Romeo Baron – The physical Pole Shift is a negative alien agenda. When one has a limited understanding, one will accept the negative agenda of being the solution for Humanity. I strongly advise to reject the idea of a physical pole shift as much as possible, because a pole shift is EXACTLY WHAT THE NAA DESIRE!

The “Elites”-NAA (Fallen Reptilian Illuminati, Fallen Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-(Zeta) Fallen Annunaki) want you to believe in a pole shift so that you feed their plan to harvest souls, decimate and restart all civilization on Earth. These “puppet masters”, as I will call them, are addicted to exploiting humanity and Earth as a resource. In the past whenever the puppet masters who enslaved humanity found that humanity was becoming too free through technological and cultural development, the puppet masters decided to restart civilization through creating an accelerated artificial pole shift through weather modification technology. By doing so, cataclysms on earth decimated humanity so that all technology and cultural development were destroyed.

When humanity gets too far out of the puppet masters control, via accumulated leaks in development, in which the puppet masters failed to suppress, the puppet masters create an accelerated artificial pole shift, which decimates all development worldwide. A select few group of individuals are protected from these cataclysms, as the “chosen ones” to breed and start a new civilization. Evidence of this is seen by many of the wealthiest people on earth creating deep underground bases, with huge vaults of various species of plant seeds and various species of animals. Noah’s ark is another version of this as well, as pole shifts have happened before when again, humanity was just beginning to become too free and out of the puppet masters control. The pole shift restarts all development on earth, keeping humanity in a state of perpetual slavery. The current Ascension Cycle is literally promises the liberation of Humanity.


If one was to learn the true history of our Planet there would be in understanding that the Guardians and the Alliance of the cosmos have successfully prevented the artificial pole shift from happening again. 

We have been anchoring in frequency light codes to fully embody the multi-dimensional 12-strand DNA. A pole shift would further destroy the Earth’s crystalline grids and many lives, and prevent humanity from embodying the 12 Dimensional Identity. The last time a pole shift occurred was due to intruder manipulation, and would have happened again if the Guardian Alliance Intervention had not happened.

Finally this time the puppet masters will NOT HAVE THEIR WAY WITH HUMANITY. This time, their planned pole shift will FAIL, and they WILL BE RENDERED COMPLETELY POWERLESS OVER HUMANITY.

We can now choose to be free from the many eons of interstellar manipulation. Understanding that a pole shift would have brought devastation to Humanity and the Planet, suppressing our inherent divine blueprint. We are anchoring more Light Code frequencies and the energies are going to accelerate in the next following months. Justice will prevail as more of us start to fully embody our multidimensional identity.

It has been decided by those who actually care about us that Humanity will not be decimated and restarted through another pole shift. The Earthlings screams of agony and despair have become so loud resulting from the puppet masters merciless exploitation of Humanity, and now the Guardian Councils from far and wide throughout the multiverse have decided to put a STOP TO THE EXPLOITATION OF HUMANITY ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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What has begun to take place and continuing in the following months, is the final conflict drama. With the current planetary ascension Humanity will finally reach the point of exponential growth and evolution throughout the cosmos, and the planet as a result will re-balance itself with bringing in the the 12 dimensional frequencies; our divine blue print for the New Earth reality. and there is NOTHING they can do to stop it this time.

We don’t have to play their game anymore!

For the Liberation of Humanity,

Romeo Baron


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