Hearing our own True voice at the top of our own Mountain/VALUING ourselves from our core – 10th January 2018

Anastacia-Blue Beyond – 2017 was leading into 2018 of having climbed our own mountains – and now it is sustaining or getting used to or adjusting to this

While others who have not done the energetic or emotional ‘work’ are wanting to ‘latch’ onto others’ energy to try and bring one ‘down’ –  as they haven’t reached their own mountain for themselves!

Anger, blaming and all they have not worked through, throwing this at us in the harshest of ways

In Climbing our own mountain, we need to keep our energy separate from others who haven’t reached there yet for themselves.

As many are ‘trying to drag us down’ instead of doing it themselves

Energy takers that have taken from us for so long as we loved and gave so willingly

We are clearing the top of our mountain of the debris or older energies with others

Old debris that we have carried up with us that we need to sort out like sorting through a mass of vines.

Which connections or vines are flowing healthily and giving sustenance?  and which are ‘choking’ the sunlight (us) energetically

Old energy or vines we are so used to being there we don’t even notice it’s obstructing our vision anymore

As our mountain top needs to be green and flourishing

One can use this visualisation to clear old energies like old brown withering vines off of our energy. And see oneself removing these.


We are like unfurling our wings after going through an intense and prolonged rising of the Phoenix from the ashes of burning off so much dross.

Of when we reach the top of our mountain where we can simply say no to others and move on with peace and grace

We need to make a choice to no longer justify ourselves and raise above the ‘drama’ and be the bigger person

And Claim our power back and find and speak with our True Voice!

As this is digging deep to our core of NOT VALUING OURSELVES or not ‘liking’ ourselves.

After all of these energies that I am sharing below of, a timeline, for us to reach our New Inner core of New Beginnings energy, we are facing what is at our old core!!

As we now have a New Galactic Suns energy and the New Lemuria/Telos energies HAVE RISEN!!!

Larch Flower Essence shares: Souls quality of self confidence – this negative state usually stems from infancy, or even before birth, when the child takes on it’s parent’s negative attitude.

This is about starting again from Ground Zero and with this are New Boundaries for our New Beginning..it kinda makes sense doesnt it? 😉

As the final layer to all of this is to do with family/group energies of which so much has transpired!

As we are still in a Major Transition!

So as I am referring to so much in past energy updates shared I will share a timeline from 28th September

As this is setting the stage of 2018 of what this is in the human we are experiencing in Real Time energetically of our Spirit linked to our Soul.

The adaptation in the human of so much insight and information and wonderful energetic guidance from so many of ‘what 2018 will be like’.

There was a choice to be made…and now everyone is living out their choices

And we made ours and we are not able to ‘take anyone with us’ to the top of our own mountain.

2017 was like a major incubation period…..lots of inner turmoil

Here is a/our ascension timeline from then to now, to reflect on this and how and why we are, where we are. Please take your time and feel as you read and remember these are not just channeling or insights, these are from my real experiences as well from Spirit to Soul.

Also I have put an * and a brief comment after these as well:

27 Sep 17 – Our Personal Rapture and our Personal Revelations – an adjustment time of the/our old word energies and new energies that came through with the Solstice energies. *This was quite full on energetically as we were given like a viewing of our lives*

29 Sep 17 – Double ‘Kaleidoscope’ of Transition energy will lead into double empowerment *New Birthing process. *This was the first mention of us going through a New birthing*

2nd Oct 17 – At a centre point of 4 timelines merging, dross being burnt off, Double burning off of dross in both Spirit and Soul. *Very energetically challenging this merging was*

3rd Oct 17 – Souls going through their personal Abyss being tested *Being tested of ones own personal abyss was so challenging*

5th Oct 17 – Feeling no less than 4 timelines merging in the human all at once, in both Spirit and Soul both fully *Not only did we feel this in Spirit then also in the human, remember this as often we receive insight and information in Spirit and now we have progressed that we then feel it in the Soul, in the human..we are rapidly ascending like no other time before*

12th Oct 17 – While you were on your way, I was coming back – New Birthing being felt Nth, Sth, East and West..earth star partially blocked, Gaia going through a long hard ‘labour’ *This ‘rocked’ us as many could not understand why they were having difficulty grounding*

13th Oct 17 – Let go, new limits of endurance, ancient wounding being felt. *This was the first mention of an Ancient Wounding during these months*

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15th Oct 17 – There is a whole lot more to you, just below the surface..enjoy this time of self discovery. Needing to pull back and come back to our Divinity and claim our Sovereignty.

