s own energetic frequency. Both with the animals and each other.

There is a Third part to this 2014 vision which I have once put forth. I can not give more detail than this:

Step 1 = The divide of consciousness.
Step 2 = The receiving to Gaia, of the Christ Conscious energy and state en MASS.
Step 3 = Intergalactic communications.

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With Love, One Love


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