Natalia Alba – Beloved Ones ~ The work of clearing 3D Earth Grids is getting more intense, as many of you know, as well as violent, due to the many attacks of the forces whose main purpose is to keep Earth in their control. As Earth liberators our main mission, and those who consciously work on this now, is to clear, heal and dissolve the old manipulated structures from Earth Grids so they can come back to its natural and pure stay.

To do this task, personal integrity, balance and long periods of solitude, especially for the souls whose mission comprehends to travel, will be a constant. Nevertheless, loneliness has nothing to do with being on a personal “solitary” mission, for we already agreed to be One with our mission and put it before our egoic desires. It is simply another choice, the same as the souls who came here to experience life, in general, whose main task will include more personal interactions.

Earth grids are still in poor condition, in certain regions, such as Syria (due to the condition of this country, there are few people doing this work. I know one of them who run away from the country, who I met precisely by sharing, and they will need more assistance from the rest of us), certain places in Africa, Antarctic (due to the many nuclear experiments done in the past), Greenland, certain countries of South America, both Koreas, certain areas in Russia and many other places who need of our total dedication and yet, they do not hold the proper frequency to be able to experience the deep transformation that other places have already achieved.

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Earth is regaining its lost purity and feminine essence. Earth, as many of you, ascending souls, know, and already felt for a while, is already dwelling in its second/parallel body, so to say, within a higher frequency. Do not let yourself be fooled by the false propaganda and manipulation, all is happening in Divine Order and in a perfect time, for All. The exchange of souls will be done gradually as well, as it will take more years of what some see as a matter of a one day-process. For in truth, this is all about the frequency we consciously decide to hold within, more than a physical location.

As we also work to clear many karmic and profound wounds or old programming in the collective consciousness, for in truth, all is linked to this, the souls whose main role include to work with Earth grids will be experiencing many attacks and/or important physical sensations due to the intensity of this galactic passage in general that will last even after the Leo Eclipse, at the end of this month. Some of the most common ones are:

• Extreme sensitivity: especially being allergic to new things/plants/products etc, as it is my case, for example. This will become more usual, as we keep embodying more of our true crystalline essence. In my case, I am allergic to almost everything, especially in May, here in Spain, I was told more than plants in itself it is about the products they use to cure them.

• Vertigo – as a result of the many dimensions in which we navigate in. This is why being grounded is so important, because, we have to ground this individualized aspect of Source that we are now, within this dimension, instead of feeling confusion or disorientation due to experience many dimensions, as one.

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• Fever – disguised as flu symptoms after an intense night assisting in the astral.

• Nervous system affected – anxiety and other physical sensations such as heart palpitations, tingling in the lips and fingers.

• Numbness in the ears. This is one of the many negative sound tools used by dark forces to manipulate us and try to avoid us from receiving guidance, especially from the ones, as it is my case, who clearly hear.

Remember, Beloveds, command your personal space, this is very important and must be done daily, to avoid any entity, energy or form of consciousness that do not come from Unity Consciousness into our personal space. Protect all your bodies, physical and non-physical ones, you do not just reside within this human plane, you have twelve bodies, residing in each dimension, all of them must not feel connected to you, for we are such a powerful creators that we made the human illusion of being separated, as if it was real, but you must also protect all aspects of who you are, independently if you are conscious of all of them or not.

It is not easy to understand, and I know not all are in the same journey, which is perfectly fine and equal as well. So I AM deeply grateful to all the beautiful souls who felt the inner call to assist.

Your assistance is required, appreciated and valued beyond we can humanely imagine. Thank you for being able – and conscious – enough to understand that there is more beyond our human realm. Thanks for sending your light, when I even did not ask this directly. However, I read so many people saying they will do this…and last night the assistance, and the love felt, while stabilizing, and working with New Earth Grids, was so intense! I could not do other thing that crying of immense joy and gratitude.

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We are ascending, we are not delusional, those who are not yet there, cannot understand, but we are not going to allow the frequency of doubts, fears and unlove touch us in any possible way.

Those who work on assisting behind the physical veils know what is truly happening. We know, it is not all about TV says, we know love is the only real frequency, for its essence is behind everything, and we know that the consciousness of our Planet, is shifting, and the mental transformation, can be seen, especially if we look back just few years ago. Do not focus on all the fake propaganda, but on the Power of your Heart and the information that is, always, available within.

All is heading into the right direction, and it is due to many working as One. Thank you for your love. Thank you for all you are and do for All. Thank you for standing firm in your LoveLight Essence, at all times, for All.

In love, light and service,

Natalia Alba


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