15th Oct 17 – Transformation/New Balance. Burning off of the old dross..generational healing of both Spirit and Soul..resurfacing in a new way *First mention of this being generational as this then continued to flow to family energies*

19th Oct 17 – Feeling very intense group or family energies coming through and being felt Nth, Sth, East and West. Balancing of Feminine and Masculine, all facets being felt at once.

21st Oct 17 – Withdraw your awareness from everywhere and just let it rest within yourself, and you have arrived home..New light codes have come through Nth, Sth, East and West. Over exhaustion in aligning these energies in the human. New Birthing has come through as a Trailblazer in Spirit and Soul *This was a very big turning point*

22nd Oct 17 – New soul contracts can be made or changed…at forefront is breaking or facing addictive behaviours, grief from past lives linked to past betrayal, reaching ‘end of the line’, to enable a new contract/s to be made or changing contracts. Coming home to self in a New Way. *This was first mention of the betrayal…it elevated later on*

23rd Oct 17 – Maybe this is the time to finally say no or create a boundary. We are moving into a higher level of cognitive functioning, a direct affect of the shifting variational energies on the planet

23rd Oct 17 – Instead of fighting this, go with this..when something is re-occurring in our lives. As we sometimes fight the old as we can be very stubborn.

24th Oct 17 – We have come through a huge breakthrough. New Birthing, New Start, letting go of all of each facet of the old. Coming through a tunnel of a New Birthing. *Many are now just coming through their birthing tunnel*

25th Oct 17 – Accessing the doorway to higher perceptions-souls blazing their own trails. Now is not the time to go into someone’s space to rescue them from what they are feeling. Each person is needing to feel what they are. What use is it to throw oneself into someone else’s muddy hole. It  serves no one for us to jump in with them. Take a step back from others emotions. *This was a big wake up call energetically as the Divine removed our energies from others in a new and different ways, this was done for us, to help us to help ourselves*

26th Oct 17 – Triple energies All At Once, shifting into a new Time-line Pt 1. Triple physical release/fatigue-Blending 3 timelines into 1 in the human = Triple Growth Pt 2.

27th Oct 17 – Triple energies Pt 3, we have jumped 30years. *This Triple energy was a game changer as well, so huge*

28th Oct 17 –  Lull of energies, Burn out, Impatience, Triple growth breakthrough of both Spirit and Soul Pt 4

30th Oct 17 – Old memories/experiences resurfacing Triple energies Pt 5. Grief, sadness, stubbornness in letting go of the old. Blue Rays feeling this so deeply. *This really hit hard with Blue Rays and has been felt and transmuted since then quite strongly*

31st Oct 17 – A Triple day of experiences.

1st Nov 17 – Have not felt energies like this for years. Shifting. *That says a lot coming from me ;-)*

1st Nov 17 – Taken Beyond our Limits of Endurance which peak Triple energies Pt 6. New Territory. *This is when we started to feel Beyond anything we felt we could cope with, yet we have grown so much, we can*

3rd Nov 17 – Flashes, feeling with many emotions coming through of old timelines collapsing/Dark night of the soul. Healing several old timelines. Old timelines collapsing. *Another round of challenging times for us personally within*

4th Nov 17 – Multiple Timeline Convergence-Release/A sweep up of debris or the echoes of times past. Double/Quadruple exhaustion. *Exhaustion at another ‘level’ was felt*

6th Nov – 17 Out of the Blue Beyond vault of Double birthing new brain-Twin energy. *This was an incredible experience that I shared of my personal experience with this*

7th Nov -17 Big wakeup call on different levels and in different ways. The Internal warrior prince and princesses are coming out. Through a gateway of energy from old family issues-traumas, generational lineage wounds, healings on many generational levels. Feeling numb, isolated. Past trust issues. Of being in the shadows and not speaking up for oneself. Into the new as this old energy space is no longer there. A line has been crossed of which there is no return of energetically. Of shifting our of an older energy that no longer serves us. That no longer resonates or vibrates to where we are currently at. Time to protect ourselves in a very new way from deep within. In the past one who is very sensitive may have let things go or not said anything to keep the peace. This time is now changing. With our New Birthing.

