Natalia Alba – Beloved Galactic Family ~ From this time onwards, we are going to be fully immersed within a new galactic wave, until the beginning of February. In this new month, we are going to be in integration mode, for there is a lot to be descended and anchor within our body and physical plane. This is going to be a very intense phase for the volunteer starseed souls who came on a mission to assist the Planet, for anchoring, activating, stabilizing and healing, is pivotal, at this transitional phase.

This is a time for expansion, yes, but also one of hard work for the ones who are 24/7 working on our unique mission, which are the majority of us. There is still a lot of work to do with New Earth Grids, for the restructuring of Earth Grids as well as the activation of many Earth places, is not yet over.

There are only a few small places in the world, according to my own guidance, that are actually crystalline and that holds a fifth dimensional frequency, as it is for example the so well known case of Mount Shasta in USA, or for example Montserrat (Barcelona) in Spain, where subterranean beings live. So the Planet needs a lot of assistance to clear and help in all we can to bring its lost purity back.

During this time you may feel your own physical sensations, for we all are unique, and our bodies will tell us what we need to release and in what part of our body. Certain soul roles could feel more these sensations, for they work closely with Earth, these are:

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• New Earth Grids
• Earth activators, and healers in general
• Earth Purifiers
• Gatekeepers
• Gridworkers
• Stabilizers
• Earth Unifiers – how I call the ones who are here to restore our deep sense of polarity. They come already with this knowledge of how to unify polarities and act as teachers. They restored balance by their mere Essence.

For those who are beginning to open themselves to their soul roles, and feel the above roles could be one of their missions, using the Diamond, Emerald and White Rays to assist you purify and anchor the specific frequencies you are meant to, is of great assistance!

There are some common physical sensations that I was told to share and that I am experiencing myself:

• Disorientation – due to the feeling we are having of losing all sense of time, especially for the “solitary” ones, as it is my case, who are literally living in and off this world. For we have created our own reality and there are not much things that linked us to the old.

• Dizziness and/or vertigo – remember that everything within ourselves is being recalibrated in a way we never experienced before, so unless you have any medical evidence that it is something physical, this is usual.

• Heart palpitations

• Memories from many timelines and experiences, even while awake, of parallel lives. This is something that for me, to be honest, is being hard to experience. For it feels so real I am not totally able to always disengage from other timelines.

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• Intolerance of certain food: there are many people who are beginning to be literally intolerance to food they used to eat before. This is because your body is no longer able to digest these lower frequencies and your true desire, as once chosen and planned, is to begin shifting it to a crystalline base, something that requires self-discipline as well as the ingestion of lighter food.

As always, be compassionate to yourself, a thing when one is, at all times, of service, is rarely applied to the self, as it happens to me often and must disconnect for at least two days. Take care of yourself, be in neutral observation with everything and everyone and be the seed of the change and love that you are, and would like to see, in the world.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba


Artist: Artur Rosa

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