Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries ~ It is with great joy and love that I share the frequency of this new energetic month! For even if in truth there are no beginnings or endings, as they are both intertwined, we are already dwelling in the Fifth Illuminated Timeline that we have consciously chosen. This moment, as I received, came with the last New Moon in Sagittarius, for it aligned, together with Earth, the Sun and Saturn, with the Galactic Center – finally crowning ourselves as the Galactic beings that we are. It is a phase for galactic consciousness integration, polarity healing and above all, for us to, always, abide in this new frequency, as only by remaining in a loving and calm state of being – can we create this same reality, externally.

For the majority of the ascending souls, this is a Year to seed and master new horizons as we continue to also work on our human relationships, to make new partnerships, to work in unison, not in a solitary way any longer, for even if we are here as an individualized aspect of Source, we are leaving behind more of our old sense of separation – uniting as a team to co-create our deepest soul visions, finally understanding that it is not anymore about us but about assisting All.

There is a lot I was guided to share on this post, and I thank you All for taking the time and energy to read it, if guided.

I wish you All a loving, abundant, and above all, miraculous New – Now – Galactic Year and Conscious New Cycle, Beloved Companions!

Thank you for all you are and do for All. Thank you for another year of infinite love, support, kindness and above all, for being my companions, helping me to grow, to be constantly learning, for this is not just about what I do or am, but about you offering me the possibility of embodying more wisdom and love as we co-create together, and I could not be more grateful, to be honest, for all of you, Beloved Family!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba


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