8th Nov 17 – A ‘New Veil’ has been broken through of a New Gateway Energy. *Things started to change as we suddenly were able to see and perceive at ‘higher levels’ than before with this*

8th Nov 17 – Transition -apprehension-anxiety. We are still in a triple gateway transition. Of trusting and letting go of the old and the old familiar energy. New Protection Method of the Golden Egg.*This new Golden Egg method was given to me specifically from Spirit and is so effective and so many have loved this!*

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9th Nov 17 – New Inner Child Energies have arisen. Big wake up call on different levels and in different ways. Of old family issues/traumas. Our multi-dimensions inner child. *New Inner Child Energies that were dormant were revealed in a new and different way*

10th Nov 17 – Collapse of energies being felt in the human from Spirit to Soul. An alternate ‘route’ for humanity head off. *This alternate route was very interesting as no matter what we were going through I kept saying ‘it is much better to go through this than the alternate we were heading for’*

10th Nov 17 – Burning off of more dross.

11th Nov 17 – Blue Rays current feeling Beyond overwhelmed. As a part of who we are in feeling and transmuting for our families and others as well as ourselves.

12th Nov 17 – Radical Breakthrough! In change over leading into the 12/12 Gateway. Massive burning off of dross. Masculine merkaba in Earth star is damaged. New crystal grid formed to assist with this healing. *I was guided to assist in the healing of this and it is such an honour and a blessing*

14th Nov 17 – Goddess energy and masculine anger energy arising. The ‘Final’ Call for Goddesses to arise. Masculine dominant energy needs healing. Generational/past life as well, collapsing of old timelines. *This is more prominent now in the human nearly 2 months later, as many females are needing or finding they need to speak up for themselves*

15th Nov 17 – Old Time Line of our totality doing a loop Pt 1. Old time lines falling way. Now re-feeling the Ancient times past when we came to space similar to this and we didn’t make it.

Forgiveness of oneself, deeply at once’s core.

17th Nov 17 – We need to allow a STOP of doing so much. It’s like reaching the top of a mountain and having to just stop for a moment for how ever long a moment is.

19th Nov 17 – Massive change over of energies of turning a corner.

19th Nov 17 – Isolation feelings-massive change over energies. Feeling in a isolation bubble within ourselves and close relationships.

21st Nov 17 – Many facing or heading off not being here, facing life or death. This is personal and this is REAL.

21st Nov 17 – Gaias Divine Feminine Heartbeart a New Heart beat has commenced.

24th Nov 17 – We are entering a new phase/transition in the human. Massive family energy healing. A new divine heart energy is coming through. This has been bigger than us just alone. We are in our own isolation spaces and others are in theirs.

25th Nov 17 – It is time for us to Take Flight in our new Birthing as we are Gifted.

26th Nov 17 – Transition vision/warped energies. It is about or not falling into the depth of that warped panel of energy, but to smoothly cross through it as steady as possible. Massive Transition.

28th Nov 17 – Shattering of our mirrors, being turned around and we are facing ourselves. A finality of facing our true core selves, deep deep within. This is bringing up so much past trauma to be healed. Facing our true selves, warts and all. We are perfect in our imperfections, letting go of the negative ego. *This was another ‘game changer’ for us all as I also saw humanities cracked mirror, it was amazing to see this vision given to me by Spirit. As many are still facing or dealing with the cracks in their mirrors*

30th Nov 17 – SELF SURVIVAL not self sacrifice anymore. *Another HUGE turning point energetically as we shift this to Self Empowerment*

1st Dec 17 – We have now headed off the original GREAT FALL! *This was and still is so very exciting to be able to bring through this information as was let know I was a Modern Ancient Scribe*

4th Dec 17 – Things are a little crazy and hazy. Super Moon energies. Our body clocks are in the process of changing.

7th Dec 17 – Past life review-revelation. Deep Spiritual Wound from first incarnation-major transition of life-death-Major life review-revelation-past life hangover from Atlantis/Lemuria – The Great Fall. *Again this was amazing to ‘know’ this and bring this through as this relates to the New Lemuria/Telos energy that has FINALLY come through as was shown in a vision in the astrals/Multidimensions*

8th Dec 17 – Self survival to Self empowerment of the DIvine – The Great Fall of those Falling away. *And so with this, came the great falling away of others…this is still continuing now with those close to us and spiritual family, it is a process that will/is taking a little time, yet we are doing this and it is the adjusting to the changes in our lives from this, that also takes time, as we need to re-group*

10th Dec 17 – Total Letting Go of losing ALL. *See above*

12th Dec 17 – New Ground Zero in our Solar Plexus – Starting Point Pts 1-4.

