Natalia Alba – Beloved Light Emissaries ~ As we end an old Era of slavery and darkness and embrace a light one, we must become conscious of the many desperate attacks that the dark forces are using to keep the 3D soul Matrix in their control. At the moment, the battle between both forces, as I wrote before, is very real, and only by being well informed, from True Sources, remember our main one is always within, is that we could liberate ourselves from this old cycle that has been going on for too long.

This is a historical moment within Creation. We have finally bifurcated from Old Earth and as Saturn, the so called Planet of Karma, aligned with the Galactic Center, as well as our Planet, we have a unique cosmic gift for us to end a karmic cycle of reincarnation within the 3D plane.

This is something that should be worked from within, by holding this new frequency, releasing any karmic pattern, and by also doing the work required, at an energetic level and further, to free yourself from the 3D soul Matrix, for some souls are still enslaved, by the 3D Dark Forces who created this matrix to keep them slave in the reincarnation wheel.

It is well-known, especially between the ascending souls, working for the betterment of the Planet, that many forces try to govern our Planet and human consciousness. It is pivotal to be well-informed about all these tactics, for this is what will give us the proper understanding – enabling us to realize if we are being targeted, by the many tools used to manipulate us.

It is precisely the souls who are an “impediment” – for dark forces – that are most attacked. As many you know, only by reclaiming our sovereignty and by standing tall in who we are and taking responsibility for our journey – can we defeat the many tools used to manipulate our minds and rule our reality.

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There are many dark tactics they used to manipulate us, the most common ones are:

• Through TV – there are many organizations involved in the manipulation of consciousness through fear and many other created present/future scenarios that are shared constantly on TV. Learning how to switch from this 3D manipulated reality to find our own vibrational space – in which we can align with what truly resonates with us – is essential for us to step out of their manipulative tactics.

• Projection of images – I had experiences, years ago, with this too. They implant images while we are in our dream phase, in the astral.

• Presenting themselves as fake evolved beings, something is really easy to differentiate when one is already in this path but not so much when one begins to awake. The main thing is that highly evolved beings, always, identify themselves, always speak through the power of love and compassion and never tell the future or tell us what we must do or not. The message should be unfiltered of any judgements or opinions.

• Possession – as you well know there are many beings who have been possessed – as they did not embody enough light from their soul – who have easily been manipulated and it is through them that they try to fulfil certain roles near to us, to make us fall into detrimental behaviours and hence, lower our frequency.

• Sex – almost everything in the 3D matrix has been manipulated with hidden techniques in which the main element – to attract attention – is sex. They do this with pornography and through various advertisements in which the main element is using women as a form of entertainment.

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I am not by any means saying the ones who consume pornography are bad or are acting wrongly, this is not about all this, but about being conscious of where we put our attention are focus on giving pleasure to our lower self desires, we are not looking, we are not paying attention to all the hidden manipulations that all these have and that is actually what keeps people within lower frequencies. There are a lot of people who are seriously fighting, now, to open themselves and embody a higher level of consciousness, and they are still so manipulated that they are unable to truly discern for themselves, and unplug from mass consciousness.

Unplugging from mass consciousness means being able to become the witness of our own human experience and realize what are the 3D habits that are still impeding us, in embodying a higher state of being. Many things are responsible for our inability to step away from certain old patterns – sex, food, TV… and many others. These habits are so deeply programmed – within certain people who are not able to disengage from them – that they do not see any improvements in their human evolution. As always, it is the human aspect of us who evolves, our soul already abides in the Wisdom of the Illuminated Realms.

There are precious souls who due to the many 3D old programs, are not yet able to see that these small daily acts prevent them from becoming the empowered beings that they already are. Some continue to watch TV, feeding the drama, eating manipulated and processed food, drinking, paying attention to sex, when it clearly manipulates what a pure and authentic relationship is, and by doing so, they continue to have all these old programs active.

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All of them need compassion and all the assistance that they are willing to ask for. As ascending souls, we should be Bringers of Peace and Love, instead of becoming Judges of others, for we came not to judge or feel superior, but to seed unconditional love and healing to All, without any separation.

Ascension is not just agreeing when reading/watching something that resonates and then keep doing what makes your frequency lower, ascension is something natural when one is truly aligned with this desire to evolve, and for this to occur both our human and higher aspects must be unified. For two different wills cannot coexist.

Soul liberation comes when we, always, choose to dwell in the highest frequency possible. When we finally make the conscious choice of satisfying, not our ego desires, but our soul, and hence, Divine ones.

As always, at every single moment, yours is the Power to choose with what frequency you desire to align.

In love and light, always,

Natalia Alba

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