Amanda Lorence – Received Wednesday 7th February 2018 the following transmission:

COUNCIL: The darkest night is yet to come.

ME: Do you mean we haven’t had our darkest night?


ME: So it’s yet to come?

The darkest night shall bring the greatest illumination.
There shall be total blackout.
So much information will be known.
It shall enter the sun.

ME: What will enter the sun?

COUNCIL: The illumination shall enter the sun.
(At this point I saw a small visual of our sun, and something entering it that creates something else).

COUNCIL: Your friends shall be lost and found.

ME: Will this be soon in our linear timeframes?


Since this unexpected transmission, I have today Friday 9th February 2018 reconnected to this Council. They introduced themselves to me, giving much more information on ‘why’ this connection to me. Also the correct global timeframe has now arrived for this connection and my mission, agreed with them prior to this incarnation.

As many of you already know, I have previously always said my main mission had not started yet. That I was to awaken, concentrate on growing from within, before my main mission starts. The reason I have not wished to channel (I can channel) is that I wished to concentrate on embodiment, knowing it was priority. I have known for some years this main mission is to act as a ‘bridge’ between HUMANITY and GALACTIC NATIONS.

This Council resides in the 22nd Galaxy. At a higher level of energy I am part of this Council, agreeing to take human body form for this global and cosmic timeframe. As many of you know, this number has been significant to me since I was approximately six years old where I would pray daily with this number 22. With more significance at my age of 22 where visions, gifts and information came through that was subsequently lost. My awakening occurred on 22 September 2012. Significant personal ascension events fall on key 22nd dates. On 27th January I received third eye visual of this number 22, where the same visual was then seen PHYSICALLY outside containing the number 22 a few minutes after the third eye visual. I explain all this now in order for the personal significance to the 22nd galaxy be more easily understood; that the known and awaited mission to serve as a ‘bridge’ seems to have begun now. How this develops I do not know. Those that know me know I do not sensationalise and I will not guess. My role is to be that of balance, neutrality, clarity and trust.

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IF I receive further information I will of course post here.

In service and One Love
AL 09/02/18


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