13th Dec 17 – Passing through a vortex. A massive vortex of circular rings of powerful and amazing energy. *Another amazing vision of taking part in this as it happened!*

14th Dec 17 – Completing rings of new vibrational rainbow energies

19th Dec 17 – New triple inner peace and strength. Entering into a new year in 201 of Creating and manifesting. All of our facets being upgraded , flowing up and out then needs time to be cleared and settle/balanced in Spirit as well – Spirit and Soul.

20th Dec 17 – Healing ‘another side’ of a timeline of/with those who have already passed. Old abundance ties to the past major ties being CUT/BROKEN. *This was new and an interesting experience as have been able to be part of two souls who have crossed over, receiving a healing with their loved ones still here. And being able to share of their healing process in Spirit after crossing over*

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21st Dec 17 – It’s easier to see the ‘cracks’ in someone else’s mirror than ones own. We are stronger now. We are not longer to the brunt of others emotions. We are mirrors of cracks that we own and acknowledge and accept. Others who are still going through all they are of the same ole same ole, does not have the effect on us ‘as it once did’. ‘We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun’.

21st Dec 17 – Old family loops coming back to a starting point from years ago. Confrontational to point of near paralysis. *Here we have the family energies again, with old loops coming back for us to choose to do things differently now..this is still occurring and so very big*

24th Dec 17 – Old family energies of false entrapment/new birthing- within a rebirth.

25th Dec 17 – Triple energy arrival/breakthrough WITHIN. Change of whole foundation of whole life of Triple Freedom. That has never been felt before.

27 Dec 17 – New Galactic Sun energy coming through! Triple lightness of energy. *This was AMAZING to see this and bring this through for humanity as I have no reference apart from what the Divine shows me, this is real, this has happened!*

28 Dec 17 – Protect your rear energetically. Of wanting the old family energies to be as they were..that can no longer exist, they are no longer. A New Dawning Energy has arrived in the human as well as Spirit. Older suns energy is moving away. Feeling free yet disconnected of the old and new suns energies. Increase protection in both Spirit and Soul.

29 Dec 17 – What is ours and what is theirs energetically/taking care of oneself energetically. Amplified energies..be conscious of what one is feeling..before is no longer. *This is still going on and will take a little time*

30 Dec 2017 – When something no longer trigger us or resonates with it, then we can lighten up and be the ‘bigger person’..and keep being true to ourselves. When we are no longer into ‘playing games’. *This is still very current*

31 Dec 2017 – Pre 2018 Major Transition Energies change-over from 2017 to 2018. Two possibilities and choosing to do something differently now. *I had an amazing experience with this, it happened in an instant*


1 Jan 2018 – New Year Energies not ‘what we expected’. Many coming from conditional love and manipulation.

2 Jan 2018 – Crossing over the Abyss from 2017 to 2018. Filtering a ‘life-time’ of energies into new light energies of 2018. Feeling abandoned or lost. New Boundaries. Taking our Power back. Self blame-filling a void with our heads. Creating new space and time. Filling our void with Divine Love of Self. Final surrender in trusting ourselves in Spirit AND Soul.

5 Jan 18 – Full Disclosure of a Double Crossing over of a Double Abyss/Double Door closing with a ‘lock’. In coming over the abyss of 2017 to 2018 has been very traumatic. Healing a major past life personally and family/group energies. Self survival not self sacrifice to self empowerment, especially when it comes to family/group energies. Old family loops coming back to a starting point from ears ago. False entrapment of old family energies leading into a New Birthing within a new rebirth. Twin flames having a major breakthrough.

6 Jan 18 – We are Only Just Beginning. Raising above situations. Not to get over it but to go through it and raise above it and others. Of seeing and feeling from a new and different vantage point. In seeing and feeling a bigger bigger picture with others..as in those close to us who were once in our circle of family energies. In a new and different way. Of releasing the old links and wounds often from first incarnation.

7 Jan 18 – You do not want to miss this update New Lemurian Telos Light CIty energy has ARISEN energetically.

9 Jan 18 – Our True Voice needs to be heard with others.

Januarys updates are still continuing as many of us have contracts we are altering and adjusting with others, those close to us, family energies.

Many are in their New Birthing Tunnel and many are just coming out of theirs.

Many souls have had a profound healing and many realisations from reading and feeling through this already.

May this reach those who are guided to.


As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer

Australian Correspondent in5d

Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.


Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact.  All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2017. Copyright © 2018


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