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I/We definitely were not able to ‘keep up the pace’ as to which we were shifting and growing and moving in 2017 (and before this as a lead up as well) in the HUMAN

We are in a very fast paced society life-style compared to years ago – and I know many of us create our own pace – I mean generally here, as in technology and communication means, amongst other advancements as in the quick pace of how we can do things now

As in the pace of writing and sending a letter and the waiting time to receive this and also with no mobile/cell phone for instant communication

More walking or riding bicycles and less travel by car, a slower pace that way

And during these ‘times’ there was ‘time and space’ for one to feel and process, to free our minds more so

Have a look even before this to the time of horse and buggy, that was even more time in sitting and contemplating whist travelling – and so on going back and back further ‘in time’

So its a fast pace life and energetically in a way yet in the human it has slowed down a LOT

We have created time and space in the human to process – due to how much we have ascended, grown, changed, shifted, what ever you want to call it

And those that do not allow more time and space for themselves personally can end up feeling like they are ‘going nuts’

We have such a fast pace life and energies and yet in the human this has slowed down a little or a lot more, ultimately this has changed with 2018

In the human I mean, by the new space and time that is needed and it is taking for souls to process, feel and adjust and shift through personal experiences and adjustments with themselves and ultimately this is also with other souls as well

It is one thing to read this and another to then actually implement this in ones life and I know and say this as I have shared this with many who read the updates are needing this personal guidance in their lives in situations

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As I say to them, others may not be shifting or growing at the ‘pace’ you are, they are at their ‘own pace’.

They may not realise or see or feel what you do and as quickly as you do and that is okay as that is where they ‘are at’

The big thing here with this is to REALISE this and that you DO HAVE TIME and SPACE to allow yourself to slow down your pace a little or a lot

To stretch ‘time out’ to take more time for yourself as there is NO RUSH

Allow yourself to breathe or take a breath…and know that if we do not slow down from such a previous ‘fast pace’ we are not able to then fully FEEL what is occurring for us…as this does take TIME to do so

And also with this does eventually come some part of our health that will actually ‘make us’ slow down – ultimately

You are right where you are ‘meant to be’ for a reason, it may be to slow down and allow oneself to take a breath…to not jump ahead into future possibilities as that has increased greatly with many…again even though someone may know this ‘Knowing and Experiencing are World’s Apart’

And what has also come up again recently is that what we are going through now, what ever that is, THIS IS SO MUCH ‘BETTER’ THAN HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN

And if someone has been more newly or recently awakened consciously they are not aware of ‘how it used to be’

That in the ‘past’ it took years to go through what many go through quite quickly now – compared to in the last 23years of when I consciously started my inner growth and awareness…as things most definitely ‘sped up’ in 2017 incredibly so in an instant

And now with 2018 there is a balancing out of the extremes a New Balance of Newly created Time and Space

As it can and does take a little time to unwind from this past energy pace

As the message did come in early January that we need to allow ourselves 3 months to adjust our energies more to this new vibrational energy of 2018

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Take a breath and let go of any future anxiety…notice any depression one may be also hanging onto from the past

And really really bring ones energy and focus time and again into HERE and NOW

The number sequence 4444 came very strongly to share at this time

As we are creating new firm solid foundations as this commences with us being honest with ourselves firstly and trusting ourselves and setting new boundaries

And then also then doing so with others…

Angel Numbers – Number Sequences – Repeating 4’s

Number 4 resonates with the vibrations and energies of hard work, security, practicality, productivity, appreciation, tradition, solid foundations, security-consciousness, self-control, loyalty, conscientiousness, high morals and ethics, traditional values, honesty, strong-willed, conservative, application, determination, the serious builder, progress, the doer, management, realistic values, stability, wholeness, unity, ability, justice, goal-orientated, system, order, organization and exactitude, honesty and integrity, endurance, mastery, responsibility, inner-wisdom, maintenance, construction, seriousness, discipline, dependability, conviction, self-discipline through work and service, your passion and drive.

Number 4 represents the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and the four sacred directions, North, South, East and West.

The number 4 symbolizes the principle of putting ideas into form and it signifies work and productivity. The essence of the number 4 is security, diligent work and strong foundations. It is constructive, realistic, traditional and cautious and is the number of system, order and management. This vibration is to do with energy, harmony and co-operation and it is the door to illumination and/or initiation.

When Angel Number 4 consistently appears it indicates that your angels are all around you and with you. The angels are offering you support and inner-strength to enable you to get the necessary work done. They understand that you are toiling towards your goals and aspirations and the angels ask that you call upon them for help, support, guidance and the emotions of love and security.

The repeating Angel Number 44 sequence indicates that the angels are surrounding you at this time, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm and are asked to use it to your advantage, and for the benefit of others.

The message of the 444 Angel Number sequence is that you have nothing to fear … all is as it should be, and all is well. Things that you have been working on or with will be successful. Repeating Angel Number 444 is an indication that you are being surrounded by angels who love and support you and their help is close at hand, always.

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When the number sequence 4444 appears repeatedly, it is an indication that you are surrounded by your angels. The angels are at your side to reassure you of their presence, love and help. Your angels are watching out for you and supporting you in your work and day to day life. They encourage you to continue working towards your goals and aspirations as success and achievement are ahead of you. Angel Number 4444 is a message that help is nearby and all you need to do is ask for angelic assistance and guidance.

ANGEL NUMBERS – A Guide to Repeating Number Sequences and their Messages and Meanings. You are most welcome to share these Angel Number messages with others, although I do request that you include this website address: sacredscribeangelnumbers blog spot dot com – credit your source/page links and author. All postings by Joanne Walmsley – Sacred Scribes may be used for personal, not-for-profit purposes only. [email protected] Joanne Walmsley Sacred Scribes Australia

As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
6/7D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6/7D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6/7D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018. Copyright ©


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